The Disney Version of Sarah Palin The Disney Version of Sarah Palin
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The Disney Version of Sarah Palin

This is a follow-up to our popular story “Sarah Palin’s Awfulness Equals Disney’s”. As it turns out, Matt Damon was right: it is like a “really bad Disney movie.”

  • Chris Sobieniak

    “Rated PG, starts Friday at a theater or drive-in near you!” :-)

  • jordan reichek

    zing! that was good……

  • I legally have to see that, even in cases of incest and rape!

  • Very cool, I’d go see this one. But I’d rather not live in this world.

    Vote Obama!


  • GOD I hate that record scratch noise. Oh but yeah, this was really funny… in a terrifying sort of way of course.

  • vinllo

    Ok pass the popcorn. im still waiting for the J.Biden animation cartoon. This guy has plenty skeletons in the box and not the smartest guy in the room. wait!! He is the smartest guy in the room. why because he said so .
    By the way are there any governers / mayors on this blog?
    That what I thought. lmao

  • FP

    Tony, I don’t mean to disrepect the Bing, but Palin is a HOO-WAH!

  • Bobby D.

    Dear Vinllo, I think you deserve an honest answer to your thoughtful questions. Actually, I was a two term governor in Idaho back in 1974. I also, feel this video is very funny and have passed it on to many of my political friends…My friend Jerome Keller is a State Senator in Maine and he texted me a huge “LOL”! So, some of us are indeed here on this blog…and thanks for askin’! Best, Governor D.

  • Very funny. Palin is cuter though ;-)

  • It would be funny if it weren’t so true.

  • now, that was actually very funny, and i say that as a conservative republican who is still convinced she was a good choice for mccain’s veep. (and unlike Palin, I had the volume up when i watched it)

  • N.

    Bobby D is really “Cecil D. Andrus” 4 time governor of Idaho? How come you didn’t list your second set of governorship 10 years after the first two terms? or the fact that your first win was 1970, and not 1974?You’re being modest, again. Bless your heart.

    I understand that you might find this super-LOL, since you’ve been campaigning actively for Obama in you home state:

  • Russell Beuc

    Gee, it’s the funniest thing, I thought I was visiting something called “Cartoon Brew”. And I think I might be forgiven for expecting stories about animation, instead of political cheap shots. Huh. I guess there weren’t enough radioactively hostile political websites out there for you to vent your opinions on? Must be it. Because y’know, if there’s one thing America needs more of these days, it’s political opinions.

    Here’s a stunner … I visit this site to catch up on the *animation industry*. If I want to watch juvenile political tantrums, I’ll watch the Daily Show. Look, if JibJab releases another satire, that’s one thing. But I don’t give a rat’s patoot about who you’re voting for, or how George W. Bush has personally spent the last eight years kicking your dog. I desire the *absense* of politics. Un-politics. Null politics. Nega-politcs.

    Is that too much to ask for?

  • Peter

    Politics would be fine if there were some connection to animation, like maybe Disney animation, but there really isn’t.

    It’s just stuff Amid’s into.

    No Cartoon in this Brew.


  • Chris George

    When I started with the Cartoon Research website, then came over here it was with the intent of reading about animation. I’m getting tired of Amid’s politics. Stick with animation or try for a little balance.

  • I for one LOVED this parody.

    Russell, Peter and Chris

    For godsake no one forced you to come here and read or watch.

    Its called free speech and the last time I checked this website was created and maintained by Amid & Jerry and they can damn well post what ever THEY like.

    This is not communist China.

    Start your own BLOG and write all your snarkyness there.

  • Don

    I’ll never understand why a business (e.g., website) would inject politics into an completely non-political topic or event. No matter whether you’re coming from the left or right, all you do is alienate half your customers.

  • Who are you people?

    Don I don’t know what animated universe you live in but there is NO WAY that half of us are Right wing. I can tell you that in 15+ years in the professional Stop Motion Animation world, of the hundreds I have known and worked with, I could count on my hand (one of them) how many lean Right, and those guys are certainly ‘above the line’.

    Life in this great country of our IS political.

    And the stakes have NEVER – EVER – EVER!!! been this high.

    Anyone who has watched Sarah Palin’s interviews and thinks she is ready to lead this world has drank the cool-aid.

  • Joel O

    Re: the comments by Russell, Peter and Chris…

    So, you’d steer clear of visiting this site if they started posting items about…fire hydrants? But if the posts were about animated fire hydrants, that would be be O.K., yes? I see your point, but the people in this video look pretty “animated” 2-me! HA!

  • Joe

    I’ll just keep this short and say that I agree with those that just don’t care about this election, and would prefer the focus to be on the animation industry. It’s enough of a media circus as it is to really stomach it on this blog.

  • Andrew

    Last time I checked….it was a free country and this site belongs to Amid and Jerry. I don’t always agree with them…in fact I rarely ever agree with Amid….no offense Amid :)

    This isn’t some fast food restaurant where you can go bitching at the manager because some dumb kid put tomatoes on your lettuce and meat ONLY cheeseburger.

