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Live Action/CG Yogi Bear sounds like a boo-boo

According to today’s trades, Dan Aykroyd has been cast as the voice of Yogi Bear in Warner Bros. new CGI hybrid flick, Yogi Bear, and Justin Timberlake could be vocalizing his longtime companion, Boo-Boo. Eric Brevig, a veteran visual effects supervisor, will be directing the film.

Anna Faris (late of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) will appear in the film, playing a nature documentarian who meets up with Yogi in Jellystone Park. The film is scheduled for release next year, in December 2010.

  • WOW! Could this project be any more off base!!?? To not even attempt to parrot the original voices, that we all found clever, charming and enjoyable ala Daws Butler & Don Messick is a tragedy. Let alone the horrors of CGI being used.
    I can’t wait for the next Bugs Bunny feature with Tom Cruise providing the voice of that Wascally Wabbit.

  • I grow tired and frustrated how Warner Bros. continue to screw up Hanna-Barbara’s legacy. They always try to milk the cow these classic characters and it’s really annoying. Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo (way too much!), now this? Shameful, totally shameful.

    They should be more concerned about their own classic characters (Looney Tunes) instead, I haven’t seen them in a hot second compared to Hanna-Barbara.

  • Wasn’t a big Yogi Bear fan, but this seems promising.

    Love Anna Faris!!

  • Marc Baker

    Dan Akaroyd as Yogi? I just don’t see that working. His voice is nothing like Daws Butler in any way, shape, or form. And Justin Timberlake voicing Boo Boo? That’s even worse. They’re already both ‘naked’, so no need to rip off any shirts. Do not want.

  • “No, Mister Ranger Sir! Do not let this terrible thing happen! I imploooooore you Sir!”

  • Maybe it could run with Zemeckis’ Christmas Carol in a special “why did you bother making this” night.

    Although a Yogi feature in model/puppet animation, a la A Town Called Panic would be a cool idea.

  • I guess I’ll be buying a ticket to a 3D Double Feature –
    Yogi Bear & Yellow Submarine!

  • Phil

    I love Dan Ackroyd, but really? Yogi Bear? Are you serious?

    And Timberlake?
    Don’t even get me started!

  • Well since the live-action Mr Magoo/George of the Jungle/Dudley Do Right/Inspector Gadget films were such artistic and box office triumphs it makes perfect sense that Yogi Bear is next. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if they made an animated version of Citizen Kane or Gone with the Wind?! Hollywood is a creative sinkhole. 2012 can’t come too soon so that a massve earthquake can sink the studios under several fathoms of ocean!

  • Keith Paynter

    “Mr. Ranger isn’t gonna like this, Yogi…”

  • RobEB

    Danny, please don’t ruin this! Ackroyd would actually make a great Super Snooper, if they ever wanted to make a movie of that…

  • J

    Ackroyd & Timberlake: Bringing Yogi back!

  • Jeffrey McAndrew

    Wow, and here I thought that nothing could be worse than that awful Tom and Jerry movie in the 90’s. I might find it amusing when they get around to the Huckleberry Hound and Snagglepuss movies. Wasn’t there talks of a Hong Kong Phooey movie in development too? And a Smurfs one? I am predicting a soundtrack full of Justin Timberlake and boy band pop music. Any idea who will be playing Ranger Smith? I’m predicting it will be Will Ferrell, to go nicely with the rest of this mismatched cast.

    If this movie turns into a blockbuster I’m going to start penning the Jabberjaw movie.

  • Ed Hansen

    WB should junk this sucky storyline and do “Our Town” with Yogi as the Stage Manager. In a novel casting twist, Joe Barbera would be voiced by the late Ray Sharkey.

  • clutch

    I’m looking forward to Top Cat myself..

  • ask

    What system do they use to cast the characters?!?! Mad Libs?!!

    Dan sounds better suited for Ranger Smith.

  • I’d love to see an animated version of Citizen Kane…

    But, honestly how is it that this film is for far down the pipeline already, and the live-action Jetsons movie is still in development hell? Not that I want to see a live-action Jetsons movie.

    Justin Timberlake? Oh my God.

  • Rufus

    Interesting choices. I really hope it turns out well. Though a startling choice, maybe Justin Timberlank can do an awesome boo-boo voice- can’t tell cause I’ve never heard him so it’s unfair to discard the idea itself based on the fact that he’s a young well-known person. Afterall, Dan Ackroyd is famous too, if not moreso.

  • Chris

    What are the above images taken from?

    Cheap CG remakes should have an official genre of its own. Makes me wish that if they were going to do a remake, do it with a different medium….i mean CG is wonderful when it is good, but so un”bear”ably awful when it’s not, and I think we are all getting pretty used to awful CG remakes. Even an awful 2D or stop-motion remake might generate some excitement or be at least Netflix-queue worthy… But man, seems like another movie I’d go and see just to have something to bitch about. I hope they aren’t aiming for that audience.

  • Ricardo

    It’s like these companies just pick names out of a fish bowl to voice these characters.

  • Chris


  • Chris – Yes Chris, the image is from an old Viewmaster slide – Yogi Bear, Patron of the Arts

  • I never thought I’d hear Boo-Boo mentioned in the same sentence with Justin Timberlake! I actually just went silent the moment I read that sentence, actually. I think my jaw dropped. Not much surprises me with Hollywood these days but darn, what were they smoking to come up with that voice match? Hahahaha…oh dear.

  • Brendan Fraser

    Just to note: Brevig’s feature directing debut was actually Journey to the Center of the Earth.

  • I look forward to Joey Fatone’s future starring role in MAGILLA GORILLA: THE MOVIE.

  • Why don’t they go where John K and let him make the movie (or his own idea), he is the best qualified to do it. Would gather much more money, I don’t know why no one has done it, is the most logical if you’re an executive producer, come and invest in the most qualified person to do such a project.


  • Keith

    Beware the contents of Boo Boo’s picnic basket if he’s NOT carrying it with his hands.

  • Mesterius

    …please stop this…

    And someone please finance the making of an entire Yogi Bear CGI movie in that dandy Viewmaster style up there!

  • This sound dumber than the av-er-age casting!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Something tells me someone in Hollywood isn’t smarter than the average bear!

  • Pedro Nakama

    I thought one of the directors of “Surf’s Up” was going to be the director on this project. Is Stephen Colbert going to play Ranger Smith? Who’s doing the CGI animation?

  • I had hoped the Justin timberlake bit was just a wild rumor. it doesnt look that way. That is just weird and sad. I guess they’re gonna make boo boo “cool” in their eyes. i wish they would at least try and capture what makes the original show entertaining and make a tribute to that.

    and here’s hoping they leave top cat alone.

  • CartoonCrazy

    When do we hear who’s doing Cindy’s role? My money’s on Cameron Diaz.

  • Bill Ding

    Warner Bros. is cranking out these 3D animated features like sausages, which is what Hanna-Barbara did fifty years ago. The main difference is that the original limited animation cartoons were unpretentious, unlike these “epics” produced now.

  • Even though I’m not crazy about the voice casting for this movie, at least it draws attention to our favorite cartoon bear. I’m sure Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera would be glad that Yogi and Boo Boo are still entertaining audiences in 2009. I’m sure Dan Aykroyd will do his research (he’ll probably watch 100 hours of YB cartoons) and do a great Yogi. (I didn’t like Yogi’s or Boo Boo’s voices on the John K. versions anyway.)

    I just wish that the producers would include some of the great background music from the original series–even a snippet.