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CB Fest

CB Fest Premiere: ‘The Inspector and the Umbrella’ by Maël Gourmelen

Premiering today as part of CB Fest is The Inspector and the Umbrella (France, 2016), a beautifully crafted homage to the art of traditional hand-drawn animation by Maël Gourmelen from France. Gourmelen dedicates the film to his mentor, contemporary master Eric Goldberg, and Disney animation legend Ward Kimball.

Its setup is simple — a rainy day in New York, 1952 — and lets the viewer relish in the fun performing, expert cartoon pacing, and lush pencil lines.

Since graduating from Gobelins in 2008, animator and illustrator Gourmelen has worked for Disney, Dreamworks, and Aardman, amongst other major studios. In between projects, on weekday evenings and over weekends, he poured his skills and passion for traditional animation into The Inspector and the Umbrella.

Enjoy some of the director’s thoughts on animation through our visual essay below, and don’t forget to help spread the word about the short, available for your viewing pleasure on Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

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  • UsaMiKo

    See this? This is the kind of animation that makes you either want to bear down and better yourself as an animator as much as possible, or it makes you want to quit because LOOK AT IT! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! WHY ARE FRENCH ANIMATORS SO TALENTED! *FLIPS TABLE*

    • KW

      They have a different mind set when it comes to animation. I was told the French see animation on an equal level with other forms of fine art like painting and sculpting. Animation isnt low brow cartoons made by adults that refuse to grow up to them.

      Im not saying this as an excuse or that everything from other countries is bad, im just thinking this is why “French animators are so talented.”

      Or maybe im completely wrong and its that we only see the talented ones because anyone less so doesn’t get exposure outside of France.

      • Jack Rabbit

        The natural affinity for animation can come from anyone in the human race. It is true that French people have won the race in hand-drawn frame-by-frame projected animation with Emile Cohl.

        Nice presentation of this work here.

  • Tony

    What a great piece of cartoony animation. Worthy of Kimball and Goldberg.

  • ランダム アニメーター

    Fantabulous piece of animation.