Bed Bug Bite Bed Bug Bite

Bed Bug Bite

Ya’ know, I was just thinking the other day that we don’t feature enough industrial and medical animation here on Cartoon Brew. Then I found this nice little demonstration film depicting a dramatic bite from a bed bug. The animation was created at Meditech Communications by Joel Erkkinen and Brian Michaelin using Maya2012, with compositing in After Effects.

  • Paul N

    This kind of work is rarely the reason anyone gets into animation, but the reality is most people’s careers will include some period of time doing shots like these. Nothing at all wrong with that, and it’s something students should be told while in school.

    • I would be curious to hear from other animators regarding their desire to enter the field. (it could be a great Cartoon Brew poll, i.e. “why did you become an animator?”)

      I’m sure there exists a wide diversity of reasons. I have a couple of friends who became animators to specifically do medical animation.

  • Betsie Beadling

    Now im Gonna Lose sleep over that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B.Bonny

    Where’s the subtext?

  • Medical animation or horror movie?! Egad!

  • Nighty-Night, don’t let the bedbugs bite!

  • Doug Drown

    A little o’both, I’d say. Ick!

  • WHOA! “Creep Show!”

  • Reminds me of Cancun.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik


  • Thanks yall! It was fun to work on.