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The Daily Show’s Foghorn Leghorn and Droopy

Jon Stewart made a very funny comparison of some of our current politicians to a pair of cartoon favorites on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show this week.

You Tube pulled down the clip we had embed. You can catch the video over at (John McCain: The Person He Is). Skip ahead to the three-minute mark.

(Thanks Aaron H. Bynum)

  • That is VERY funny! I crack-up everytime I see the clip “I say, I say..”

  • Kyle Maloney

    viacom claims another victim. the video has been pulled.

  • Ahhh but they didn’t include the appearance of President Yosimite Dubya (W)! He’s really the closeset Looney Tune-match in the GOP, the very initials THAT point out it’s the party favored by Goofy Old Pharts- or so I’ve been told,,, but then I myself am a Yellow Dog, which leaves me with Pluto and Odie as role models- heh, go figure, or GO FETCH!

  • I’d totally vote for Droopy. He’d be able to take on the terorists without even losing his ability to stay “happy”. ;)

  • “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.”

    Must’ve been good. Oh well. At least Signe’s short is in good company!

  • Bobby D.

    Even though they took the link down, I wanted to say, I saw it live and it was hysterical! May be time to bring “Foghorn” back!

  • Me and my wife laughed our butts off at this the other night! Made me feel sort of dirty for having any love for Foghorn Leghorn toons.

    Sort of.

  • I have been describing this to plenaty of fols, I nearly wet my pants. But gee, now that i think about it, Mccain is pretty mcuh elmer fudd and Palin is.. cruella deville? Witch hazel?

    Video has been removed, can probably be found at comedy central.

  • You can catch the video over at (“John McCain: The Person He Is“).

    Skip ahead to the three-minute mark.

  • Keith Paynter

    Canucks can see the Daily Show episodes (including this clip) on www(dot)thecomedynetwork(dot)ca. Their writers have been so spot on thoughout “Decision ’08”!

    Palin is…Peggy Hill?

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA – Ah say – HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

    It made me happy.

  • Aaron Schneiderman

    You folks on the left are in in for a very big surprise. And I personally can’t wait to see the stunned faces across the networks on election night. When there is no substance to the argument and their rhetoric falls on deaf ears, the left wing resorts to the sophmoric. I find it ironic that you criticize Cartoon Network for straying from their “mission statement” and it can be argued that on more than one occasion this website has done the same. I doubt you would link a cartoon comparing Barack Obama to one of the many racist images in early cartoons, his inability to articulate beyond “ummm” when he isn’t in front of a tele-prompter or his tendency to flub a few lines like the president’s role as “commander OF chief.” Oh, and lets not forget that he stated to have travelled to 57 states during the primaries—did we annex a few countries? Unfortunately, this website has sunken to the same level as many in the media by characterizing conservatives in a negative light while elevating their empty suits to God-like status. I’m done with Cartoon Brew. That’s unfortunate because it often has been a highlight of my mornings. I’ll will also stop buying books with the names of Jerry Beck or Amid Amidi names attached. It may sound silly, but I’m just one person and this is the only means I have left to exercise my free speech as well. I have no doubt there are many others who feel the same way and have begun to boycott those in the entertainment community who constantly push their political agenda in our faces when we are only looking to be entertained. There is a time and a place for such discourse and I don’t believe this should be the place for it. Of course, it’s your website and you can do as you please. But lay off Cartoon Network because you are just being hypocritical.

  • Justin

    Why does having a laugh at something automatically mean its because you oppose it? Maybe its just funny in its own right.

  • Bobby D.

    Sir Schneiderman writes–

    “>>I have no doubt there are many others who feel the same way and have begun to boycott those in the entertainment community who constantly push their political agenda<<”

    Yeah, everybody in the entertainment biz is liberal and out to get ya!

    Oh, wait is there another side to this story? Oh, look famous people in the show biz, who are “pushing their political agendas”!

