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Happy 95th Birthday, June Foray

Why is this night different from other nights? No, wait… that’s not exactly what I meant to ask. But on this day and night every year we celebrate the life and career of Miss June Foray, the First Lady of Cartoon Voices. September 18th is June’s birthday and today she is 95 years young.

This past Sunday, Jeanine Kasun and Stu Shostack organized a private party for June in a local restaurant and it was filled with friends like actors Rose Marie, Marvin Kaplan, Margaret O’Brien, animators Bob Kurtz, Tom Sito, Art Leonardi, Bob Balzer, Jane Baer, Carl Bell; pals Will Ryan, Mark Evanier, Linda Jones (Chuck’s daughter), and even my new Facebook friend Jill Howard Marcus (the grand daughter of Shemp!). I took the photo above of June at the party, David Nimitz snapped these below (click thumbnails to enlarge): Left to Right – June reunites with her Phantom Toolbooth co-star Butch Patrick; June’s incredible birthday cake; June about to blow out the candles, surrounded by Fred Frees (Paul’s son) and Cima Balzer (Bob’s wife).

Congratulations, June. We love you.

  • Happy Birthday

  • Eman

    She doesn’t look a day over 80.

  • Happy Birthday to June! She is so talented and so nice.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Happy birthday to the 1st lady of animation!


    Happiest wishes June-I will be 55 October 20th!

  • Brad Constantine

    Wishing June the Happiest Birthday Ever!!

  • Bob Peterson

    Happy Birthday to June!! XO


    • jordan reichek


  • Karl Cohen

    Wishing you many more wonderful birthday. Thanks for the many wonderful things you have contributed to animation over the year, not only as a voice actor, but through ASIFA-Hollywood, the Tournee of Animation, by helping and inspiring students with their films and through dozens of other worthy contributions.
    Karl Cohen, president of ASIFA-SF

  • jordan reichek

    how great! happy berfday!

  • Matt Patton

    Ms. Foray is one of those lucky people who grew up but never really grows old. At least in spirit. Good luck to her.

  • Justin

    Happy Birthday, June!

  • top cat james

    I’m assuming that’s a mooseberry fudge cake.

  • Yay_for_Kari

    Sending wonderful wishes to a wonderful artist!!!

  • Happy Birthday, June!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Keep at it June!

  • David Perlmutter

    It’s so wonderful that she has lived long enough for her work to be truly valued and appreciated by more than one generation of animation fans.

  • A belated Happy Birthday June! And yes, I did grow up with you, too.