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George Lopez to voice Speedy Gonzales in live action/CG movie

From the story in today’s Hollywood Reporter: “We wanted to make sure that it was not the Speedy of the 1950s — the racist Speedy,” said the comedian’s wife Ann Lopez, who will serve alongside him as a producer.

“Speedy’s going to be a misunderstood boy who comes from a family that works in a very meticulous setting, and he’s a little too fast for what they do,” she continues. “He makes a mess of that. So he has to go out in the world to find what he’s good at.” That path becomes clearer once Speedy befriends a gun-shy race-car driver.

“The racist Speedy”? Pardon me, but the Speedy I know from the 1950s cartoons was a hero, a champion. I would suggest the writers watch a few of the cartoons before inventing a scenario from whole cloth.

  • Caspar the friendly executive

    And now a listen in to the development meeting…

    “Hey, there’s ‘Speedy’ in his name – what else is speedy? Race cars!”

  • Mike!

    This sound like a fantastic idea. I’ve always been annoyed that the original Speedy cartoons were too busy focused on being funny rather than give me a hackneyed back story and done-to-death moral center to the character. And George Lopez as our hero? This thing just can’t miss.

  • JP

    All the Hispanic people I know like Tweety Bird for some reason…

  • timmyelliot

    I vaguely seem to remember hearing Speedy taken off Cartoon Network for its cliched portrayal of a Mexican (the oversized pancho and sombrero) as well as to negative stereotypes of some of his family/friends (lazy, drunken).


    Im mexican And I didnt see Speedy as a racist stereotype, yes is a rat a nobody likes rats but HEY! speedy had a lot of apeal he was a hero in the cartoons, and every body that I know here LIKES HIM!

    I want the old speedy back!

  • LOL?

  • FP

    Let’s hope we get to see young Speedy in high school, driving one of those clown cars that hops up and down and has a horn that plays “La Cucaracha”. Environmental and racial tolerance messages must be included. Speedy will sneer at a Taco Bell as he drives by ha ha.

    Actually, I’d like to see Speedy fight drug gangs. After his brother Miguel’s head is left on the doorstep in a Superama gift bag, Speedy goes to war, using his super speed powers to violently deal with the soldiers of the cartel. He kills up the chain of command until there’s a violent showdown with the kingpin, whose identity is a BIG SURPRISE.

    Tarentino will direct, of course.

  • wait…isn’t the whole ‘racist joke’ with speedy the fact that he’s fast?

  • Andrew gothicson

    I dont know if I should laugh or cry at this….

  • Major Pepperidge

    God, that movie sounds awful. At what point will he realize that it’s OK to “be himself”? Or that it’s your family that’s *really* important. Poor Speedy…

  • squirrel

    She’s an actor’s wife, who probably has no familiarity with animation. What do you expect?

  • Just what the world needs. A Speedy Gonzales feature film.

    Seriously, does anyone really care? I mean, REALLY?

  • Donald C.

    I’m going to punch everything now.

  • Add that to the list of terrible films I’ll never see.

  • Dan Lin

    There actually are a few Latin American executives at Warner Bros. who are offended by Speedy’s cartoons.

  • ShouldBeWorkin

    Sounds like another Underdog Feature.

    Give the money to some animators instead.
    This is just F***ing stupid.

    I do think the Lopezes should option Go-Go Gomez.

  • joecab

    Maybe they’re referring to his original appearance with the different haircut, big front teeth and the heavier accent. But jeez an entire movie? With a friggin’ backstory? And that awful George Perez?

    Well, at least it could have been worse: they could have gone with pretend Mexican Carlos Mencia.

  • I can’t wait to hear what that comic strip, La Cucaracha, say about this…

  • DBishop

    I wonder if George Lopez is a big Speed Racer fan

  • ShouldBeWorkin

    joecab, even the first cartoon, Cat Tails For Two was NOT RACIST. Speedy is not a Racist cartoon. A Racial caricature perhaps but not racist. Racist suggests that the character is used to suggest inferiorty of a race or as a foil to suggest superiority iof another. He’s a cartoon mouse… and always comes out on top in the cartoons and audiences find him appealing, likeable and admirable. Is Sylvester a proxy for White people? Is Bennie & George?
    Are or were people ever so stupid to have believed Speedy cartoons to be a Documentary about Mexico?

    I’ve given this topic too much time. Adios.