    Republicans who entertain! Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller, Kelsey Grammar, Drew Carey. David Spade, “The Rock”, Chuck Norris, Heather Locklear, Dennis Quaid, Dana Carvey, Jim Belushi, Tom Selleck, Sylvester Stallone, Bo Derek, Kid Rock, Robert Duvall, Alice Cooper, Britney Spears, James Woods, Ben Stein, Jessica Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer.

    Just thought I’d help you find another place to direct your anger, ’cause it isn’t the “entertainment community”, or the “liberal media”….

    And yeah that “Obama can’t speak without a teleprompter” is a REAL STRONG argument. But, that McCain, well he should be on “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”?, the way he thinks on his feet! Ha. Funny stuff, you make me laugh.

    Good luck with that November Surprise…and you’re actually right, people on the left would be stunned, we always are…but, we would recover and get back to work trying to make the country a better place to live…a goal I’m assuming we all share…or am I assuming too much?
    BTW, my writing partner is a conservative…but, he doesn’t share your anger…just your political views. Deep breath:)

    Oh, and the clip of Foghorn Leghorn has NOTHING to do with politics…IT’S JUST FUNNY! Just like Obama bowling…FUNNY!

  • George Liquor, American.

    Amen, Schneiderman! We can’t let these comedians and cartoons let the terrorists win!

    (No wonder conservative, Daily Show-style ripoffs like “The 1/2 Hour News Hour” bomb miserably.)

  • Cartoon Brew: Where everything’s worthy of a long post…

  • GKC

    I feel your pain, Schneiderman. And maybe you older folks can help me out: Has America always been like this, where 8 out of 10 people you meet seem to be suffering some kind of severe cognitive dissonance? Or is it just since hippies came along? It can push a person to the edge, no doubt about that.

  • Some Guy

    Funny that they compared Senator Thompson to Foghorn Leghorn, who was partly based on Senator Claghorn.

  • Jason

    Oh, whatever. Foghorn’s always good for a laugh; in fact, Jon Stewart should have such comedy credentials. If he did, he might see the resemblance between Obama and Futurama’s Zap Brannigan; both are good-looking, vapid, have an overinflated public persona, have great speaking voices and are completely clueless without a teleprompter. That “57 states” line would have sparked laughter in an episode of Futurama; but on the campaign trail the same fanboys who would have laughed themselves sick if Brannigan had said it shrug it off ’cause it was spaketh by the Great Savior. Myself, I find Obama much more amusing and far less threatening now that he’s been upstaged by someone with both beauty AND brains. Yeah, that Sarah Palin’s really something, isn’t she? This election’s suddenly become a lot more interesting…

  • Annie-Mae

    This was a hilarious skit. I think I woke up the dead with my laughter when I watched it. To bad Youtube took it down.

  • Jason: Being a cynic isn’t the same as being brainy.

    And while a little skepticism is healthy, there’s a huge difference between skepticism and engaging in the grade-school level taunting of scientists, teachers and other “intellectuals”: essentially, concluding that anyone who thinks he knows anything you don’t must be a windbag at best, and a personal threat at worst. This seems to be the mindset Palin embodies.

    In fact, Palin seems to regard even the potential of future disagreement as a threat. Upon taking office as mayor, she asked her city’s top officials to send her resignation letters as a test of loyalty. If they were properly loyal, they’d trust her not to use them… well, those who didn’t send them got fired, while of those who sent them, one was later fired anyway.

    Where I come from, a city official’s loyalty is to the city, not to the mayor. Or better: I prefer the rule of law to the rule of men.

    Palin may be brainy; but I want both brains—and the confidence that my leader believes in the rule of law.

  • In case we couldn’t tell he was comparing them to cartoon characters, he had to do that bad Tex Avery wolf impression…thing? AWOOOOGAH BOIOIOIOING Ok ok, we get it.

  • pat

    I hope you guys don’t ever discuss a political cartoonist, because that would be pushing politics in people’s faces. Oh no… not politics… on a blog… NOT HERE TOO!

