Happy Halloween from JibJab Happy Halloween from JibJab
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Happy Halloween from JibJab

Here’s the scariest thing you’ll see all month:

This Jib Jab Halloween Sendable incorporates new technology which allows users to cast themselves inside cool props (like a Frankenstein head or the Wolfman) and color correct their faces if they choose. That’s Uncle Walt as Frankenstein, June Foray (as the Bride), Ward Kimball (as Dracula) and John Lasseter unrecognizable as the Wolfman. Try it yourself here.

P.S. Artist Justin Parpan did all the backgrounds for this piece and just posted a personal blog with his artwork here.

(Thanks, Evan Spiridellis)

  • top cat james

    Great dancing, Jerry!

    But no one representing Warner Bros.? For shame, Doc.

  • Thad

    Don’t blog when drunk! This has been a Public Service Announcement.

  • EatRune

    I already saw this (without the faces) on Youtube. Seeing Jerry’s face makes me smile though.

  • I remember the song being different. and better.

  • Dan

    I think adding Chuck Jones would of been cool.

  • uncle wayne

    “Scary,?” No. Clever as hell? Yes!! Endearing….even MOREso!! Great! Thank you!

  • Phil

    JibJab continues to impress.

  • Well. That’s motion capture, isn’t it? The thing we all frown upon. Putting some heads on namelesse dancers isn’t exactly the hottest thing since sliced bread, IMO.

  • Pedro Nakama

    You’re right. That is the scariest thing I’ve seen this month.

  • Katella Gate

    How wonderful to spend a few minutes with friends both living and departed at a Halloween costume party.

    Don’t be to hard on who was invited and who wasn’t … remember, the dead have their lawyers, as do the living, and copyrights apply to all, unless graciously waved.

  • Jerry, you make a great doctor! Do you accept Blue Cross?

  • Ward Kimball as Dracula is hilarious!

    I love how they combine drawn backgrounds and FX with live action footage. Great stuff!

  • Jim

    Ward Kimball comes off funny long after he shuffled off this mortal coil, even when directed by someone else! The dude cannot make a bad picture, even when he didn’t make it.

  • Michel Van


  • Zee

    Uhm…where’s the animation?

    Nice BG’s though.