    No one is forcing you to subject yourself, they are just offering the opportunity, unlike a certain political party that I know of :)


  • Oh, that was utterly hilarious! And did I detect Frank Coniff and Erica Doering as main characters in this parody? Maybe you could insist that this be stuck as a “hidden” special feature on a GOLDEN COLLECTION set? Just kidding!!

  • scoriotsm

    Exactly what does this have to do with cartoons??? Sheesh guys, can we keep the politics on a political website and talk about cartoons? Sigh.

  • Bobby D.

    “N” Appreciate the support. Good sleuth-like work as well! Best, Gov. Bobby d.

  • Peter

    What are you guys even talking about?

    1. I loved the parody too. Never said I didn’t.

    2. I never claimed anyone forced me to come here and watch it. Where’d you get that idea?

    3. I know full well Jerry and Amid can post whatever they want here. Your ‘free speech’ is exactly why I’m able to complain about a post that goes so far off-topic. And yes, Andrew, we CAN bitch about this kind of thing; hence these comment areas.

    4. Animated fire hydrants would be better than 90 per cent of what’s on TV today. :)

  • Prof. Gast

    ^”If the movie stinks, just don’t go”

  • I am sick to death of the attempt to dictate to Jerry & Amid what the content of this BLOG has to be with comments along the lines of (Im paraphrasing here in case you don’t know)
    ‘We don’t deem this subject as being ‘Cartoon” enough…shure its Disney related.. but that’s just NOT CLOSE ENOUGH so keep it off the BLOG you hippie! – your to far off topic! – We will deem what the topic is for your own personal BLOG that you have been spending years devoting your time to for our morning entertainment… What’s that? Oh you did this for free? My god I knew you were dumb but that’s just stupid! – I desire the *absense* of politics. Un-politics. Null politics. Nega-politcs. Is that too much to ask for?’

    YES it is to much to ask for.

    You must grasp the seriousness of the situation we are in GLOBALLY.

    The whole universe (and that includes the cartoon one) is political at this moment in time – Sept 28th 2008.


    And for godsakes stop telling people what is OFF TOPIC.


  • I don’t get what the bitching is about. This is brilliant. I mix politics and business on my company web site,, and I have a blog where I go into detail about my politics. It’s my educated opinion that if it weren’t for the internet, we’d be in full blown fascism right now. Videos like this are the one glimmer of hope we have for a sane polity. Otherwise, it’s Newspeak and The Memory Hole for everyone.

    Again, totally brilliant and perfectly executed. I’d hire you based on this work, so how’s that for a good reason to put it on a professional site?

    I wrote a screenplay for a Sarah Palin Animation about “Unfair Attacks” and it comes up #1 on Google under both “Sarah Palin Animation” and “Sarah Palin Unfair Attacks”. I’m hoping someone reads it and wants to do it as an animation or political cartoon. Lemme know if anyone’s interested. It’s pretty good, I’ve been told…

  • Andrew

    Peter, for the record…I didn’t single you out so simmer down :)and I appreciate your reply.

    The point I was trying to make is, complaining about the subject matter of someone else’s blog is like going to a friends house for dinner and then complaining because they serve you chicken instead of beef.

    I will concede that people are entitled to say what they will….they have that option. However I think that trying to dictate what should and shouldn’t be on Cartoon Brew is rather dickish, disrespectful and in my opinion, just plain rude.

  • Russell Beuc

    Gawd almighty. Tennessee, people like you are as predictable as the tides. Let me get this straight … my desire to enjoy a break from politics, on a (supposedly) animation website, equates to a jack-booted oppression of Amid’s free speech? Snore. It’s disheartening, and ultimately boring, to listen to advocates of “free speech” insist, with flaming white-eyed passion, that nobody is allowed to criticize them. Free speech for me, but not for thee, etc.

    Now, of course Amid can post anything he wants. Freedom of speech, yada yada. I don’t really care. I’ll just exercise my freedom to quit checking this website and visit elsewhere. Ooooh, I’m sure you’re shivering in your boots – not. After all, I’m just one set of (apparently unwelcome) eyeballs. And it’s not like you rely on readers to generate advertising revenue to pay for this site’s expenses or anything (… um … oops … wait a sec ….)

    Tennessee … sorry for expressing an opinion that differed from your Great Noble Vision. And thanks for educating me in the folly of my doubleplus-ungood backward ways! I hang my head in shame. You stay classy.

  • Yeesh

    Is there a way to sort Cartoon Brew so I can avoid looking at all posts by Amid and just look at the ones that relate to animation by Jerry?

    Jerry, I recommend you add that as a feature.

  • amid

    Yeesh: You’re in luck. You can ignore me completely by clicking on the “view posts by Jerry” option which is to the right of the Cartoon Brew logo up above.