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Simpsons Stained Glass

The Simpsons have been on everything, from fruit snacks to Playboy magazine. So why not stained glass? Just in time for the holidays, artist Joseph Cavalieri (not to be confused with comics writer/editor Joey Cavalieri) is offering several panels of Simpson art on glass – for all those who worship at the altar of Homer. You can examine these one-of-a-kind pieces on Cavalieri’s website.

  • Feh.

    Just when I didn’t think that the world could show me something in even worse taste than it usually does… I come on and see this.

    This is just… truly tasteless, and horribly, terribly offensive.

    Anyone who thinks this is funny deserves a dropkick in the teeth.

  • Inkan1969

    That looks painful…

  • pheslaki

    Man alive, those are hideous.

  • Scott

    HILARIOUS! Although I figured they’d crucify Bart and Homer, not Bart and Lisa.

  • red pill junkie

    A bit too repetitive; but I’m amused to see that the one with Mr. Burns as a maid is the only one sold so far ;)

  • Marc

    HA HA HA!… Ouch, my teeth!

  • Scott

    Why would this be offensive? It’s HILARIOUS!

  • Zee

    Mmmmmmm sacralicious.

  • vzk

    But Lisa’s Buddhist! Or is she a Wiccan now?

  • doug holverson

    Some of these contrived-to-be-controversial polemics taking pot-shots at Christianity get old.

    And I even say this as a ex-Disciple of Christ cum angry atheist.

  • MissouriSteve

    Not hilarious. Look, not all readers of this blog buy into the “anything goes” premise behind much of today’s humor (or humor or any period, for that matter). If that brands me as thin-skinned, closed-minded and bigoted, fine; go ahead and revel in your stereotypes. Just know that a lot of us aren’t delighted by sacrilege.

  • Disgustingly offensive.

  • Scott

    This isn’t about “christianity” or “sacrilege.” Hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions of people have been crucified in history. Even still today! It’s rather common in history. It’s just funny it’s the Simpsons!

  • Dan

    I find this very offensive. Can you please take this down?

  • Redkanary

    Please *don’t* take it down. I think they’re fascinating.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I was rather amused by “The Reincarnation of Maggie” piece myself.

  • Some years ago I came across a painting of Popeye on the cross, and that was around 1990 or so. These attempts to provoke the orthodox are nothing new, and although I have no love for organized religions (any of them), I prefer to let the believers stay on their side of the street, while I stay on mine.

    Sometimes they won’t (especially in the U.S. ever since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 unleashed a nauseating Fundamentalist Christian revival that’s still going on), but that’s no reason to escalate the existing tensions between the religious and the secular communities, just because it’s so easy to do with artwork like this… it’s a cheap shot.

    Haven’t we already got trouble enough?!

  • MissouriSteve

    Us nauseating Fundamentalist Christian revivalists thank you, P.P., for helping de-escalate the existing tensions between the religious and the secular communities. I guess.

  • Scott

    taliban/christianity/scientology—all the same bunk. Fundamentalism of any kind is awful–and fundementally anti-democratic and anti-Constitutional. That’s why it’s great we live in a secular state, and we should all be glad and fight to the death for it to remain so.

  • Are you just trying to stir the pot or something? Have some respect for your readers sir.

    Also, it’s funny how people of the ‘alternative lifestyle’ think it’s ok to produce art and hate like this. It’s wrong — very wrong.

  • I certainly agree with Bruce that it’s wrong to create hateful images, but here in the U.S.A., we’re “stuck” with a nasty little thing called the First Amendment.

    Having been subjected to a heavy Christian childhood indoctrination that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth decades later, I don’t go around trying to annoy Christians, as tempting as it might be.

    Some people have an innate desire (and ability) to believe in the supernatural, while others simply don’t. That’s no reason to get into a schoolyard-level fight over the matter.

    Would humanity (poor old Hugh Mannity), be better off without mythological beliefs, except as a matter for academic study? I say yes, but then…

    What about the kiddies (of whatever age) who can’t sleep without that particular night light on? Perhaps we secularists and rationalists ought to extend them a bit of kindness and understanding. As long as they return it, that is.

    I’m not holding my breath.

  • Stephen

    I am writing from the heart of the Middle East where, as one might be aware, cartoons that mock people’s religious beliefs are taken as seriously as those that mock one’s race or sexual orientation are in North America. The image on your site is hurtful and neither particularly original nor witty.

    I feel that I needed to make these comments and will delete my bookmark to the Cartoon Brew site.

  • ZAR

    Wow! Quite risky!

    And as expected the “usual” religious fruits and nuts are rearing their (empty) heads. Yep, get rid of your Cartoon Brew-bookmarks and good riddance!


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