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The Ultimate Spumco Location!

A friend of mine, who happens to be a huge Spumco fan, was looking for a new home in California and came accross this listing on a street just off the Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach: John K Drive.

Here’s what I want to know: I wonder what time the Rubber Nipple salesman come around? And is the George Liquor store open 24 hours? For those who are curious, here’s the location on Google Maps.

  • Granray Lawrence Welk

    As George Lucas built Skywalker Ranch in the pre-existing Lucas Valley, John K. can rent or buy on his non-eponymous street.

  • rawr

    I’ll be that’s a ONE-WAY street !

  • That is kind of spooky. I’m not sure Mr. K wants his personal privacy to be invaded like this.

  • Andrew

    Five words. You gotta be kidding me!

  • Heh. Put up a Ren & Stimpy fountain there, catchbasin shaped like a spittoon. Give the birdies a neat place to take a bath. They’ve got some dynamite sculptors working with them now…it could be cool.

  • Is that on purpose?

  • Well I wonder if there is a house on that block where George Liquor’s giant head emerges slowly from the front door. (I saw this gag in an early Flash cartoon when visiting Spumco 10 yrs ago…I swear it’s still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.)

  • top cat james

    No Uncle Eddie Expressway?

  • Roger

    Interesting. Will a whole street be able to hold his ego?

  • ridgecity

    Probably goes to a dead end.

  • rhinotonight

    3 words.
    that is funny.
    I’m sure the street loops back to a major one.

  • Stephen

    Does the road lead to dozens of burned bridges?

  • Way overdue! Way, way overdue!!!!! Congratulations, John! How many animation people get a street named after them!?