Fun Things To Try With A Garbage Can Fun Things To Try With A Garbage Can
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Fun Things To Try With A Garbage Can

This clip is a pretty good example of why Frank Welker is one of the most skilled, not to mention prolific, modern day voice actors:

  • wever

    Where is this clip from?

  • I remember seeing a clip of Jimmy MacDonald, the Disney sound effects man, making those classic bear growl sounds from the cartoons and the True-Life Adventures by doing exactly what Frank does here, but in a large beer glass.

    It’s always a treat watching these guys do what they do. It’s almost like magic. Very silly, but entertaining, magic.

  • Glowworm

    Oh–so that’s what Frank Welker looks like…

    • wever

      That’s what he LOOKED like. He’s now considerably grayer-haired.

    • xevo

      He co-starred with Don Knotts in “How to Frame a Figg,” so I knew what he looked like…

  • tredlow

    I remember hearing that every animal in Futurama is voiced by Frank Welker.

  • joris

    Nice! When I saw this clip on tv somewhere back in 1994, I was very impressed! It actually helped me winning two tickets for the movie by imitating a lion roar through the phone. Although I used a cooking pot instead of a garbage can, and I’m sure the squeaking of a 10 year old boy was less impressive then what Frank Welker does here ;)

  • Frank is legendary. You’d never thought he’d be the same guy who also voiced the Dragonfly from DePatie-Freleng’s “Crazylegs Crane” series. Great technique there.

    This is another fun recording session, also by Frank;

  • MissConception

    I wonder how long he had to do those kinds of noises before they stopped hurting his throat.

  • “Great.”
    “Yeah, that was good.”

    Meanwhile, I’m blown back with astonishment.

  • Jorgen Klubien

    His voice effects are blended with real lion growls, I’m sure…