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Daffy Duck makes The Village Voice

Look who made it to the front page of this week’s Village Voice! Animator Jake Friedman just spotted the latest issue on the news stand, snapped this pic and sent it in to us. The cover portrait illustrates an article on the despicable treatment of ducks bred for food. But what we want to know is: who painted this wonderfully unauthorized homage to our favorite water fowl?

  • Some of my publishing friends were just asking me yesterday if this was considered parody or copyright infringement.

  • Tom

    That looks terrific! Could you possibly post a link to a larger version of the whole image? It’s not up on the Voice site (at least I couldn’t find one).

    It’s great to see Daffy treated like the cultural touchstone he deserves to be.

  • I seem to recall Daffy using the phrase”Patty dee fwah grah” once, but for the life of me can’t remember which cartoon it was…

  • From the close up, I’ll guess Bob Grossman. From the small full shot, not Bob Grossman.

  • Sammy Castanon

    I just had to read the article after glancing at this wonderfully stunning depiction of our Daffy! Definitely worth a read! And it’s great to see that Daffy is still viewed with such love and respect in our society.

  • B. Baker

    The illustration is by Fred Harper.

  • Alan Smithee

    Is just me or the image is like the woman with the 8 sons?

  • J Lee

    An homage to Art Davis’ “Holiday for Drumsticks” I suppose.

  • tom stazer

    Oh, we need a much bigger image on this. WOW. I’d say it is infringement, though.. that is clearly Daffy…