    I remember the good olden days. Blogs used to be a highlight of my morning. I’d have Mammy Beulah fry up some hotcakes on the griddle and boil down some maple syrup on the wood stove. Then I would praise jebus, tuck into breakfast, and pull up my favorite RSS feeds. Blogs used to love america… now the damn liberal media is trying to push this communist hogwash infecting the country!

  • Well, I thought this satire on the Senators from Toontown was funny as Hell.

    Although I also laughed —in fact, I laughed more— with the other show when they put a picture of Obama pulling a Moses stunt and stopping the waters of Gustaf, single-handedly saving New Orleans from harm. does that make me a Democrat? a Republican?

    Oh, wait! I forgot: I’m Mexican :-P

  • Yo, Pat. Call me a liberal—I’m proud of it. But I only got onto politics because others started it and I felt I had a constructive defense to make.

    I’m not the kind of liberal who plans to redub your Mammy Beulah. Though I might hire her away from you. As my veep.

  • DanO

    I’m conservative and I thought this was HILARIOUS. I tuned in to The Daily Show for both conventions and the coverage was very good and very very funny. Absurd, irreverent and mile a minute.

    But the last night of their RNC coverage took a turn for the lame. Instead of wild jabs at the media, the candidates and the pomp of it all, they really set loose an attack on McCain. They traded in jokes for accusations right out of the democrats playbook. During one of the video montages my girlfirend and I looked at each other like
    It wasn’t cvery funny at all and no one in the studio crowd was really laughing at the piece. In fact, there were a few gasps and groans in there.

    I don’t know why they fell off on that last night, but I’m suspecting it was because they didn’t like the string showing the republicans had in their speeches on the second night and the breakthrough numbers they got in the ratings.

    I wish they would just stop playing favorites and make fun of the media coverage. We all agree that those clowns deserve to be ridiculed.

  • Paul N

    “Where I come from, a city official’s loyalty is to the city, not to the mayor.”

    …or to the country, not the President. Or am I the only one who remembers the “loyalty oath” forms that were a big part of the ’04 GOP campaign rallies?

  • Jason

    David and Paul, Ms. Palin gave one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard. She hit hard and she hit accurately. She said things a lot of Americans have been waiting to hear (that is, those Americans who are swayed more by grit and substance than pretty words and lofty platitudes). She’s also got an 80% approval rating by the citizens in her home state. As for the piffle you brought up in an effort to criticize her…well, frankly, big deal and who cares. Somehow I think that those little things don’t quite stack up to Obama’s attending a race-baiting preacher’s church for 20 years (let’s see a white politician get away with that) and hanging out with a home-grown terrorist. Where I come from, a would-be president’s loyalty should be to his country, not to those who hate a certain race or even the country itself.

    And BTW, Palin’s speech was wittier than Jon Stewart’s toonfest (which was indeed funny, but simply couldn’t top her poke at Obama’s *vast experience” as a community organizer. LOL~!)

  • Paul N

    Um, Jason? All we’ve seen from Palin so far is that one speech. If you’re ready to vote that ticket because of her one speech, then I’m afraid you’re one of those people being swayed by “pretty words and lofty platitudes.”

  • Josh

    one side gets their knickers in a twist anytime someone makes a joke (or ad hominem attack) about one of their own, but has absolutely no trouble making jokes and firing ad hominem attacks at the other side.

    Sadly, that sometimes applies to both parties, but this year it was felt exclusive to the RNC. I have to say that I found the pitbull with lipstick’s jokes to be out of line and better suited to the talking heads at Fox. I’ll say this much, though: she sure does better at reading a prepared speech off a teleprompter than Bush — or McCain for that matter.

    Doesn’t mean she’d be a good president, though. Saying her experience running a state of 600k equips her to run the country is like saying being a bookkeeper for a mom & pop store equips you for being CFO of General Motors. And how hard could it be to get an 80% approval rating in a state awash in cash from oil subsidies, no sales tax, no income tax, and enough in oil/gas revenues to pay every man, woman, and child in the state $3000?