  • I never thought of Speedy as racist. Many of the gags in the cartoon were culturally insensitive but I and my family (Mexicans and Mexican-Americans) would hardly consider the character to be stemmed from racists or to be overtly racist. Having the WB act as if the character never existed out of some newfound sense of responsibility is nonsense. Having George Lopez and his wife act as if they are doing Hollywood or the cartoon industry a favor is equally insipid. Did George think that voicing a chihuaha, decended from a proud line of warrior… chihuahas was a great idea? My family thought Beverly Hills Chihuaha was more demeaning than Speedy Gonzalez.

  • ArthurF.

    Of course, her comment was far too reductive, sound-byting for press and I would imagine to start getting an audience to follow their “improved” updated version.

    But certainly the subject of racism in those cartoons has long ago been broached, and it had to include some aspects of Speedy Gonzales and the world that was depicted around him. As one commenter noted, the joke was first of all, a super-fast Mexican. No one would think a mouse or rat being much faster is in itself unusual right? And anyway there was a Mighty Mouse already. It’s the Mexican in them that is the “joke”. And his surrounding Mexican world went from any potential satire to simplistic Step-in-Fetchit-ized “Mexicans”. What did they do? Siesta. A whole culture. And all poor. All drawllllling and essentially dim-wits. Where do you see that in any cartoon depicting Americans, that the whole society does ONE thing? Being lazy? Maybe one character does that – Tom wants to relax or such and Jerry wants to steal food from the kitchen and so on and causes antagonism…But they’re both depicted as smart in battle, and not the whole world is just …. sloths. Roadrunner and Coyote the same. And on and on. Only Speedy’s world is first of all, sleeping, lazy, and identikit carbon-copies of each other.

    Caricature is one thing, but all Mexicans dress exactly the same? Why didn’t ALL the American cartoon characters dress exactly the same? I mean, identical. Not men wear pants but of different cuts and colors – the SAME pants, poncho and sombrero.See it from another perspective, that as soon as another neighbor country, and with that a racial perspective gets introduced, the whole group is addressed as one “look” – around one joke. A mass coating is a mass coating – a uniform of stereotypes and not characterisation. This isn’t even near Disney’s powered-up good-neighbor policy tourist take on Latin America. It’s as if to say, well, but this is just… Mexicans you know?

  • What will be Sylvester?CG or live action?

    Racist or not rasist-cg again.
    I still prefer to see eu trash than this us trash

  • I was about to scream “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?” but I am at work right now. I’ll do that later this afternoon.

  • Clutch

    Is today April 1st?

  • God… this even tops the New Year’s post about Tom and Jerry’s movie producer. Why don’t they just dress George Lopez up in that Speedy costume in the picture. Then at least we wouldn’t have to worry about the CGI design…

  • Well, thank goodness SOMEBODY is finally standing up to all these awful, racist Looney Tunes characters. I, as a white man, am looking forward to the day they do a sensitive, socially-relevant CGI Elmer Fudd movie and make sure that everyone is awakened to the fact we are not all short, bald hunters with speech impediments!

  • Chris B

    You know as a third generation Mexican American I really despise those comments that his wife made. First off one of the reasons i hate the George Lopez show is the stupid little stereotypical accent they came up with for their characters especially the mom and brother. So who are they to now start coming up with this BS about Speedy G being racist. Second off if he is going to be PC I highly recommend he stop using those stupid Caucasian jokes he uses when he ain’t got nothing else to say especially the Name jokes…ugh! One good thing is maybe he won’t have time to do his late night show hahaha.

    And to everyone who is analyzing speedy you should analyze The George Lopez show. I am more insulted at the way they talk rather then Speedy’s accent. Nice role models George.

  • Chris B

    Viva El Speedy ( Circa 1950’s of course ) :P

  • Urge to kill rising….

  • IMO this whole discussion about racism in Speedy’s cartoon is missing the most important question. Do we really need to see a CGI/life action version of another beloved cartoony character? They start with Marvin the Martian, Speedy and Tom and Jerry and later we’ll have a Bugs Bunny/Daffy feature. I can’t remember one CGI/life action adaptation that had a good script, but the most dramatic part is that they transform a good looking two dimensional character in a horrible “realistic” creature. I can pass Scooby Doo or Alvin and The Chipmunks, but now they are going to do this to Looney Tunes? The most cartoony cartoons in history are getting “life action”?

