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“It’s Always Six O’Clock” by Eva and Franco Mattes

Eva and Franco Mattes

Pooh plays the role of Gulliver, Mickey has hung himself, Superman is a painter, and a cellphone has been kidnapped by the Grinch. These are some of the images in “It’s always six o’clock,” a gallery exhibition by Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG. Similar to Toy Story, the show offers an interesting new way of looking at everyday toys and dolls. Exhibition photos are here.

  • Erica

    Poor Pooh! 0:

  • Cadpig

    When did the fine art world start abandoning people
    who actually had talent to create original imagery in favor of
    people who put store bought toys in bizarre or “ironic”

    I really hate this kind of thing.

    There’s a wealth of animation related
    content out there, maquettes, scultpures,
    why doesn’t CARTOON brew show some of that?

    And unlike Toy Story, there’s no real original
    thinking going on here in the pictures I’m looking at.

    Maybe if the brewmiesters stopped trolling the net for Disney things to verbally abuse they would find something more original to look at
    than some child’s bedroom playset trying to pass as “ART”

  • Aaron Schneiderman

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure… or so they say. To me it’s trash.

  • Wes

    This is the kind of stuff only academia can enjoy.

  • Jason

    Just a bunch of contrived imagery that’s more shlock than shock. Yawn.

  • These sorts of gallery exhibitions aren’t really my thang, but I’m curious as to whether Disney has taken, or will take legal action.

  • Sean Williams

    What’s the big deal. I did this stuff with my toys all the time as a kid. It was called “using your imagination”. But these days kids don’t play with there toys anymore, everything is a collectible that sits on a shelf and collects dust.

  • …well, I think that exhibits pretty cool.

  • Does anyone else remember the Muppet movie “The Christmas Toy”? It came out in 1986 and was a VERY similar plot to “Toy Story,” involving a new outer space themed toy arriving at Christmas under the tree and the other more classic toys trying to deal with it. Obviously Toy Story is the better comparison because people are more familiar with it, but has anyone else noticed the striking similarities between the movies?

    And these photos are great! My friends and I used to do crazy stuff with our toys when we were kids. My friend Jon had an awesome series of aliens figures that he would pose attacking his GI Joes and whatnot and cover them with red paint blood. good times…

  • Paul N

    I don’t see anything here that I haven’t seen done better in any number of animator’s cubicles in any number of studios. “Oooh, they’ve deconstructed Disney icons and ‘reimagined’ them…” Yawn.

  • CoffeeJedi

    Some of it is mildly clever. The anime girls defacing the painting, or the woman from The Matrix firing paintballs with a catapult both made me smile. But the suicidal Mickey was just cheap. Showing a beloved and innocent childhood character like that has been done so many times that it doesn’t mean anything any more. Mickey Mouse is just an easy target as well. There’s no art or even an original idea there.

  • At least it reminds me of the book and also the Max Fleischer/Paramount cartoon version of it!

  • Joel

    This is what people these days call art?

  • Chris

    Reminds me of “Action League NOW!” cartoons from Nickelodeon in the Late 90’s. THAT was some intelligent “reimaginings”.