Superhero Fashion Emergency Superhero Fashion Emergency
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Superhero Fashion Emergency

Outfits to wear with your Tweety bling…

(Thanks, Alex Rannie)

  • Dr.Pepper

    Well, that was slightly amusing…

  • Katella Gate

    Funniest thing I saw all week – thanks!

  • Don

    Horribly animated, but funny as hell.

  • Marcus

    Awful animation. I come to the Brew to find out about the best of animation. Not for months-old links to cheap viral vids.

  • Ryan

    That’s not funny. I expect more from you, Mr. Beck.

  • Stephen

    That wasn’t funny. That was one joke stretched over a minute and a half. There were a couple mildly funny quips here and there, but it wasn’t anything that no one had joked about for DECADES before.

  • Yeah! Boo! I want my Internet Money back!

    (i thought this was kind of funny actually)

  • Yeah, if only it had been as well animated as the original source material.

    Oh, wait…

  • Andrew

    ALL animations at that time period were awful.

    Good for a cheap laugh, thanks!

    And if you came here for the best of animation, this blog also talks about the OTHER kinds of animation too!

  • SlappyHappy

    Yay, more gay jokes… Seth MacFarlene is getting to all of you.

  • Spencer

    Hahahaha…Very funny. And whats up with all the harshness guys? It was made for a quick laugh, not a masterpiece. Thanks Jerry.

  • Andy Panderer

    I thought it was funny.

    Especially Skeletor saying “Let’s go CLUBBING!”

  • Davidd

    Kind of funny! Kind of true! I will add, though (at the risk of sounding like a cop):

  • Keith Paynter

    Funny, I always thought superhero costumes were kind of…well…

    “Let go of my show!”

  • “You look like a gay cat dressed up like Ronald McDonals”


  • Gillian

    I would like to argue that the costumes are in far better taste than that horrible Tweety bling.

  • Funny. And I appreciate Jerry’s celebrating Bad Animation, a vital strain of our culture.

  • Good way to start the week ;-)

  • yeah I laughed…

    The part with batman was pretty funny.


  • Geo

    I vote ‘sfunny.

  • H Park

    Hey. They read exactly what’s in my mind when I see superhero designs.

  • I chuckled.

    Mind you there was a Canadian comedy folk group called the Brothers-In-Law (I think they were also Ontario policeman who sang in their spare time) who made the same joke about the Batman on record over 40 years ago…come to think of it, so did Mike “Brother of Paul” McCartney’s band Scaffold…