    This sucks so hard, there really should be on-lines petition to stop this thing. And I don’t consider myself an extreme purist. I’d accept a CGI Looney Tunes movie if it were of the sorts of Horton hears a who or something, 3D characters that looked like cartoons with squash and stretcht and without realistic features, but I’m sure this is not the case.

    Also, the life action part. Aren’t Looney Tunes characters brilliant enough to sustain a whole animated movie without life-action stuff? I’m sure they are, if they can do two movies with Madagascar characters, which are merely aceptable.

    I am not so worried about the political correctness reinterpretation, what scares me is the realistic looking re-visualization. Make him less “racist” if you want, but give me a whole animated 2D Looney Tunes movie in the big screen, and I’ll pay twice to see that. Give me this CGI crap and I’ll feel pity for the character and their original creators.

  • Speedy Gonzales is a character that everyone loves to cheer for and has a memorable personality. That’s not something that’s racist.

  • Kristjan

    I wonder if they are refering to Speedy design as we shaw him in Cat-Tails for Two (1953) but even that design don’t look rasist to me.

  • AndAgain

    “Speedy Gonzales is a character that everyone loves to cheer for and has a memorable personality. That’s not something that’s racist.”

    Whatever – all the rest of the world of Mexicans around him was what then? That’s the point. So weird how everyone wants to just talk about Speedy’s “character” (just jumping around and yelling with the same blissed-out smile is character?) isolated from the rest of the writer’s and animator’s “craft” – which is that world he is in. I don’t know anyone who even cares about the term “political correct” since a decade – it’s about the cartoon being thin and lazy basically. And just because Lopez sucks in his stupid synthetic accents doesn’t make other stupid accents ok either.

    CGI sucks when it comes to cartoons, and Lopez is quite ok in a limited stand-up routine, but tv always overboils those routines into sitcoms that are stupid. And so on.

  • Joe

    Is this a joke?!?, did Lopez skip the “El Chapulin Colorado” Bio Pic?

  • George Lopez is no Mel Blanc.
    Mel’s Speedy never sounded like Mel Blanc.
    George’s Speedy will either sound exactly like George Lopez, or will sound like George doing a bad impression of Mel’s Speedy.

    What I want to know is: who will voice Slowpoke Rodriguez?
    Hey, why not Paul Rodriguez?

  • Maybe she meant ‘racy’.

  • It’d be interesting if George Lopez put on a white robe and sombrero, painted his nose black, put on some false whiskers and ran around going ‘andele andele ariba ariba’.

  • Chris B

    @andagain Whatever – Politically Correct is used all the time as well as stupid accents. The point being don’t knock something as racist if your doing the same thing and 50 years later to boot George ain’t funny period. On to the next thread as I go change my Chorts and put some shicken in the oven so i can eat tacos tonight while watching Song of the South and Born in East LA psst psst pssst pssst.

  • This is the worst day ever. Let alone, why does Speedy Gonzalez, or any Looney Tunes character for that matter, need a freakin’ background story?! And Speedy was not racist! There needs to be a stop to all these animated live action movies. It’s continuing to get worse.

  • Jorge Gutierrez

    Growing up I always thought Speedy was a racist character because the character’s twist was that he’s a Mexican who is actually fast and not lazy. Hilarious! What will they think of next.

  • Rodrigo

    I loved the “racist” Speedy. I cracked up with his mischievous antics, his lazy, drunk cohorts (who could forget Slow-Poke Rodriguez?), and those little mamasitas he’d always chase. I sometimes employ “Pussy-gato gringo!” in my everyday jargon.

    I could rant about how stereotypes exist for a reason, and how the Termite Terrace gang were doing no worst than what South Park does today, but that’s another discussion. Patronizing white folks only encourage self-loathing minorities, and that’s a really sad cycle.

    As a Mexican American, I for one think this new spin on Speedy sounds . . . super gay.

  • This movie is going to suck and blows at the same time !!!

  • Jorge Garrido


  • w

    Haha. Plop.

  • If the character is so offensive, why bother resurrecting him for a big-screen adaptation–especially if it means scrapping everything that made him popular in the first place?

    Presumably, if the movie is successful, there’ll be an increased demand to show the old (supposedly “offensive”) cartoons on TV or DVD, right? So at least some good might come out of this horrible movie.

