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Nigerian Children Can Attend the Pinky and the Brain School

Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

I think so, Brain, but why would a school in Nigeria name themselves after us?

The pair of Warner Bros. mice may have failed in their countless attempts to take over the world, but they have proven successful in having a school in Abuja, Nigeria name itself the Pinky and the Brain School.

The school, which is almost certainly unauthorized by Warner Bros. and thus doubly awesome, has an official anthem that manages to praise both God and Pinky and the Brain (the school):

We are the children of Pinky and the Brain, Children growing in wisdom, age and grace.
We lift our voices to thank God; the giver of life.
Shout it out, far and wide,
Pinky and the Brain first among equal,
Pinky and the Brain, the flag bearer, for others to follow.

(Thanks, Jason, via Cartoon Brew’s Reader Submission Forum)

  • afndimrdandi

    What the address for the official website? I can’t find it on Yandex.

  • potemkin1925

    Well, looks like these kids will be pondering what to do every night. And it’s not studying. xD

  • Marvin

    This is the stuff for which Time Warner corporate litigators were born.

    • Funkybat

      I’m honestly hoping they leave them alone, or at least negotiate some kind of arrangement. It’s kind of cool to see such atypical characters chosen for a pair of school mascots.

      The funny thing about it is, unlike the zillions of unlicensed usages of Disney and Warner Bros. characters out there in daycares and playgrounds, these two are not really the first characters people think of when they think of cartoons small kids will know. They are probably the most “adult” characters on Animaniacs (aside from Hello Nurse and Minerva Mink, but that’s not the kind of “adult” I meant.)

      • I have the opposite opinion and honestly hope they do something about this in the interest of the children (i.e. convincing them to change the name as well as starting extra curricular classes in the arts for the older students without legal force). This is a private school turning a profit using characters they didn’t work to create, now what kind of message is that giving the children? Nigeria and west Africa already has a plague of troubles and the last thing I’d like to see is it’s future generation having no creativity or respect for other’s creativity and just turning out this cheap soulless rip off culture like you see a lot of in China.

        • Funkybat

          I don’t think forcing this school to change its name to something non-infringing is going to have much effect on Nigerian attitudes about intellectual property rights. I honestly was just pleased to see what might otherwise be obscure cartoon characters to today’s kids (especially overseas) be given some exposure.

          • Which is kind of meaningless when nobody knows it’s an actual show and series and two chubby ladies who had nothing to do with it are taking the credit.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I hope this school isn’t one of the Brain’s plots for taking over the world.

  • From going through the website and trying to find out as much about this as I can, my best guess would be is that most people in Nigeria don’t even know what Animaniacs is let alone recognize the characters and that the founder must have seen the characters on TV on some trip to the US or Europe, thought they were “cute”, and that no one in her area would ever find out because they’re not mega famous icons like Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry. And that’s my whole point, this doesn’t seem to be a good intentioned homage to Pinky and the Brain. It looks more like someone thinking they can get away with character theft and turn a profit off of it. Which pisses me off because even though Warner Brothers isn’t being hurt very much by this, what’s to say they can’t do the same thing to small indie artists?

  • Darn, I’m too old for preschool.

    • You and me both, though for me, a school named after a video game character like Pac-Man would’ve been kickass 30 years ago!

  • jonhanson

    I too wish the world was ruled by Nigerian children.

    • lukey

      …this made my day

  • Tasha

    Being of Nigerian descent, I couldn’t be more proud.

    I actually hope they don’t get pegged by WB litigators. This is really cool (the show was a childhood staple for me).

  • I wanna found the for-real Wossamotta U.!