His Pen-and-Ink Live For Laughter… His Pen-and-Ink Live For Laughter…
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His Pen-and-Ink Live For Laughter…

Below is an Eastman Kodak ad I spied recently in a 1950 edition of The Hollywood Reporter. I love the headline copy — “His Pen-and-Ink Live For Laughter…” — juxtaposed against the angriest illustration of an animator I’ve ever seen (click for a larger view). I realize the animator is angry because he’s working out the expression he’s drawing, but it still strikes me as funny. Regardless of its humor value, it’s still a kind of cool historical curio.

Eastman Kodak ad
  • Chuck R.

    Very cool ad. Great find…even though —and I know I won’t be the only one to say this—they are confusing their cartooning disciplines.

  • jordan reichek

    yep….that about sez it all.

    hope NY is treating you well, amid!

  • Jim

    Not only that but the animator resembles a young, pissed Frederick March.

  • Thanks for posting that wonderful vintage ad, Amid.

    I’m looking at the animator’s face and all I can think of is Ned Sparks and his “sour puss” persona , so beautifully caricatured in Avery’s “Hollywood Steps Out” .

    Ned Sparks:
    “You boys having fun? ”

    Boris Karloff, Arthur Treacher, Buster Keaton, and
    Mischa Auer
    answer (deadpan):


  • hooray for rochester!

  • Lucy

    Lol, he’s mad because he just saw the still from American Dog….