  • Grayson Ponti

    I completely agree Jerry. Who can say such a thing when Speedy is not racist but one of the greatest heroes in animation. It’s ridiculous that characters like Speedy get persecuted for being Mexican and funny while shows like Family Guy get to not only have plenty of steroetypes but crude ones as well.

  • Jorge Gutierrez

    I once asked Maurice Noble what he thought about the racist Speedy concept. He said he never thought about it that way but he could see how the concept could be perceived as racist. Especially by Mexicans :)

  • Dock Miles

    Speedy Gonzales is alive and well where he belongs — in the past. Somewhere up in Ethnic Stereotype Central Casting Heaven. What’s dismaying about this movie is that every character with the least image recognition apparently must be exploited these days to the utter utmost. And racism is being evoked to justify this particular exploitation — which is more offensive than anything about the old Speedy.

  • So it’s a story about a misunderstood young mouse with a natural gift which gets in the way of his daily life who goes out in the world to find himself.

    GEE, HOW ORIGINAL! I can’t wait to hear what heartwarming PC kid-friendly morals about life and family and the value of friendship we’re going to learn this time!

    They’d already lost me at the “racist Speedy” comment, but honestly, why must Hollywood bastardize cartoon icons like this? What’s next, a teenage Pepe Le Pew who can’t work up the nerve to ask the girl of his dreams to the senior prom?!

  • The Sauce

    “A Racial caricature perhaps but not racist.”

    Wow. In that logic all white people from Kentucky should have sex w/ their cousins and that wouldn’t be racist right? It’s just a racial “stereotype”. And I can go and draw a Chinese character w/ slits for eyes, buck teeth and that hat and hey, it’s not a racist drawing, it’s just a racial stereotype. I’m not racist for conjuring that up…

    The problem is people start perceiving racism only when it becomes an outright act. You ignore the very depiction of a character in a certain light can be deemed racist. Is it hyper sensitivity, sometimes, other times you’re just too ignorant to even perceive why someone could possibly be upset, and if that happens, you probably don’t listen enough to your wife/gf either :-)

    Now, as a Mexican-American (or whatever the term is now), do I find it racist? No! He’s a Mexican mouse in a Mexican town fer Pete’s sake! He’s going to wear a freaking sombrero and have an accent when speaking English. And what family doesn’t have a slow poke cousin? On that same subject, what family doesn’t have a sexy ass cousin… hmmm, sexy cousins… maybe I should move to Kentucky…


  • Marc Baker

    Maybe George Lopez should just do a Lightning Rodriguez movie instead. (Quickly, quickly, run fast!)

  • John A

    Actually, I would probably pay to see a live action Speedy Gonzalez movie featuring that Six Flags walkaround character and that blonde senorita standing next to him.

  • rooniman


  • sporridge

    Assume it’s a safe bet they won’t be reprising a certain Pat Boone song.

    “They’re giving green stamps away with tequilla!”

  • uncle wayne

    And since when the #$%@#^#! is Speedy “racist!” Loosen the #$%^@ UP, People. Jeeeeeeez!!

  • ear vomit

    This movie should be added to the BAD IDEAS section of cartoon brew. I have a feeling that this is going to end up with the likes of Tom and Jerry The Movie that was released in the mid 90’s.
    If Speedy is a racial stereo type then does that mean that a character such as the Tasmanian Devil is a typical Australian person who lives in Tasmania?
    If some one is going to make a Speedy Gonzalas movie and include a back story of his family does that mean they are going to have my favourite character of all time Slowpoke Rodriguez?

  • I personally think this is a bad sign for all the Looney Toons characters, its bad enough that they are doing this along with that live-action/CG marvin movie.

  • Joel O’Brien

    Any chance for a “Celebrity Deathmatch” between Speedy and the Frito Bandito?! Ole’!!!

  • Guy


  • ZN

    Reusing this property seems like a bad idea even on the surface. They already have to say “We SWEAR this film is not going to be racist!” in the process of introducing it. How exactly does that bode well for production? They’re putting thoughts in people’s heads.

    And then it’s only a matter of time before Bugs and Daffy become a live action movie about two criminals being chased by a rogue cop trying to sell each other down the river to save their own skin. Just throw in Jamie Foxx, the guy from Prison Break, and have Jerry Bruckheimer produce it. This is our nightmare.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I am so surprised by the comments here. Anybody who read Martha Sigall’s book would know that Speedy Gonzales was the nickname of animator Frank Gonzales. You know Martha does push-ups and pull-ups and it is rumored she can bench press 220 pounds. Be careful around her Brewsters.

