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Cartoon Culture

Daily Christmas Card (#1)

Feedback from our posting vintage Walter Lantz Christmas cards has prompted a search for more classic cartoon holiday cards. To the rescue comes our pal Tim Walker, who has unearthed a selection golden-age goodies – enough for us to post one or two each day from now to December 25th. Today we have two (click thumbnails below to enjoy at full size): the first, below left from Bob McKimson and family; the next (center) a postcard from animator John Carey sent to Carl Stalling (flipside, below right) in 1945.

  • No comments?! Good lord, people, this is brilliant cartooning right here! The linework by John Carey is absolutely exquisite, and I’m sure McKimp pressed that out in all of five minutes. I miss animation.

  • The Gee

    They are both very charming drawings.

    Carey’s brush work is solid and sweet like peppermint candy.

    Was the choice to post these two first based on the poses or is that just a coinkidink?

    It’s cool to see this kind of thing with 12 days left ’til Christmas. Count it down with cartoons! And, then count down to New Year’s Day. There’s got to be some cartoonist/animator cards around somewhere.