    And the Democrats might engage in platitudes, but I’ll take that over doublespeak any day. Here Jason, watch this one. Both funny and sad at the same time:

    Oh yeah — I always preferred Foghorn Leghorn over Droopy. Sorry if that offends anyone. :)

  • Jason

    For the record, Paul N, I actually knew about and was impressed by Ms. Palin’s RECORD OF SERVICE before she was nominated for VP. John McCain, whom I already admired, made a brilliant choice, which IMO is an impressive example of his judgment. There were other, less risky, choices he could have made, but he chose the one person able to counter all of Obama’s empty eloquence with actual accomplishment and also make Mr. “Change We Can Believe In” look very foolish for rejecting Hillary and choosing making a humdrum beltway boy like Biden. The Presidential race is on fire now, thanks to Ms. Palin. Obama’s fifteen minutes is just about up…

  • anthrocoon

    Ted “Chivas Regal” Kennedy; John “Herman Munster” Kerry;
    John “I’ll Be Faithful to My Cancer Stricken Wife” Edwards; Bill “I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman” Clinton; Hillary
    “I’ll Get You My Pretty!” Clinton; happy Harry Reid, et al;
    yes we can all be very proud of the Democratic party. Johnny
    Mac and the Sarah-cuda might just pull this one out! I agree with
    Aaron and Jason. (Am an independent mostly conservative/moderate)

  • Fred Sparrman

    Wow, how did you guess we liberals are ashamed of John Kerry because he looks like Herman Munster? What an astonishingly perceptive observation. You really skewered us on that one.

  • I haven’t seen this clip, (the joke looks kind of so-so to me), but whether it’s funny or not, I don’t get how it would make anyone want to scorch this blog from their hard drive. In BREW’s defense, I can’t think of ANY time classic animated characters are exploited in unusual ways that hasn’t been reported here.

    If a trendy billboard in Beverly Hills features an ersatz Petunia Pig, Jerry Beck is there. If a vet in Utica, N.Y. uses Top Cat on a “neuter your pets” ad, Jerry is there. If someone’s Lutonian great-aunt uncovers ancient postage stamps featuring Gabby and Twinkletoes from Fleischer’s GULLIVER, …well I think I’ve made my point.

    And yes indeed, I am willing to bet if someone spoofed Democrats (or Indies or Greens) as classic characters, you’d see it here. It’s called CARTOON BREW. Last time I checked, everybody in the frame grab (except John Stewart) is a cartoon.

  • John

    Former South Carolina Sen. Ernest Hollings was the epitome vocally of Foghorn Leghorn in Congress. Nobody else even comes close.

  • Der Schneiderman, why do you call out the left, when Joseph Leiberman is still in the Democratic Ranks, although he had to run as an independent. When Palin’s skeltons all fall out we may not be up too late on election night. The right has made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear but look out! it oinks- and it ate its way to a deficit the last 8 years— A Replay? No Way! Vote B.O.- because McCain Stinks!

  • Cletus

    pat, Fred S., yore sarcasum has got me ROLLIN! Whooooop!! Right on the MONey boys!! You guys sure know how to hit where it HURTS! If that’s librul humor, then give me more of it!!! I hear that yonder Daily Show is lookin for comical writers the likes of you. Tell you what I’m proud to share this little corner of the innernet with you boys.

  • anthrocoon

    I meant that libs/Democrats could just as easily be fodder for comedy
    and also aren’t exactly perfect. Let’s just elect Mr. Friend of Terrorist
    William Ayers, parishioner of Rev. God Damn America, Has Spent One Term in Senate and That Has Mostly Been Spent Running for President,
    Thinks There are 57 states (oh OK, he “had a long day”), Changed mind on the surge far too late,
    can’t speak without a teleprompter (Palin had no problem when
    hers broke down)…oh, and the GOP veep candidate has more executive experience than the whole Dem ticket combined
    and Sarah-cuda has done more in her relatively short career than
    Barry has…Elect Barack–The Media Tells You To. And there
    are two Americas, and John Edwards has a woman in each one.
    You can trust him. He’s not like the others.