  • Plus, who’s going to be the villian?
    Elmer Fudd?
    Marvin the Martian?
    Yosemite Sam
    Sylvester the Cat
    Tasmanian Devil
    Those loco crows
    DAFFY DUCK??? [GOSH, I HOPE not.]
    Someone new? [Like Pepe LePew or Bugs Bunny as villians. Good. We could use another wreckup like that. Or Porky or Granny as Speedy’s nemesis.]

  • Could’ve sworn I heard they were gonna make a Marvin The Martian CGI movie too

  • FP

    “Hey, meester! Like my seester?”

  • A.I.

    I wonder if George is going to use his regular voice, or his high-pitched voice….

    OR maybe he’s going to use his regular voice, then have the recording sped up a la Chipmunks!

  • George Lopez is an idiot. I kind of like his talk show, but I never cared for his family sitcom and his standup is painful!

    Besides, who are he and his wife to speak for what’s “racist” and what isn’t? Remember that little online petition to Cartoon Network about 10 years ago? I created that thing, just as a cartoon fan tired of censorship. But it wasn’t just cartoon fans who signed the thing, it was largely Mexicans who loved the character and were more offended that CN was trying to hide a character they loved and identified with!

    There is no need to reinvent him for sensitive modern audiences, or make an entire movie about his life, family and personal feelings. Why not just let the classic cartoons be what they are and speak for themselves? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  • I am proud of my Puerto Rican heritage (I’m also part Irish and part German), and even my Puerto Rican family always loved Speedy Gonzales (so did a lot of other Latinos, some I know personally), and I think this is one of the dumbest news I’ve ever read about. Speedy Gonzales was always a hero and champion. This is just the ultra-sensitive Political Correctness pundits at work, when it comes to any American-made ethnic character. I never thought Speedy was racist, so that dismissal has no subtlety. I hope that this news is a joke, because it’ll be SGINO if it were true.

    Just like Charlie Chan. The Asian-American groups are clamoring for a Charlie Chan remake that the “community” will embrace (which *still* hasn’t happened yet!), and the best unofficial remake of Charlie Chan, IMHO, is the Sammo Hung TV series, MARTIAL LAW!

  • As a mexican, I ‘ve never had problems with the 50’s Speedy’s cartoons. As an animator and Looney tunes fan, you should stick with Bob Bergen as the voice of Speedy, but most important I feel like the rest of the comments, do we need a Speedy Gonzales movie? Sounds like Beverly Hills Chihuahua with mice

  • Well. This is going to be awful.

  • Mike Russo

    Is there any way we can get something started in order to prevent this from happening? Or at least make it known as loudly as possible that Lopez’s wife is a freakin’ idiot?

  • Jacob

    This reeks of fail. But I guess this answers my hypothetical question about whether the powers that be at WB learned their lesson from the Loonatics Unleashed fiasco (apparently not; as this will probably make that incident look like a minor dust-up).

  • Scarabim

    Okay, now this is just….


    Is Bart Simpson being racist when he says “Ay carumba”? (Obviously he’s quoting Speedy when he says that. Where else could it have come from?)

    The original Speedy Gonzales was a hero and a rake. He was great just the way he was. He was NOT a racist stereotype. Are Tony and Joe in Lady and the Tramp racist Italian stereotypes? Should they have been stripped of their dialects and body language? Are ALL cultures going to be scrubbed clean of their characteristics in the name of political correctness? Is Lucky the Leprechaun next? Pepe Le Pew? The Swedish Chef?

    This is insane, and Lopez’ wife is making some very stupid assumptions. And I’m tired of seeing the classic Looney Tunes characters badly portrayed and badly written for. I WILL NOT BE GOING TO SEE THIS. BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT!

  • Can we, as a peoples, stop being surprised by things like this? It happens so often that it’s in “don’t dignify it with a response” territory for me. We’re going to get terrible CG/live action conversions of old cartoons until people stop going to them. Be on the lookout for the Tennessee Tuxedo film. It will feature not a penguin, but a state wearing a tux. It will somehow star Lady Gaga.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’ wrote: “Racist suggests that the character is used to suggest inferiorty of a race or as a foil to suggest superiority of another.”

