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I’ve really been enjoying the posts over at the LP Cover Lover blog. Matthew and Tony have been posting images of their incredible collection of obscure record albums, especially the odd, unusual and unintentionally hilarious. They have a category devoted to Animated Cartoon LP covers, most of which I’ve never seen before, all with terrific publicity artwork (a few samples below). Very inspirational stuff, well worth a bookmark.

  • al

    hey this elephant looks slightly a lot like your hornswiggle jerry!

  • Wow, I only just noticed but Sidney the Elephant and Hornswiggle look a lot alike.

  • I’d like to think Hornswiggle lives in the same jungle as Sidney. In fact, I originally pitched a revival of Sidney to Frederator. The project evolved and the character changed, but I retained many Sidney elements as an homage to my love for the Gene Deitch era of Terrytoons. I’m flattered that you’ve noticed the resemblance. Oh, and the latest word is that the Random Cartoons (of which Hornswiggle is part) will air on Nickelodeon in December. I’ll post more details when they become solid.

  • What if that cover of Sidney was a film frame that was DVNR’d????

    I mean, with heavy lines like that, someone should use Photoshop (or even MS paint) to erase those lines for a fan photo.

  • Glad I’m not the only one who’s managed to find The Roger Ramjet Album.

    But man I’d love to have that Hercules LP…

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Woah! This LP website is amazing!! Thanks for sharing, Jerry!

  • Jo

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting a Ruth Wallis LP next to all those kiddie records. Nifty!

  • zavkram

    Those album covers are great. I especially love the name “Philmore Bowls”. I’m surprised that the picture of the mermaid actually got past the censors… if this had been one of the “Disneyland” LP’s, you can bet she would have been wearing something on top!

    “Brett Morrison” Why does that name sound familiar to me? I wanted to ask if he worked at TerryToons, but that was TOM Morrison. Maybe he was a radio announcer?

  • Hashimoto-san was one of my favorite cartoons growing up!


  • Millard

    Had Jerry done a mere Sidney the Elephant short, he’d have no chance on earth of owning any part of the character. He was shrewd enough to make Hornswiggle a twist on the Terrytoon star.

  • And i loved (er….rather…LOVE) all 3 Terrys!!

    And, by-the-by….when DO we see the lonnnng-awaited Rhino!? (Or did i/we miss it!!? How how HOW!?? Can’t wait!!

  • P.C. Unfunny

    I LOVE that Disney cover ! Such nice, warm colors.

  • Whoa!!!! Excellent find, Jerry…thank you! I love stuff like this. Their section for Puppets, Dolls & Stuffed Animals is a treasure of freakiness.

    When I did radio shows at University of Michigan, they had a “good life” section of bizarre records like this, and I would always find disturbing records and play at least one random track as a special feature every week.

  • Ju-osh

    Does anyone now the name of the artist that did that Disney album cover? I’ve seen their work (or work just like it) here on Cartoon Brew before, and would love to hunt down some more.

  • Golden’s MIGHTY HERCULES album was reissued on CD twice.


    Please take note that, despite amazon’s erroneous “soundtrack” listing (which I have tried to change) it does not sound at all like the series. Instead, it has the Jim Timmens modest-budget sound that dominated Golden Records of the early 60’s. However, longtime Famous Studios composer Winston Sharples DID write the songs (including the infamous theme) and it features New York session singers of the period, particularly Rose Marie Jun, who did countless commercial jingles as well as song demos for some of Broadway’s biggest shows. She also costarred with Streisand in “Pins and Needles.”

  • Chris

    Wow, I am going to kill 3 hours easily over there.Thanks Jerry!

  • Josh Latta

    That is the best Mickey Mouse ever rendered.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Ay! The Underdog Thanksgiving Parade cover reminds me of the Thanksgiving ep, which featured one of the most cockeyed plots ever! Simon Bar Sinister, frustrated in his attempt to rob a bank (like it’s the only one) because it’s Thanksgiving and he can’t cross the street to the bank because of the parade, travels back in time to sabotage Indian-Pilgrim relations and effectively cancel Thanksgiving. Underdog and Polly somehow learn of this and follow him to the past where they’re intercepted by the local Witch-Burners Union. Even as a kid I knew that there were some serious lapses in logic going on.

  • Karl Wilcox

    I still have the GOOFY’S TV SPECTACULAR LP (bought it back in the

  • “Brett Morrison” Why does that name sound familiar to me?

    Wasn’t he one of the voices for The Shadow?

  • John A

    I wish I still had the Linus the Lion Hearted album. I think we got it by mailing in boxtops from Post cerals. I don’t think it was sold in stores.

  • Bret Morrison did indeed play The Shadow on radio, it’s the same actor who narrated the Tom and Jerry records.