Dan Deacon’s “Woody Woodpecker” Dan Deacon’s “Woody Woodpecker”
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Dan Deacon’s “Woody Woodpecker”

“Woody Woodpecker” is a new track from electro-experimental musician Dan Deacon. Deacon is on tour through May, when his new album, Spiderman of the Rings, will be released. Listening to Deacon is relatively tame compared to watching him perform live, like the video below.

  • Christopher Cook

    An oddity to be sure. It’d be perfect for the college radio station in our area. (WSAV/ch. 3 is just a fur piece down I-75 and I-16 from us in Savannah GA.)

  • Awesome. I’m hooked! Indeed!

  • I’m officially a fan now. Thanks Amid! This guy is brilliant.

  • Katie Cropper

    I want to love him.

  • M.

    Amid every entry from your blog is awesome but this time…electro-experimental this guy? You must be kidding. :)

  • Donnie

    more please

  • What hath Devo wrought? Looks like the ironic PBR crowd loves him, so a live show might involve a million laughs and three fights.

  • Sheezus damn, that is so DE-VO

  • Music Snob

    This guys Koo-Koo for Coco-Puffs. Is it music? C’mon. This guy needs a straitjacket and a little Mozart to mellow him out.

    Although, I have to admit I laughed my buttocks off when I heard the Woody Woodpecker track. It best describes my crazed mood after week of hellish computer and software problems. Loved it!

    I love your site Amid, but this is a stretch.

    P.S.: Is it me, or does this dude bare a striking resemblance to James Baxter?

  • open fly…ohohohopen fly!!!!!!

  • Bental Products

    Reminds me of B.A. Johnston