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Untooned Cartoon Characters

Untooned Cartoon

“Untooning” cartoon characters seems to be turning into a bit of a trend, as evidenced by Jerry’s last post about live Simpsons and the work of Pixeloo. Worth1000 recently held a Photoshop contest that asked readers to create realistic versions of their favorite cartoon characters. Entries can be viewed here and here.

Untooned Cartoon
  • Mixed Bag, for sure. Some of those are spot on (like the Beavis), others are much more lacking. Others still are downright creepy or bizarre. Still, I applaud the effort.

  • Wayyyyyyyyy too Cool! (My fave, tho, is Blossum!)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    It’s OK. Some can get pretty ugly to really cheapo efforts like the many I see here, the Beavis one is very spot on I felt, though I kinda like one for Johnny Bravo for whatever reason (though it’s too simple to pull off, much like the Sailor Moon pic I seen as well).

  • something tells me my old friends at Wonder Pets would be a crack team for handling these kinds of design problems… I’d love to see something like that Beavis (or is it Butthead?) on that show. But as anyone who worked on the show knows, Josh and Jen would probably be saying “cuter… sweeter… it’s not SPECIAL enough yet” (inside joke, hope no one takes offense)

  • amazingly Coooool!!!!!!!!!

  • I too would wait in line overnight in a sleeping bag to see Beavis looking like that in his own trilogy of movies.

  • I do think the previous Mario and Homer Simpson efforts were just the right amount of grotesque perfection.

    But the Beavis one is interesting, he looks just like Aephex Twin

  • Chuck R.

    Some of these are fun, and it’s nice to see the variety, but one thing’s for sure: Pixeloo OWNS this game.

    BTW, Did everyone see the Jessica Rabbit?

  • Geary

    Where’s Gumbo, Davey & Goliath, Asterix & Obelix, and Dilbert?