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The Art of Cartoon Titles

If you’re looking for title art inspiration–past and present–Cartoon Title Art is a nifty Tumblr dedicated to cartoon titles and intros. The site is a project of the New York studio Rauch Bros. Animation.

  • The Gee

    This is cool.

    Is there anything those Rauch Brothers do that isn’t cool?

    thanks for sharing this. I haven’t looked at it yet but…. every so often I lament the lack of hand lettering in signs and title cards and in animation, in general. Sometimes fonts don’t cut it no matter how well they are tweaked. Sometimes.

  • I always look forward to what these guys can do! This site will serve us well.

  • Neat!! Thanks for sharing that one, title cards make me drool. Does anyone know if there’s any decent books archiving title art?

  • JM Walter

    Whoa I just noticed we are in this.
    Thanks RAUCH BROS for including our ¨I HATE YOU RED LIGHT¨Title card in this marvelous collection!.

    • Is the film still in production? From what I’ve seen it looks great!

      • JM Walter

        Yes Charles, and Thanks.
        The Theatrical short Opens in July in Cineco theaters all across Colombia.
        It will be classical animation with a small live action intro .
        Will be posting more stuff here for sure as soon as we have it.

  • Seeing the John K stuff on there reminds me why he is a giant in the world of cartooning

  • Great find