    That’s a brilliant quote and deserves to be the official Merriam-Webster definition of the word “racist.” A Mexican mouse conceived and drawn by white animators is not “racism,” unless the character is inherently inferior to the caucasian-influenced characters with whom he interacts. Anyone who has watched even ONE Speedy Gonzales cartoon knows this isn’t the case.

    I hope I’m not being “racist” or “sexist” by calling Mrs. Lopez’s statement “ignorant.”

  • TV’s Kyle: That would be fine, but it seems that either some people goes to see these movies or filmmakers have totally run out of ideas. I try to ignore them. Well. I’d admit that I’ve watched some of them just out of insane curiosity, but I have never paid to watch them. Thing is in the big scheme of things people still like the original cartoons more, but these things do have negative repercussions in the way people sees the characters, and if it’s moderately succesful it sometimes kinda substitutes the original thing in the minds of some people. I think that’s really sad. Not only that, they are continously missing the opportunity to do something actually decent with the characters, like a good animated Looney Tunes movie that’s actually an homage to the old cartoons. Like I said I don’t even mind if they use CGI, if they use designs like those in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.

    I don’t pay to see them, but that doesn’t work to stop them to do more and more of this crap. Complaining in the internet won’t probably help much more either, but at least I get it out of my system.

  • MichaelDair

    Sounds like someone has nothing better to do, or is lacking real imagination.

    Rehashing or rebranding old ideas via the corporate system very rarely works. The Young Turks of industry seem to have one goal in mind; to take everything you love, everything meaningful with depth and history, all passionate authentic experiences and appropriated it, mishandled it, watered it down, cheapen it, repackage it, marketed it and sell it to people you hate.

  • Avencri

    I live in Mexico and Speedy was never considered racist by anyone i know. In fact he is very popular in merchandize around here. I just wonder why they keep thinking that way in the north.

    Now on the subject of the movie… i just have a very bad feeling about the whole racing car story.

  • Autumn

    His cousin Slowpoke Rodriquez fits the bill of “racist” but Speedy? A hero?

    People will pull anything out of their butts to get offended.

  • Daniel Spencer

    Stereotypes or caricatures of race types is not inherently racist. In cartoons it is often a visual shorthand for a memorable character. It only becomes offensive when there are negative elements to the stereotype. Speedy Gonzales to my mind does not have these negative elements. He was always the hero and someone you routed for. Her comments are at best uninformed and at worst defamatory. Does she really think WB would resurrect a racist character for a motion picture? Im English and wholeheartedly accept such stereotypes as bad teeth, snobbishness and emotionally stunted with good humour.

  • squirrel

    Mike Russo says: “Is there any way we can get something started in order to prevent this from happening? Or at least make it known as loudly as possible that Lopez’s wife is a freakin’ idiot?”

    Yes. Why not go the route animators made in response to Disney’s sequels? Start a petition, and make merchandise based on the protest. It worked for them!

  • Brendan

    I for one can’t WAIT for this surely award-winning piece of cinema to come out! It’ll be a classic, just like Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Alvin and the Chipmunks! God, I’m just so EXCITED!

    So who’s gonna line up with me?



  • Dock Miles

    “Stereotypes or caricatures of race types is not inherently racist. In cartoons it is often a visual shorthand for a memorable character.”

    I donno, man. You just go ahead and paint a big ol’ Sambo on the side of your car and drive around with it. Make him as friendly and upbeat-looking as possible. I’m sure that, when you’re surrounded by the brothers getting ready to hand your buttocks to you, they’ll be dissuaded by the argument “It’s not racist! It’s visual shorthand!”

    “Im English and wholeheartedly accept such stereotypes as bad teeth, snobbishness and emotionally stunted with good humour.”

    Yeah, but there’s also the James Bond stereotype and the refined-gentleman-with-the-sexy-accent stereotype and other positive ones. You might feel a bit differently if the only cliches around were negative.

  • CVG

    Ugh, the whole idea and plot is awful :( And I really can’t imagine George Lopez during a good Speedy Gonzalez..I REALLY CAN’T. Sadly this is only going to be the first, I heard that a Marvin the Martian film is in the works too….

  • top cat james

    As Speedy would say, “Senora Lopez, she is loco in the cabeza”.

  • Damon

    It was this type of mamby pamby political correctness that we never see Looney Tunes, MGM or Disney Shorts on tv anymore. Thank God for the dvd sets that have been released. And thank you Jerry for being front and center of that.

  • MichaelDair

    It seems George Lopez’s wife, has him by the kidney!

