Firehouse Five Does “Jingle Bells” Firehouse Five Does “Jingle Bells”
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Firehouse Five Does “Jingle Bells”

A rollicking version of “Jingle Bells” courtesy of the Firehouse Five Plus Two, which includes two of Disney’s Nine Old Men. The lineup: Danny Alguire, cornet, Harper Goff, banjo, Ward Kimball, trombone, Clarke Mallery, clarinet, Monte Mountjoy, drums, Ed Penner, tuba and Frank Thomas, piano.

(via Swing, Jazz & Blues)

  • I’ve always loved that clip…thanks for posting it!

  • Season’s Greetings!

  • Jack

    Banjo player Harper Goff also makes a cameo in Jack Webb’s “Pete Kelly’s Blues.” He was loaned to Warners by Disney to work on that film as a production designer.

  • Scott

    Harper, should be more well known if I say so myself. He was equally instrumental if not more so than any imagineer (even Marc Davis) in Disneyland being what it was and still holds over the other parks to this day.

  • Coming from New Orleans…nothing could delight me more than a Dixieland Christmas!! Plus Bergen, Hans, & Wal!!!t….now how much better can it get!??

    Thank YOOO!

  • The Firemen Five Plus Two
    (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.

    I wish the Firemen Five Plus Two merry Christmas.

  • Let us not forget the lovely Hans Conried as the “Magic Mirror” (and Fractured Flickers host).

    This is one of the warmest bits of TV nostalgia on the planet.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Looking at the clip and at Harper Goff, it struck me: doesn’t he look like some of the animatronic figures in the Disney parks (Pirates of the Carribean, Bear Country Jamboree and the Haunted Mansion)? Many animators can draw cartoony, but this guy looks cartoony!
    Merry Xmas everybody!

  • How fun was that! The glory days of animation…..

  • Jay

    Sometimes when I turn on the radio, I think it’d be awesome to live in a time when the hottest band in America is a Dixieland jazz band made up of animators.