“Easy Way” by Juan David Velasquez Bedoya

Easy Way (Camino Fácil) by Juan David Velasquez Bedoya is from Bogota, Colombia, a country where CG animation is just starting to emerge. It’s about 8-minutes and well worth a look. It’s a metaphor for life, as Juan David explains:

Easy Way is the story of a man who, from childhood to adulthood, is prepared to follow a specific path. When he begins his travels, he discovers that it is more difficult than he thought. He decides to change course to a path that seems easier, but the travel is equally difficult – and he’s unprepared for this new challenge.

  • Jm Walter

    I’m still intrigued by what happens at the end?.

    it’ got an interesting pace, a noble try indeed.

    Felicitaciones Paisano.

  • Juan

    Estaba muy viejo y no tuvo más opción que seguir

    He was very old and had no choice but to follow

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’m more amused he didn’t simply cut over to the other road by going back to the beginning and starting over (though I see what they were getting at here anyway).

  • Rafiie

    Beautiful story. Wrong approach and performance. You can improve your 3D art and your film will be ready for festivals and prizes!