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Pink Panther Car For Sale


Ahhh, The things that turn up on eBay. For a measly $146,242.50 you can own the car created essentialy for the opening sequence of The Pink Panther Show (NBC, 1970). Place your bids here. And good luck.

  • Christopher Cook

    I remember that car and that opening. It was from 1969, however. In 1970, the show became “The Pink Panther Meets The Blue Aardvark.”

  • What a steal!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    At least now we know it still exists!

  • ZEE

    Wow, I’m surprised that the old girl is still around too, but obviously she has seen better days. The current interior looks pretty shabby compared to the original, with its groovy built-in TV, h-fi and telephone, and it’s a shame to see the much classier pearl ‘n’ pinstripes finish replaced by a hideous Pepto-pink and artlessly applied tattoos and logos that were never present on the original car. Windscreen’s long gone too, I guess.

    Hopefully this car will someday find an owner who will restore it to its original condition, but $140k is a pretty steep chunk of change for a creaky, 40-year-old hunk of rolling fiberglass. Oh well, I’m just pleased to see that it didn’t wind up as a pile of scrap.

  • OM

    …I had the AMT model kit of this car back when it came out. Like a lot of the really wild jobs from those days, the kits are almost as expensive as the real thing to find these days.

  • What with one of the original Batmobiles also being auctioned this month, I wonder where The Munster Koach is?

  • Kevin O’Neil

    The most recent sighting I saw of the Munster Coach was about a year or two ago, as I was picking up my daughter at Rio Hondo Jr. College.
    It was on a trailer at the gas station I stopped at, and the truck towing it was getting gassed up. I looked over and saw that, and said to my daughter, “Do you know what that is??!! That’s the Munster Coach” it was very cool.

    While working at Disney around ’98 or so, a bunch of us car nuts went to George Barris’ shop in N. Hollywood. One of the animators called him and got us a lunch hour with him. He was the greatest guy, and really really nice. One of the Batmobiles was in there getting restrored and the Beverly Hillbillies car was there as well. It was very cool to meet him.

    • Mrs. Joan Grater

      Back in the 1970’s my husband worked for Mr. Barris when the company was called “California Show Cars” and my husband drove and set up shows. One of the cars was the Pink Panther. Included was the Munster Coach, Batman car and the motor cycle that Robin drove. Plus several others. Gosh that was along time ago.

      I was surprised to see that the Pink Panther is in England. Oh well I guess it’s all about money.

      It’s nice to hear that the next generation can appreciate the custom show cars.

  • Peter

    Sorry for my English, I’m from Brazil! So, this car uses a V8 engine?