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Awards Night at the Insectarium


My “uncle” in New Orleans, Wayne Daigrepont, has just checked out the new Audubon Insectarium (“the first major attraction to open after Katrina!”). He reports that:

“…within its giant & wonderful splendor is a CGI animated film (with interactive seats!!), starring caricatured bugs with the voices of Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, & others! The 10-min. film is quite fantastic….(not unlike the “Tough to be a Bug” film at Disney).”

The CG-animated film, produced by Hollywood-based computer graphics studio Super 78, features a bug-like Rivers performing her typical preshow red-carpet interviews. The show, called the Awards Night Theater, was commissioned by Audubon Studios, and created by Technifex, a theme park ride producer. It’s described as a “sophisticated multisensory theater presentation is a 4-D experiential theater that pokes, prods, spritz’s, buzzes and shakes guests while teaching them about the wonders of the insect world.” CG Supervisor Robert Rose has some images and video clips from this project up at his website.

  • Bravo! That’s a very unusual looking film they have there. Thanks for posting, it’s nice to know all the different kinds of projects being done “out there”.

  • Keith Bryant

    I had the pleasure of seeing this with Uncle Wayne Saturday afternoon. The overall effect was so pristine that it almost looked like 3-D without glasses. The Jay Leno, Joan Rivers and Brad Garrett characters even have a bit of a physical resemblance to the actors and they even sell a plush Joan Rivers bug toy. This is truly a must-see attraction for New Orleans visitors, even for the bug-squeamish! Wayne and I even got to eat some of the bugs! There’s a cafe’ where we ate fried crickets and mealworms with asparagus. Yum!

  • doug holverson

    Woohoo! Super 78! Another NEU! fan!

  • I thought I once heard that Jay Leno is (was?) uncomfortable with caricatures of himself. I could be wrong though – maybe in bug form it’s a whole other story.

  • LOL! I can’t believe this finally came out. This was one of my first CG animation gigs… in 2003. Sweetness…

  • Hey Spit & Spite! Yeah, we are elated, too! Had a little speedbump there with “The Storm”. The Insectarium has been in the workings for 12 years!! The film looks super-dooper!!