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Cool Japanese Cartoon Kitsch on eBay

This crazy image above is from a vintage Japanese jigsaw puzzle, currently being offered on ebay. It’s one of several nifty items recently listed by Japanese seller kenta_jpn.

There are several rare vintage books featuring classic “western” cartoon characters (and some 1960’s anime titles) featuring many wonderfully-off-model illustrations within each. There’s also a very cool Huckleberry Hound board game (aka “The Unique Dog Huckle Game”) made by Nintendo(!) in the 1960’s. These items are all “Buy It Now” listings — so I’m unsure how long they’ll remain available for sale or viewing – so go there now!

(Thanks, Andrew Harlow)

  • massively COOL stuff!! thanks for posting it!

  • About the Huckleberry Hound’s game I won’t be surprised about the producer: in the 60’s Nintendo was first founded as a japanese Toy Producer, then with the technlogical development it came the success with video games and consoles;
    These Vintage pieces are surely stunning!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    The kind of thing I know would appeal to a certain person I know from a few places! ^_^

    If only I didn’t blow my tax return already. :-(

  • Awesome stuff, Jerry! Thanks for sharing!

    Being a big fan of Japanese pop culture, I always wanted to see more paraphernalia of American cartoon characters. Very amusing!

    It seems that Yogi Bear’s name in Japanese is Kumagorou (Bear Gorou)!

  • Fletch

    Here’s some others Japan-American crossovers in the same vein!