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Disney Villains Perfume Bottles

The voluminous amount of Disney fanart demands that a project be truly unique to stand out from the pack. These clever Disney villain perfume bottle illustrations fit the bill and display artistic merit that transcends the source material. The images appeared online a couple days ago and have been making the rounds, but no artist has stepped forward as of yet to claim the work. [UPDATE: The artist appears to use the name Ruby Spark and has the Twitter account @mmmint8.]

The artist who drew these was able to not only identify the iconic design elements of each character, but also use the elements as the basis for fun and abstract sculptural objects. The artist shows remarkable ability to boil a character design down to its essence. The process of stripping away a character’s details to find its core design values is an exercise which animation artists sometimes perform themselves:

If only actual character-based perfume bottles looked this good.

  • Mojojojo
    • Johnny

      Also the artist goes by the name Ruby Spark.

  • Erik Butter
    • CB

      What about Turbo/King Candy?

      • jhalpernkitcat

        Or Mad Madam Mim or the Horned King?

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      Or Amos Slade or Sykes or Shere Khan or even Edgar?

  • jhalpernkitcat

    These are bloody brilliant, I almost thought they were real. I wish they were, it would be so cool to have a little collectible perfume bottle that looked like a Disney villain.

  • top_cat_james

    Gotta love the incongruity of a perfume bottle called “Foulfellow”.

  • Alex Irish

    I sincerely hope not

  • Hal J.

    Talk about a project begging to be funded with a Kickstarter campaign…

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    They’re great! I’m really glad that Madam Medusa & Prince John are there.

  • George Comerci

    I love them!

  • LeAnne Manchego

    fabulous, where can we begin collecting these?

  • dapoon

    Feaking cool!!

  • Jess

    Is it just me or does Mulan always get skipped. Still a Disney movie people!

    • Yulia Arisma

      Mulan is not a Villain. duh.

  • Callie

    Loki, That’s all I’m saying. Ooh! and Lotso! And Charles Muntz!

  • Vanessa Flores

    Where the heck is Chernabog? Firebird? Ooooooh, right… Not popular enough to so-called “Disney fans”… Meh.

  • Nicolas

    Where’s Hans?