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Gnomes and Trolls: The Secret Chamber

Gnomes and Trolls

How could Sweden, a country that is synonymous with tasteful and elegant design, turn out an animated feature that is so decrepit-looking and painful on the eyes? The trailer for Gnome and Trolls: The Secret Chamber is so pitiful that it almost plays like a parody of a children’s animated movie. A sequel called Gnomes and Trolls: The Forest Trial is already in production.

(Thanks, Tobias Lind)

  • Saturnome

    I guess it’s not because you’re in the country of Victor Sjöström and Ingmar Bergman that you must follow the same pattern…!

    Unappealing stuff is made everyday and everywhere. I got over it, and I simply hope for the best next time.

    I’d like to add, what’s great in swedish animation?

    I only know one film. I don’t know it’s english name, it could be “Trip to Melonia” or something similar. It’s a feature lenght film made in the 80s, I believe it’s a Sweden-Norway coproduction, but I love this film. It’s gorgeous and unique looking, and got this great ecological theme way before it was the cool thing. Should be a classic, never saw a DVD of it. Either I’m a fool or it’s a hidden gem.

  • Amid Amidi, our resident Sam the Eagle. ;)

    Seriously, this trailer looks pretty poor. The music is like something out of a mid-to-late 80s Atari or Commodore computer game. I’d say it’s a really good student film (and that’s an insult to student films).

  • Pete

    Yeah the main character doesn’t have much/any appeal :/

    I wonder if features like these make much money.

  • sbond

    I will say it doesn’t LOOK as bad as Hoodwinked. Whether or not the story is worth anything is another matter.

  • this has to be satire.

    a karate hedgehog. poser models. a pop song. the main character looking around confused, oblivious, and silent throughout the whole thing. snowboarding gnomes. and “crazy animals” being announced in the most deadpan done by the narrator.

    this cant be real.

  • From the writers of Toy Story? What? Did it actually say that?

  • John A

    What is Chucky doing in this movie?

  • yoob

    I stopped looking when I saw comic sans

  • Tom

    Quoting Letterman, “that’s as ugly as homemade shoes.”

  • Katella Gate

    The written teaser finishes up by promising that …

    “… Sneaky taps into an innate bravery he never knew he had, Slim battles in identity crisis, and … Svea shatters the preconceived notions of what it means to be a gnome wife.”

    Help! Is this a kids’ movie? A psychotherapy tool? Or a Feminist Manifesto? Please. Less agenda. More entertainment.

  • Ross: I double-taked when I heard that too. I’m used to hearing “from some guy that made coffee for the creators of Shrek” in these kind of trailers but Toy Story? Really? Who wrote that, John Lassenter? He wrote this too? Lol.

  • Dave

    Hmm I don’t know. This isn’t as awful as some stuff I’ve seen. Yes the cheesy Euro disco soundtrack is problematic but otherwise it stirs up as much excitement as Madagascar 2.

  • Esn

    Hmm. It’s not painful on the eyes (certainly no worse than Hoodwinked), but it’s not really appealing either. Frankly, I’ve seen a lot worse.

    The Swedish feature film I’m most looking forward to is “Nim’s Journey” by Ola Schubert, though I am sure it is still many years from completion:

    Here’s Ola’s main website:

  • Alan

    LOL! I should have listen to yoob!

    I have to admit the animation is allot better then Hoodwinked, but everything else was awful.

    …however speaking of tradition, the Czech has a good history in animation… but look what they made this year… Kozi Pribeh. Horrid!
    The creators claim it to be Czech’s Shrek. Somehow I just can’t find the similarities!

  • En Ming Hee

    This is what happens to Swedish cinema when Bergman dies, see?

  • Josh

    Come on guys, it’s not that awful. Let’s face it. Kid’s love it, its a kid movie, not something to show off for your pixar or disney friends.

    There is a site on the internet where the movie gets 7.9 out of 10, voted by children and parents, not smart asses like you.

    If theese guys made a movie like that for 2.5 million, imagine what they could do for 25.

    At least they try, instead of complaining like you. Toy Story, Valiant or Bee Movie, was that great design? no, it was awful.

    At least this looks different from those cheezy american “same-looking” – “same-joking” animal-talks movies.

  • killerBeee

    Josh said “At least this looks different from those cheezy american “same-looking” – “same-joking” animal-talks movies.”


  • Swede

    Some background info.

    There are quite a few talented animators in Sweden. Non of which, however, are involved with this movie. It´s a second rate commercial production studio that got it´s financing from hyping the stock and selling off shares.

    Although it has little to nothing to do with the state of swedish animation, as a swede i’m still embarrassed.