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World Record Broken For Fastest Drawing of Fred Flintstone (Update)

The world record for fastest drawing of Fred Flintstone has been broken again because there is truly no limit to human progress.

The new owner of this achievement (which I didn’t even know was considered an achievement until 10 minutes ago) is Myron Smith, who drew the hero of Hanna-Barbera’s Stone Age-sitcom in 18.70 seconds. Here’s the documented performance:

The previous record holder was Paula Mangin, who held the record at 21.16 seconds with the drawing below. You can watch a video of her in action at this link.


There’s also the disgraced contender, Alexander Dnimreven, who claims to have drawn Fred Flintstone in 5.5 seconds, but was disqualified by for not displaying his paper to the camera during his performance. Here’s the video of the unscrupulous attempt:

Should you wish to attempt to set the world record, the official rules are below.

  • must use a blank piece of paper
  • must show paper to the camera during the attempt
  • must draw Fred’s head and upper torso
  • must follow form of current world record holder
  • must provide video evidence

Drawing the character even remotely on-model is thankfully not one of the requirements, otherwise everyone who has participated so far would be disqualified.

If you attempt to set the record, please share video proof in the comments.

UPDATE Meet the new world-record holder, Lev Cantoral, at 9.33 seconds:

  • Callum

    If there isn’t an official Guinness World Record adjudicator, it isn’t an official world record.

    • jonhanson

      There are all sorts of world records that aren’t tracked by Guiness.

      Check out the world of video game highscores and speedruns.

  • great job I knew you could do it

  • Chicken McPhee

    Incomplete: missing eyebrows.

  • Aaron

    Dave Feiss would kill this.

  • ominousorb

    This is laughable. I challenge Myron Smith or anyone else to defy the new world record set by me, Lev Cantoral:

    Your move.

    • While clearly Fred, and clearly half the time, I don’t know if this was clearly twice as good.

  • top_cat_james

    Still not as fast as the birds inside the Polarock cameras – and they chiseled their pictures.

  • Felix Sputnik

    Yup, you can see Mr Dnimreven drop the top sheet 11 seconds in.
    May he be barred from the club for life .