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“Wreck-It Ralph” + Ralph Bakshi = Rotoscope-It Ralph

Two things we never imagined together courtesy of artist Jeaux Janovsky: Disney’s upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Bakshi make…

Click to enlarge, or go here for more Bakshi.

  • dan



      It’ll make more sense if there’s an animator named Felix.

  • Blake

    Honestly, I couldn’t not think of Bakshi when I saw the trailer.

  • Ha ha! Totally want to see an 8-bit version of Coonskin – wouldn’t that be something?

  • Jennifer

    Joke is a little old. Might have been funny in the eighties.

    • I don’t think I would have gotten a Wreck-It-Ralph reference thirty years ago.

  • Oslaf

    I remember when something could be something without referencing something.

  • Wow! Thanks for posting my mash-up Amid! Stoked! :) Woot!

  • Kevin Martinez

    though “Rant-It Ralph” would still be relevant.

  • Amazing. Thanks for featuring this Amid. :)

  • votron

    Saw the larger version of it on the website linked to this article. just seeing the words Ralph Bakshi written in Disney font is surreal.

  • Inkan1969

    Is that all? Just this .jpg? I was expecting a whole “Rotoscope it Ralph” video, or comic strip series.

  • Just to let you guys know, we are now “Oh Yeah Ralph Bakshi”