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Tokyo Pop-eye: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Blow me down! On second thought, let me rephrase that.

First a Preston Blair piggy sex toy, and now this: A “Popeye” porn shop spotted in the main gay district of Tokyo. This is obviously not an officially licensed use of the character. Do you think someone over there is still sore over World War II Popeye cartoons like this one?

  • Christopher Cook

    I guess “shiver me timbers” would also be a bad phrase to use here.

    Thanks for the link to the Popeye cartoon. Never saw that one before.

  • Lovettta

    No they aren’t mad they just think he’s hot.

  • Jeffers

    Of course they think Popeye is gay, they had Robin Williams play him in the movie! Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a gay porn shop somewhere dedicated to Robin Williams. Do you think this place sells the life-size inflatable Olive Oyl?

  • Scarabim

    “I’m strong to the finish” conjures up some distressing imagery as well…

  • Kristjan

    I did expect post like this from Amid (no offense Amid:)) but from Jerry wow!

  • So . . .

    no one remembers this?


  • top cat james

    “RoughHouse’s” would have been a better name for this place.

    “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a butt plug today.”

  • Thom Foolery

    Well blow me down…

  • Steamboat Bill

    That cartoon explains what motivated Japan to take over American Pop Culture with Anime. Its like a conspiracy we took over the Japanese Military after WWII so they take over animation in return.

  • Steamboat Bill

    That Minute Maid commercial interests me it seems that men hanging out isn’t acceptable in society these days. One wonders how that is comparable to a full blown porn shop. At least the commercial encourages kids to drink their vitamins.

  • Jeffers

    I had completley forgotten that Minute Maid commercial until now, it’s awesome! Steamboat Bill, I’m not sure 2 men riding a tandem bicycle together was ever not gay. Next Popeye is going to be used in the campaign to support AIDS awareness.

  • Presumably, you folks are unfamiliar with “Tijuana Bibles”; you’ll NEVER be able to look at Popeye and Wimpy with a straight face ever again!!;-)

  • Cue “Blue Oyster bar” Music

    This blows the minute Maid ad out of the water!

  • Vzk

    Wonder if they sell Popeyaoi and BLuto there.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Hello thailor!

  • Russell H

    I seem to remember reading somewhere a few years ago that some Japanese entrepreneurs claimed they had evidence that King Features had negelected to renew copyright or trademark on Popeye in Japan, so that the name and character were now “public domain” in Japan and could be used by anybody there. Does anyone have further knowledge about this?