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A Yule Log for the 8-Bit Generation

Amsterdam-based animator Nigel Upchurch offered us Chirstmas Warmer, a 21st century interpretation of the Yule Log film. It’s a seamless loop so download the video from his Vimeo page and run it widescreen on your Cintiq this holiday season.

  • I like the animation, but the music (?) doesn’t say Yule log somehow.

  • I don’t see how any of this is 8-bit? Digital, maybe, but far from 8-bit. People seem to enjoy throwing that term around like it’s a “genre” or a type of art form, when in reality 8-bit just refers to types of microprocessers.

    I’m especially bothered when people refer to pixel art or chiptune music as 8-bit, unless the art/music could actually be played on a NES or similar system it is not 8-bit.

    • tommy

      He said it’s for the 8-bit generation, not that it’s 8-bit. Like if he said that some new film was for UPA fans he would just be saying that it looks sort of like a UPA cartoon, not that it actually is one.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I would’ve thought 16-bit generation myself but who am I to suggest that! :-P

  • Jon H

    Really cool looking, it’s just too bad the sound seems a vaguely sinister to me. But I might just be crazy.

  • snappy

    Being of the 8 bit generation, I do not see this as 8 bit at all or 8 bit inspired. Also, I really dislike the yulelog, a station I like watching had that on for hours instead of Jack Benny or movies. A complete waste of airtime.