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Wallace & Gromit in The Right Trousers

Wallace and Gromit

British department store Harvey Nichols has concocted a brilliant advertising campaign starring Wallace and Gromit. It heralds the company’s expansion into Bristol, England, the hometown of Aardman Animations. The typically casual Wallace now sports Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith suits, Dolce and Gabbana shirt and Giorgio Armani tie, while the undressed Gromit is decked out in a Paul Smith scarf and Ray-Bans. Wallace’s love interest, Lady Campanula Tottington, also appears in the print ads. The Daily Mail has an article including a nice “making of” video with Nick Park and company explaining how the ads were photographed.

Kudos to Aardman for understanding their characters, and making tasteful and witty choices about how they license their characters for advertising. Compare this to the utterly clueless dopes at Warner Bros. who recently licensed Bugs Bunny to advertise ketchup. The quizzical expression on Bugs’ face says it all.

  • Yes – this is gold.
    Well done Aardman.

  • Chuck R.

    “The quizzical expression on Bugs’ face says it all.”

    Matches my expression when I see a major American brand build an entire ad campaign with style-guide art.
    Spend some money, people.

  • I don’t think Bugs’ campaign looks that bad either, maybe the product is less classy but it’s not an especially bad campaign, the drawings are ok, though some of the poses doesn’t fit, and the situations are adequate. It’s not the worst thing they have done to the Looney Tunes, at least none of them is dressed like a rapper or a punk there.

    But yeah, the Wallace and Gromit campaign is more classy and the expressions and poses are priceless.

  • Tee hee. Clever.

    Just saw that Bugs Bunny Heinz ad. Who eats carrots with ketchup?

  • Keith Paynter


  • Wayne

    They should use Jeff Bewkes’ head to hawk Tuck’s.

  • Ryan W. Mead

    The other Heinz ad with the Road Runner is clever, but Wile E. should have a disappointed look on his face.

    As for this ad, Wallace certainly looks handsome. Cracking clothes, Gromit!

  • Celia

    I refuse to believe the Tasmanian Devil would eat garbage without his ketchup! :p

    Oh yeah, did Yosemite Sam EVER try to eat Daffy? Weird pairing of characters.

  • Pieter

    Even stranger: there is also an add in which Yosemite is trying to COOK DAFFY (!) and… eat him with ketchup?

    Apparantly, agency Burnett in Egypt has no clue how the Looney Tunes universe actually works… :-(

  • Somehow, I find this a bit weird. and the Bugs advert confuses me. Who eats carrots with ketchup anyway?

  • The BUGS licensing idea may not be such a clever idea, but it’s certainly not as bad as some of the other ad campaigns of the past year such as UNDER DOG–One Nation Under Dog and SURF’S UP–A Major “Ocean” Picture. Since this is the type of “thinking” the geniuses in the biz consider acceptable today, I am happy that I have moved on to things that are far more important.

  • zavkram

    One would think that the Bugs Bunny ad would actually be a detriment to the sales of ketchup (or is it catsup?)

    A more apt pairing would have been with Tweety and Sylvester, IMO.

    W&G do look stylish in their new duds, but personally I hope this will be limited to the ads and not become the norm in any new film projects. I prefer Wallace’s plain, button-down look.

  • John A

    Wallace looks spiffy in the new duds! Wish I had a pair of shoes like those.

    As for the LT art- it’s all straight out of the style guide and photoshopped together by what appears to be some anonymous intern.

    Back in the late eighties, early nineties, the agencies would pay for original artwork to adorn their ads, packaging, happy meal boxes, and greeting cards. Now it’s all stock art. Crap.

  • Merv

    Anonymous intern today, head of Warner Home Video next week!