  • >>Yeah, but there’s also the James Bond stereotype and the refined-gentleman-with-the-sexy-accent stereotype and other positive ones. You might feel a bit differently if the only cliches around were negative.>>

    Same thing with Speedy, there are negative stereotypes in the cartoon (some of the other characters), and positive ones (Speedy). I’d never thought before that the joke was that he was a fast mexican…and does it really matter that much? When the character itself is portrayed like a charismatic hero, good-looking (for a mouse) and noble, I won’t see him as a negative stereotype.

  • Dock Miles

    “and positive ones (Speedy).”

    No, no — there’s positive *one* (Speedy).” Single. Solo. Him alone.

    And single positive characters cast in the mold of Ethnic Stereotype Central Casting (“meester,” “seester” and so forth) cannot become a positive stereotype all by themselves.

    And consider Uncle Tom. He was certainly presented as a good character. And yet, over time, he didn’t work out so well as a positive image, right?

    Here’s the last thing I’ve got to say about this — right now on TV we have an animation with nothing but Mexican characters: “El Tigre — The Adventures of Manny Rivera.” I never for a minute forget he’s a Latino boy in an imaginary Mexico City and yet there’s nothing left of the tired characterizations from the Speedy Gonzales era. Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua came up with lots of fresh ways to get specific cultures and personalities across.

    Seems clear to me. Both are great, but Speedy is yesterday and El Tigre is today.

  • David Breneman

    Tweetie Pie is racist, too. He’s yellow. Yellow means Asian. Racist.

  • Isidro25

    Jorge Gutierrez, if you’re El Tigre’s creator, lemme say how much I loved said cartoon, and how much I despise Nick’s choice of cancelling it. Is there going to be more of it, maybe in other media?…

    On the other hand, you’re the first Mexican I know that is actually offended by Speedy Gonzales. I’m Mexican myself, and everyone around me loves the mouse. If I had never discovered the Internet, I wouldn’t even know that Speedy was considered racist by some.

  • This is a sign that Looney toons will be part of the whole live-action/cg animation thing. Now its getting worst for anyone who loves Looney Toons, Hollywood your making a VERY big mistake here.

  • mrscriblam

    FP Says: “Tarentino will direct, of course.”

    wait what

    i think if tarantino directed a movie about speedy gonzales it would be a bloody tale of revenge where speedy goes deep into south america in search of the man who stole his cheese and left him in a coma for four years

  • James E. Parten

    If anything, Speedy Gonzales started out as an anti-stereotype. The combination of sombrero, serape and siesta had entered the American ragbag of images. Along comes Speedy and, with one “yeeee-HAA!” upends that.
    If Speedy fell into stereotype, it was in affairs amorous. After all, he was pictured as “. . . friend of everybody’s seester”. This follows the way that characters such as The Cisco Kid had been portrayed, sweeping the damas off their feet with Latin charm.
    If there is a really stereotypical character in the Gonzales cartoons, it is Slowpoke Rodriguez, who appears in two widely separate shorts. All the standard features, used for comparison and contrast to the ever-confident Speedy. Even Slowpoke had his compensations, however. In one short, he packs heat, while in the other, he is good with hypnotism.
    Couldn’t the WB folks get the guys who write the “Ask a Mexican” column? My housemate (a Mexican-American from thrilling, exotic Roswell!) thinks them funnier than Lopez has ever been!

  • Maxie

    R.I.P. Classic cartoons.

  • Apprenhensive

    George Lopez’s wife seems to have no problem making money off someone else’s career (her husband’s) and someone else’s creation (the Warner Brothers artists who created Speedy) and disparaging someone else’s work from decades ago while using it to assume the “title” of “producer.”

    I think the word is “opportunist.” And foolish, because the worst thing you can do with an established character is call him names and alienate his original fan base when the very fact the character exists for you the EXPLOIT is his original popularity. You’ve sunk your own project, Ms. “Producer.”

    Be very afraid, George. She’ll fry you in divorce court.

