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The Journal of Cartoon Over-Analyzations

Cartoon Over-analyzations

I remember this site from a few years back and it’s now back online in blog form. The Journal of Cartoon Over-Analyzations doesn’t just analyze cartoons, it over-analyzes them and discovers hidden subtexts to cartoon characters that weren’t evident to even the creators themselves. A lot of it is tongue-in-cheek and seemingly designed to make fun of the pseudo-scholarly dissertations that so many academics have written about cartoons in recent times. Topics include: “My Little Pony is a lesbian-feminist separatist colony,” “Alchemical Symbolism in Smurfs,” and “Chromatic Sexism and Animated Felines.”

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  • Maybe you see blue — but I see green.

    Those little guys helped me pay a lot of bills over a ten year period some years ago. I actually enjoyed working on the Smurfs during my time at H-B. I could have done far worse.

    I still have the Smurfy sketch the creator, Peyo did for me back in those early Smurf days. Plus, I got to work with animation legend, Dave Hilberman.

  • Fun read, although the most sessile essays boil down pretty much to Rule 34 and Rule 36. But then, that probably was the intention!

  • OM

    …Actually, their overanalysis of My Little Pony is dead-on accurate! As a non-practicing sociologist, I noted this subversive taint upon that cartoon from the first ten minutes of the only ten minutes I’ve ever watched, and the only reason I watched that was that the TV I had at the time suffered a failure in the tuner knob, and I couldn’t jiggle it fast enough to change the channel. Needless to say that set saw retirement immediately after I secured a replacement that afternoon.

    Coming up next: How Transformers is a secret brainwashing tool for a hidden society dedicated to bringing back 8-Track tapes as a music distribution standard, and how the first season of Thundercats was actually a subliminal PSA for Bob Barker’s diabolical campaign to have all pets spayed and/or neutered!

  • Bugsmer

    I like the Chief Quimby analysis on the same page. Could he be Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget’s evil enemy?

  • Some Guy

    These guys go to my university!