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The Raymond Scott Doll

Need a powerhouse gift for the cartoon lover in your life? Look no further than this completely authorized (by the Raymond Scott Archives) Raymond Scott 100th Anniversary Doll + CD set. This came out two years ago, but I just discovered its existence yesterday. Designed by musician/cartoonist Archer Prewitt to celebrate Scott’s centennial anniversary in 2008, it comes with fabric cloth jacket, mini clavivox (carefully designed to look as close to the original model as possible), and a CD with 5 songs (Powerhouse, The Happy Whistler, and several previously unreleased super-rare demonstration pieces). Act fast, this is a limited edition. Apparently the first of the series, the Bob Moog doll, is long sold out.

  • owlathome

    This is absolutely amazing! Raymond Scott is a fascinating guy.

  • just a heads up! i ordered one last april but never received it and no one would return my inquiries [since my paypal was charged], i’m going to try and get in touch with irwin who handles the music and see what happened. hopefully other orders go through with no trouble, but i’ve not had any luck with mine, a year later and still haven’t gotten it or hear about it

  • Just ordered one from Japan. They’re available from Amazon too.

  • Love Mr. Scott’s work! I need one of these!
    Smo – let us know what you come up with!

  • MadRat

    Oh great, just as soon as I find out there’s a Bob Moog figurine I also find it’s sold out. If there were a Walter/Wendy Carlos figurine would it come with both a suit and dress?

  • Maggie Simpson

    And to think he hated cartoons…