  • noseas boboso

    The fact that some mexicans on here say that they don’t see the speedy gonzales character as racist doesn’t mean that it’s not an offensive stereotype !many white people will say THAT’s not racist!but that’s easy to do when you’re looking from the other side…mexicans in mexico don’t find it offensive???who’s been racist to them on their soil?I’m not expecting HOllywood to create more positive mexican characters…but just leave the bad stereotype characters on the shelf…..I know many people that would sell their race out for a buck…mencia being one of them…..so don’t use mencia as an example of what’s ok and what isn’t ….I’m a light skinned mexican so many times people have mistaken me for white..and I can say i’ve heard many racist remarks from white people…..it’s just akward when they find out what a ass they’ve made of themselves…i’m not saying that all white people are racist…but a lot are…more than you would think..this is wrong for george lopez to do…..but again it comes down to the buck.
    David Breneman-you are missing it-it’s not the color…it’s the character as a whole…..
    and can you explain…..y would tweety be a racist for being yellow?

  • Daev

    Actually the original Speedy was racist in the 50’s. His catchphrase at the end of each film was “I hate the Irish”. They edited that out in later years.

    Seriously though, I loved Speedy as a kid. I don’t dispute that Speedy is a real hero in those toons yet I’ve had a moment or two in my adulthood where I asked myself if the overall stereotyping therein was appropriate or for that matter even funny.

    Ultimately it’s only the Mexicans themselves who can say whether they find it offensive or not. They would be the only ones who know how it feels while the rest of us can only rationalize about it. Unfortunately I don’t see a sensible solution as how to find that out.

    I saw some previous posters mentioning “political correctness” and capitalized none the less. Please, cut it out. PC is imaginary, a straw man cooked up by conservative spin doctors. It’s particularly silly to use it when talking about megacorporations. They’re not interested in your feelings; they’re just out to make maximum bucks.

  • Jim Meadows

    When I was in college in the 1970s, I once went to a late-night showing of old Warner Bros. cartoons. Nothing but WB cartoons, and nothing but Bugs Bunny, the Roadrunner and Speedy Gonzalez, shown in no particular order. The college-age audience cheered each character during their first few cartoons, but only Bug Bunny was greeted with as much enthusiasm at the end of showing as at the beginning. In time, the audience was booing each additional Roadrunner and Speedy cartoon, and Speedy was the first to lose favor.

    My point is, I think the original Speedy Gonzalez cartoons were a little too thin and repetitive to stand up to prolonged viewing, especially compared to a more versatile character like Bugs Bunny. That’s something to consider with any feature film project based around Speedy.

    One thing we haven’t discussed is who will actually be making the movie, and I don’t mean George Lopez. The Hollywood Reporter article, and the listing for the movie on imdb only list Lopez, the other producers (including Jerry Weintraub) and two writers. Outside of Weintraub, none of the producers seem to have a deep well of experience to draw on — certainly not in films using animation. The writers, Joel Cohen and Alex Sokolow, have worked together on the two Garfield features, and Toy Story (with five other writers on that one), and the comedies Evan Almighty, Daddy Daycare and Cheaper By The Dozen. I assume they’re considered capable of producing a screenplay for a profitable movie. But I don’t see anything in the imdb entry about a director or animators.

    Personally, I think fitting Speedy Gonzalez with a PC backstory is the least of his problems. The challenge will be to come up with any sort of character beyond the basic Speedy shtick that an audience would want to watch for 100 minutes. I doubt that the producers are thinking much about being true to the spirit of classic Warner Bros. animation, but I think they would like to make money. Maybe they’ll make another Garfield, but it just as well turn out like the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie. Or the Jetsons.

  • The only way this project could possibly redeem itself is if they showed an original Speedy cartoon before the movie, maybe Tobasco Road or something. Sadly, I don’t think anyone involved have the kahones to do that. So, I definitely will be avoiding this thing like Typhoid Mary and I’m confident that all clear thinking people will do the same (I think there’s 2 or 3 still left on the planet).

  • Rebecca 4th

    This bums me out… I think I wouldn’t be that upset if someone other than George Lopez was doing the voice of Speedy, but come on, that dude is just horribly obnoxious, Speedy is acceptably obnoxious!! I agree that the original Speedy was NOT RACIST at all (Slowpoke Rodriguez was the character who leaned more towards that side(I still love Slowpoke though)). In fact the main reason as to why Speedy’s cartoon were unbanned from television was because the League of United Latin American Citizens lobbied to have him put back on! All I can say is that either Family Guy, Robot Chicken or South Park will have some good material to use in the future…

  • Dock Miles

    Good student website that discusses “Latino Stereotypes in Drawn Media” —


    Especially important that “Gordo” not be forgotten.

  • BallsMonkey

    I think I’m gonna be sick.