<i>Ratatouille</i> wins Golden Globe <i>Ratatouille</i> wins Golden Globe
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Ratatouille wins Golden Globe


Congrats to Brad Bird and Pixar. Ratatouille won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature at their non-event/press conference tonight.

  • Cong-RAT-ulations to Pixar! It’s a great film.

  • Paul N

    In other unexpected news, the sun will be rising in the east tomorrow… :0)

    Congrats to everyone involved in the film!

  • Marty

    And it should take the Oscar during the thirty minute Academy Award press conference in a month or so.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Not a surprise one bit. It’s the best of the bunch ( albeit a bit snooty and pretentious )

  • C.

    Persepolis lost Best Foreign Language Feature, also.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Thank God for the WGA! I HATE awards shows!

  • tom

    Rats off to ya, Pixar!

  • J. J. Hunsecker

    Well deserved, too.

  • Congratulations, PIXAR-folk! You guys earned it!

  • Congratulations to Brad Bird and Pixar! They truly deserved it.

    And yep, I must say, this non-show was the best Golden Globe show since LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING won Best Picture! LOL

    I’d say that Pixar truly got its well-deserved revenge on HAPPY FEET. ;)

  • A big congrats to Brad Bird and Pixar. This was a well-deserved award. And no regrets about no glamourized gala.

  • Bobby D.

    I’d say that Pixar truly got its well-deserved revenge on HAPPY FEET. ;)

  • greg m

    Go Brad Go. See Brad Go.

    Now sit your butt back down and make another animated film!

  • tom

    Mr. Bird- Incredibles Two, please?

  • Matt Sullivan

    My ONLY gripe with HAPY FEET wascasting Robin Williams to play not one, but TWO really annoying characters. I swear, he has the range of a germ-covered doorknob at a Palmdale gas station.

  • Steve Gattuso

    “I’d say that Pixar truly got its well-deserved revenge on HAPPY FEET. ;)”

    The only real way that would happen is if every AMPAS member who voted for it had their SUV break down on the 405, only to be passed by the Pixar tour bus…

  • GermCoveredDoorknobAtaPalmdaleGasStation

    Why I resent that comment, Matt!

  • Jim

    George Miller is ramping up his own Australian CGI animation studio as we speak.

  • Bobby D.

    If I’m not mistaken, I read where Robin Williams has a substantial role in “Toy Story 3”. Is he really that offensive to you guys? I can’t imagine the part of the Genie in Aladin with another actor…just looking for some perspective into this attack.