Double Felix by Ryder Doty Double Felix by Ryder Doty
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Double Felix T-Shirt

Science and silent animation finally come together in this T-shirt design by Ryder Doty currently up for votes at Threadless.

(via Super Punch)

  • Chuck Howell

    Felix is a bit too off-model for my taste. Are they trying to dodge IP issues?

  • The Gee

    Is it even “transformative”?
    Did midnight ever strike for those clocks that resemble Felix? If so…..

    It seems like something the rights holder would put out to hip.
    People know what I’m referring to…….

    you all do.

    as for the design, the cartoon……___________.

  • julie svendsen

    Needs some more work. First, it’s a double helix with a single Felix. Second, Felix is off-model. Send it back to the drawing board.

  • Cute, but it looks like the guy confused the whites of his eyes for white rings around them. It could have been intentional though I guess.

  • It looks like Felix is terrified while being held at gun point as the guy with the gun makes a joke and Felix does a fake laugh.

    I like it though, and there’s awesome design on his site.

  • The Gee

    If you squint at the design, it looks like a caduceus, that winged staff wrapped in two coilded snakes that is associated with the god Mercury.

    But, then again, in the lower left hand photo is looks like Freaky Felix is copping a feel.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I won’t comment on the art, but the pun made me say out loud “That’s HORRIBLE!” Which makes it a winner in my book.

  • I’ve got to point out that DNA Productions (Jimmy Neutron) has had a “Helix the Cat” mascot since way back – funny cartoon cat with 2 intertwined tails.