“Happy Feet 2” trailer “Happy Feet 2” trailer
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“Happy Feet 2” trailer

More Penguins, more dancing, more rap music… Here’s the full theatrical trailer for Warner Bros. Happy Feet 2 which opens on November 18th.

  • Killskerry

    Am I the only one annoyed that Mumble hasn’t shed his baby fluff by now? I mean in the first movie it was understandable because he was still a kid and yes it separated him visually…but by the end of the first movie it was coming off and now he’s clearly an adult with a kid and some appears to have GROWN BACK.

    Also I think the pebble and the penguin sufficiently covered the penguin who wishes to fly plot.

    • Adam

      I’m annoyed by the fluff, and everything else I just watched. Although I do like that there’s a penguin named “Eric.”
      Also, Opus of Bloom County had similar aspirations if I remember correctly.

    • obj_solid

      Scamper the penguin also wanted to fly. this plot definitely doesn’t sound new

    • Metallicfire

      It’s the Shrek 2 Conundrum. Like when Dreamworks realized the audience wanted to see Fiona as Fiona and not the Jolly Green Giantess she was at the end of the first movie. Their solution was having the whole plot revolve around making her normal again.

  • akira

    hopefully the film’s not as much of a mess as this trailer

  • Katerie

    i…I really just don’t get the strategy here. Why are sequels being made so late after the original? It’s not even long enough for the original audience to have kids. Just enough time for them to start to grow out of liking this. Though I think this was more popular than Hoodwinked so we’ll see.

  • I just vomited all over myself.

    • Tanuki

      This crass trailer is worse than puke-inducing: it encourages little boys to be violent and sexualises little girls.

  • Clint H

    It looks cliched and annoying.

    Why do I get the feeling the Oscars people will swoon over this one?

    • greg m.

      Clint, I’m an Academy Member and I can tell you that I must be thoroughly entertained for a film to get my vote.

      • eeteed

        greg m.,

        if you’re not thoroughly entertained by “happy feet 2” Warner Brothers would like you to meet their good friend Benjamin Franklin and a suitcase full of his twin brothers.

        perhaps they could convince you to change your mind.

      • Bud

        Those bills will have to have Woodrow Wilson on them before THAT starts to work…

      • greg m.

        man, I almost shot soda out through my nose! lol!

    • Tanuki

      Happy Feet 2 is motion capture, so it won’t be eligible for Best Animated Feature.

  • Kyle

    Judging the movie from this trailer, it looks pretty obnoxious. But than again, most trailers for animated films are obnoxious to attract the youngsters. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  • Michel Van

    the horror, this horror penguins are back…
    IN 3D
    Run for your life, out the cinema

  • tonma

    I liked Surf’s Up a lot, and I don’t want to see a sequel of it at all. This…. I just don’t get it….

  • I don’t remember a lot from the first Happy Feet, just that I watched it at home and found it quite better than I was expecting. It had a very strange story and structure, but there were good ideas in it.

    I’m not especially interested on a second part, though, and this trailer is awful. Probably the movie will be better but they won’t convince me with this. Actually they won’t probably convince me to watch it in theaters even with a good trailer, but this one rather convince me to not watch it ever in my life.

  • SR

    “Eric?” Really…? they couldn’t think of a more imaginative name?

  • The first one was terrible (worst ending I ever saw – hey this penguins weren`t supposed to be dancing, bang, the world is now perfect).

    This one looks to be a lot worse!

  • Martin

    Someimes ago I was commenting and complaining about that Mexican-Argentinean movie (Don Gato). But this one and others like (Yogi) show how bad America is doing with animation these days. Maybe is the current crisis.

    Yes, there might be excellent animation, but mostly a lot of firecrackers. Stories are boring.

    I hate seeing penguins dancing rap and with the cute baby voices. For hoe long are we going to deal with this stupidity and then the ‘tude posters? People (executives) grow up once and last!

    • They’re Upside Down

      This is an Australian production, not American.
      Lotza talented folks are working on this picture, but sadly it’s another movie by committee that’s split over multiple studios. Animal Logic has amazing concept artists like Charles Santoso & animators like Andrew Silke. Dr D Studios is full of some great folks too.

      It seems that the big studios over that side of the globe like Animal logic (AU) & Weta (NZ) have some amazing talent and production might and are able to produce great things, but have little say in story, design or artistic leadership because those leading aren’t the talent.

      They’re a service industry that does a remarkable job in fulfilling someones movie or VFX requests, but the artists themselves aren’t given the chance to design & pitch their own things. I hope their 3D adaptation of Jeff Smiths comic Bone turns out well, at the very least the original creator is actually involved and not dead, so that’s a plus.

      The people cutting this new trailer obviously read the Brew comments on the last one and picked up on this:
      “…Was I the only one who thought the baby penguin accidentally hung himself at the end there?”-CodyS

      So they added in some giggling, that UH OH shot and plenty of Robin Williams, just to be safe.

  • tgentry

    On the plus side, the world could always end before this is released.

  • Kids love dancing characters at the end of animated movies, so why not just cut out the middle man and make the whole movie like that!

    Some exec thought up this idea, and unfortunately is prob being rewarded by it. The artists did a good job though

    • DonaldC

      I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve always hated any dancing animal scene. Even as a child I felt it was an irritating flashy display that got in the way of the plot.

      Then they made the dancing animal scene the whole plot and I just lost all interest.

      • cijfer

        Like the hippos in Fantasia?

  • Swordsman

    Actually, I found the hip-hop parody to be really funny.

    Mostly because it comes out of no where.

    It’s strangely cute.

