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Watch Mickey, Bugs, Scrat and SpongeBob Beat A Man


Here’s a heartwarming moment of corporate cooperation as cartoon characters owned by four different entertainment conglomerates—Mickey Mouse (Disney), Bugs Bunny (Warner Bros.), Scrat (20th Century Fox), and SpongeBob (Viacom)—team up to beat the living crap out of a real-life human being. This could be staged, of course, but if you’re familiar with Russian dash-cam culture, it might very well be a real incident of road rage. Remember, in Soviet Russia, cartoon character laughs at you!

(Thanks, Mike, via via Reddit)

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  • jhalpernkitcat

    Whoever came up with this is a genius. I love it when the guy in the really bad looking Bugs Bunny costume’s head falls off.

  • AgustinGates

    What program is this? It looks so real.

  • Gerard McGrory

    Hahahahaha!!! What the hell is this supposed to be???

  • jonhanson

    Japan gets a lot of jokes about how crazy it is but when you look at things objectively Russia gives it a run for its money.

    Of course I personally feel like Americans underestimate our own cultural insanity since we’ve just sort of become accustomed to it.

    • Ryoku Kero

      As an American I’m quite disappointed at how many sitcomscomedies ignore our textingsmartphone obsessions, so many comedy opportunities there.

      Theres also our reality shows, overreactions to drama, obsession with “bling”, the environment, and always how we’ll hate a film before its even out but then go to see it anyway

    • Someone pointed out to me that there’s a game where we shoot birds into pig-filled fortresses with a slingshot and no one even questions it. Americans are definitely insane.

  • Can’t decide if this is officially licensed.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Do you think it’s a gang who drives around looking for panhandlers to beat-up?

  • mif2000

    It isn’t Bugs Bunny, it’s Luntik (russian animation character)

    • Neve

      Total fail. I knew it was Luntik already and came to see if anyone had corrected the mistake, haha.

  • Dan

    This is how they handle piracy in Russia.

  • juliorabbito

    is this how to be a furry jerk, cartoon version?