  • Oliver

    Good thing this isn’t a library book, or Sarah Palin would want it banned.

  • Man, what a load of crap. I can’t even watch the video because I live in Canada.
    Lame Comedy Central, Real Lame.
    I found it on some other sites, but they were straight from Comedy Central, so they ALSO didn’t work.
    Anybody have a link for us people up here in Canada?

  • Paul

    Holy hell, there are a lot of bitter conservative commenters here.

    “oh, and the GOP veep candidate has more executive experience than the whole Dem ticket combined”

    Lest you forget, she’s also got more executive experience than John McCain, who’s your ACTUAL presidential candidate.

    “Thinks There are 57 states (oh OK, he “had a long day”)”

    Yes, Obama screwed up, and it was a pretty significant mistake. It’s not like John McCain hasn’t made any blunders on the campaign trail, though. Remember him not knowing how many houses he owned? How about his admission he doesn’t know how to use a computer? What about that joke he told about a woman being raped by a gorilla, back in his 1986 campaign?

    I’ve also got an issue with the teleprompter line, because (according to the British press, who I’d hope to be a more impartial source), Palin is the only one of the candidates who’s still using a teleprompter.

    “pat, Fred S., yore sarcasum has got me ROLLIN! Whooooop!! Right on the MONey boys!!”

    So…you’re allowed to make fun of the Democrats, but if somebody who’s liberal tries to retaliate you mock them for it? How’d you get that plum arrangement?

    People have different ideas on the best way to run the country, and that’s fine – that’s one of the ideas this country was founded on. That said, there are better ways to argue for your candidate than to resort to petty attacks while pretending that the same kind of information isn’t out there about McCain and Palin. Obama isn’t perfect, no, but McCain isn’t exactly an angel either. Neither was George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton, or any of the men who have ascended to that office.

    One of these men will be leading one of the world’s most powerful nations come next year. I just hope that we as a nation make the right choice – whichever of the two it may be – and that we don’t let tiny details from their past be the deciding factor in how we cast our vote. We’ve got much bigger problems to worry about, after all.

  • Fred Sparrman


    The thing about humor is that it’s so pathetic when it doesn’t work.

    Especially when you try too hard. That makes it worse.

    G’bye, cruel thread!

  • A Longtime Observer

    As soon as I caught that shift from Thompson to Foghorn Leghorn, I busted a gut! That was a great execution. The overall segment was good. That’s what I get for skipping the middle parts of Stewart’s show when I watch it.

    And to the person earlier in the comments who mentioned “the other show” that made fun of Obama–that was The Colbert Report. I think that was the Sept 4th episode.

  • Don Walters

    Jon Stewart rules!!! That bit was hysterical.

    How funny is it that the party the has done more to screw up this country over the last eight years wants us to trust them this time to get it right. Now that is comedy. Republicans talk a big game about country first (over party), but that’s all it is … talk. The only reason Bush endorses McCain is because he (Bush) wants to see someone worse than him in office so he doesn’t go down in history as the WORST president EVER.

  • People, people…can’t we all just come together as one and be able to laugh at Joe “Man in the Middle” Lieberman?

    I sure hope there’s no one out there taking Sen. Droopy seriously…

  • cblz

    i especially like the foghorn leghorn and droopy dog cartoon depictions of former senator fred thompson and lieberman…

    lieberman reminds me a lot of ‘kermit the frog’.. i love kermit.. but not as a senator!

    does anybody think william kristol (repub pundit) looks like the ‘joker’

    and sarah palin could be ‘chauncey gardener’ from the peter sellers movie ‘Being There’ .. where no one believes that he is really THE GARDENER!

    ……”He rises to the top of Washington society, where his simplistic responses to the most difficult questions (responses usually related to his gardening experience) are highly prized by the town’s movers and shakers. In fact, there is serious consideration given to running Chance as a presidential candidate…” did the repubs watch this movie??