    Also, the whole baby feather issue can be look at like this, Mumble was exposed to the cold as an egg. It’s implied that’s what made him a dancer, but it could have also retarded his growth as well.

  • Mike

    Sadly, after 5 years, the visuals don’t seem to be much improved. Then again, nothing else really does either. If I wanted to see annoying animals singing bad music, I would’ve gone to see Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  • I want to see a Glee/Happy Feet crossover.

  • wgan

    the first happy feet is tasteless except one moment the little penguin encounters the human being for the first time through the glass window, apart from it none is really enjoyable
    however, interestingly, it still won the oscar to which Pixar movie mind i say? since that one’s got a sequel give this a fair go would you?

  • Toonio

    Happy feet and the chipmunks (and now the smurfs) prove a concept already tried and proved by TV: People in general love mindless/goofy entertainment that allows them disconnect/unplug.

    Story, art and direction are getting way over rated and appeal only to a small (and getting smaller) niche.

    Sorry to break it like this, but that’s entertainment folks!

  • Claudia

    So it’s exactly like the first movie, except without any of the charm that made it good. A regular sequel then.

    And they got kids rapping, that’s gonna be an interesting featurette.

  • Ethan

    I love George Miller’s storytelling. He’s fearless, and he’s very subtle with the intellectual stuff. In Happy Feet, he touched some extremely sensitive subjects with surgical precision (puns intended, all of them). Those subjects are big taboos in the USA. Reading the reviews, it becomes obvious to anyone who understood the film that “you either get it or you don’t”, and even some well known reviewers closed their eyes and put fingers in their ears.

    What will be the sensitive subject matter in the sequel? I can see it right there in the trailer, my only question now is how far will he decide to go this time :-)

  • Lindsay

    What a mess of a trailer. I loved Happy Feet, but unfortunately it, nor its sequel, have had good promotion. The primary thing that annoyed me was that nearly ALL the footage from the teaser was recycled in the trailer. Feh. And so many… questions. Like why the hell does Lovelace have a knit sweater on (that also appears on the title design)? Why the surge in elephant seal characters all of the sudden? And yes… WHY does Mumble still have the baby down?! It really annoys the bio major in me. :p

    Of course, Ramón now has a love interest, too. Oy, vey. e_e

  • HAPPY FEET was loathesome, and this looks even worse. HAPPY FEET TWO smells like Number Two.

  • i am SO thrilled that i SHAN’T make that mistake….. TWICE!!

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Happy Feet is my secret, shameful love. I might go to see this one.

  • I lasted 30 seconds then switched off. Yikes.

  • tom

    Noooo! Rapping birds! It’s Rio all over again!

    I tried watching the first movie, but couldn’t. There was no cohesive story to latch onto!

    • snip2346

      So by this logic, when Rio came out, you said, “Rapping birds?! It’s Happy Feet all over again!”?!

  • Remember when sequels meant something, instead of being re-hashes or slight variations of the original? I mean, if you going to do a sequel the stakes need to be set higher – there needs to be a dramatic shift in the plot, character arcs, and setting. I know making a movie isn’t easy – but the process has been become so formulaic and standardized that imagination and story have become non-essential in order to get “product” out to an audience/marketplace.

  • Honestly, it’s not my taste.

    But the characters are appealing, the colors are bright and I’m sure the kids will love it. Better yet, I’m sure it will make a zillion bucks at the box office.

    They’re making films that appeal to their market – young kids and the parents of young kids. Good for them.

  • Why are studios here in Australia trying to make films that are just like the ones in Hollywood? Why not try something different? Still for families maybe, but seriously, it is like an imitation of a big Hollywood CG film and it makes me sort of embarrassed. Haven’t me moved beyond rapping animals? why not give them some shades and a back to front baseball cap just to top it off…

  • Bob

    The music makes me puke!

  • Brad Constantine

    It’s too bad you can have “well made” on the same Ticket as “Ill Concieved”. I really thought Happy Feet One was very well made as a visual piece. It’s a beautiful movie with a lot of live action sensibilities to the presentation. Unfortunately, I can only watch it with the sound and my brain off!! Doing the exact same thing in 3D has no appeal to me.

  • Bwakathaboom

    Whew! I was worried the penguins weren’t going to dance and rap and be “urban sassy” enough!

    It makes the Chris Sanders article seem all the more poignant. Guaranteed the “script” for this mess cost a least a million dollars.

  • Some Penguin

    ‘Round about the moment where the baby penguins started singing “SexyBack”, I figured that George Miller must be actively trolling us.

  • buh

    i wonder if it’ll be another giant metaphore for having a homophobic dad

    • Ethan

      The conflicts in the film are based on a combination of religion, race, hierarchy and authority (which gave rise to conformity). Either directly or as a metaphor. This is very consistent throughout the film.

      People tend to focus on what they want to see, or what they can relate to. I’m not saying your metaphor doesn’t work, it’s just that I think it’s being dwarfed by the above concrete basis for conflict. Your metaphor simply fits inside a much wider net.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Since the original production was as subtle as a porn flick and as interesting as watching paint peel, I can say with confidence that I look forward to the sequel as much as I look forward to “Freddy Got Fingered 2: Hemorrhoids.” In 3D.

  • The first movie was basically Moulin Rouge for the Bratz set. I’m not their target demographic, so I certainly won’t be watching this, but I’m sure all the 9 year old karaoke girls will eat this up.

  • MrMister

    Despite not having the volume on when I watched this, it still made me cringe as if I saw something horrible!

    Is this really made by the same company that’s working on the Bone movie? Because if so, I really can’t see Jeff Smith approving of this train wreck.