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UP-Inspired Engagement Shoot

Up Engagement

Photographer Joy Harmon Prouty was asked by a couple to create an engagement portrait shoot themed around the childhood pastimes of Carl and Ellie in Pixar’s UP. View the photos: Part One and Part Two. The images are cloyingly sweet, but admittedly it’s better than the couple’s first idea of staging an Osmosis Jones-themed engagement shoot.

(Thanks, Melissa)

  • Now that’s a nice photoshoot right there! Very rich and lovely, like the movie. Thanks for sharing this!

  • peter

    Why would you want your engagement photos to be a movie reference? In five years they can look at this pictures and think about their marriage AND how much they like the movie UP. Seems tacky even if the photos are well done. I think the concept would be better for something more fleeting like a christmas card.

  • Steve

    These are great! Love the idea and if I were ever to do something as extravagant I would want it to be something like this. And the photographer did some amazing work.

    Also, i need that grape soda pin…

  • Oh man, that is really a bad omen for the wife.

  • optimist

    It’s not tacky at all if that’s what they love-movies and that film in particular-no tackier than 90% of the sort of beach-posed/prom night style staged engagement pictures one always sees.

    It’s actually a pretty clever idea and quite a compliment to the filmmakers’ achievement…one I’m sure they never expected.

  • VincP

    I agree with the optimist. Very cute, very fun!

  • Melissa

    Thanks for posting this, Amid. I love it when great animated films get to play a part in real-life experiences and memories.

  • Nice to see Osmosis Jones even get mentioned. It’s like that film was wiped from most peoples memories – it just never comes up in conversation.

    Maybe it’s that most people wished it was wiped from their memories…

    I liked it. It had Shatner.

    I realise that wasn’t the point of this post.

  • Mark

    I wonder if there are any Quest for Camelot weddings? I’m sure the marriage ended in abject failure.

  • My wife and I had Home On the Range engagement photos taken. We wore cowbells and emptied our wallets directly into the trashcan.

  • Sean D

    Wow, even in a cute fluff piece like this, you still feel the need to take a cheap, passive agressive shot at a film you don’t like.

    I, like Bitter Animator, liked Osmosis Jones. It had Shatner, and effects animation by Gagne. Because of those two facts alone, I can forgive all its other shortcomings.

  • Mark

    Osmosis Jones was pretty bad. The animation, especially the effects, were extremely mediocre.

  • If I were him, I’d be worried that she’s gonna die before he fulfills her desires.

  • Joseph McCabe

    While I’m glad people take pleasure in the acting of William Shatner. If all it took for a project to be terrific was the mere presence of the Shat, ‘Airplane II’, ‘Kingdom of the Spiders’, and ‘Star Trek V’ would be classics. Honestly, I can’t believe Amid is getting grief for making fun of ‘Osmosis Jones’. The lack of critical thinking with which feature animation is often approached is toxic, hindering the medium’s growth far more than any box-office results.

  • Anna

    haters gonna hate [either Osmosis Jones reference, movie reference or fact people like to have ridiculously dorky themes for their special events] but i frellin LOVE this photoshoot!

    It made them happy, the photos are lovely and the overall look of their happy makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

  • MadRat

    I liked these pictures, they’re almost painfully romantic.