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Louis Clichy Is Directing An “Asterix” Feature

The image above is the first still from Asterix Et Le Domaine Des Dieux, a new CG feature currently being produced in France. Notably, the director is Louis Clichy, who created shorts like A quoi ça sert l’amour? before animating at Pixar on WALL·E and Up. The production studio, VFX/post house Mikros Image, announced earlier this month that they’ve launched a new studio dedicated to feature animation, and they intend to produce a film every 18-20 months.

Here is some of Clichy’s personal work:

(via Catsuka, h/t Jonezee99)

  • This is the only 3D film which I expect.
    Asterix always has a problems with movies /except the first one/.
    I hope that these problems will not happen again.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      You mean the first animated feature (Asterix The Gaul)? Just asking as I sorta dig the third animated film for it’s originality over adapting any of the books myself (The 12 Tasks of Asterix). The irony of that first film (besides the limited animation) was that it was a much closer adaptation of the first story and doesn’t deviate as much as was the case later down the line when the films got away from being simple adaptations to try broadening the action or characters more.

      • Tak

        Louis Clichy is great, whish he was directing his own feature, but hey… this is still good news.

      • I meant on Astérix le Gaulois from 1967, but i I forgot that Astérix et Cléopâtre from 1968 is also great.

  • Aymanut

    Cool! I always loved these comics, Tintin as well.

  • I <3 Asterix. This made my day :D

  • Love his personal work! Thanks for sharing!

  • wever

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  • Consider me hooked! I’ve always liked the animated movies. My all-time favorite will ALWAYS be Asterix in Britain, but this might change things.

    Anyway, Obelix is drinking the magic potion? WHAT???

    • dbenson

      According to Wikipedia, Getafix allowed him a few drops to deal with a pyramid in “Asterix and Cleopatra.” Elsewhere Obelix is constantly trying to get a sip, and failing. I’d guess this would be one of those fails.

      Anyway, just a little peeved none of the Asterix films, animated or otherwise, is available here on DVD. On the bright side, they’re reprinting the original books in omnibus editions (3 per volume, costing about what the old singles cost). If this new film is successful (or is expected to be), it may have the effect of making the old ones marketable again.

      • In ‘Asterix and Obelix all at Sea’ he drank magic potion with tragic consequences

  • James

    Looking good. Asterix is definitely a natural property in adapting to CGI–especially for a fledgeling animation company.

    I suspect the likelihood of the film being localized to North America is a small one.

  • I’m a huge fan of his personal work. I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched A quoi ça sert l’amour?.

  • The French made live-action films aren’t very good despite relatively lavish budgets & production values for Euro productions. The latest- Asterix and the Queen of Britain looks pretty flat-Catherine Deneuve as the Queen?!

    This CG version looks very promising stylistically although that ‘first still’ isn’t a great angle on Obelix-there are better views on Catsuka

  • Catsuka reported that this picture is from a test made some time ago, it’s still not the real thing.

    “A quoi ça sert l’amour?” certainly became some sort of a classic now. It’s always popping up somewhere, and it’s a good thing. As for animated Asterix… Always liked The 12 Tasks of Asterix!

    • jerome

      And the test was done by MacGuff who became Illumination McGuff and now works exclusively for Illumination entertainment (Despicable Me, The Lorax…) so they couldn’t be involved in the Asterix film anymore.

  • eeteed

    “…and they intend to produce a film every 18-20 months…”

    it’s nice to know that i won’t be encountering any potholes on my trip down the road to hell.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Which Asterix book is this an adaptation of or is it an original story? I would love to see cg versions of Asterix in Spain and Asterix & the Magic Carpet.

    • It’s adapted from Asterix and the Mansions of the Gods – although I wouldn’t be surprised if parts of another book are also included in the story, as with a couple of the earlier Asterix films.

  • This is really excellent news for the European
    animation community!

    I recently supervised a CG feature in Europe,
    and I have always been impressed by the many talented
    and enthusiastic animation artists cultivated there.

    Best of luck to Mikros Image – your Asterix project
    seems exciting and has a lot of potential.
    I very much wish I could work on it!

  • TheDirtyVicar

    Certainly an improvement over Gerard Depardieu, isn’t it? Hopefully this one will open in theatres in America.

  • Rufus

    Oh please do a good job. I grew up on Asterix, both comics and feature animated films (some of which were straightup magnificent). Hope this lives up to the classics.

  • That ASTERIX film is looking very promising! The characters are true to form, and look great! See, why couldn’t they do Tintin like this? He doesn’t lend himself to Uncanny Valley.

    While our worst fears befell MARSUPILAMI, I want a good CG SPIROU & FANTASIO film (in the same quality as the ASTERIX film)! :)

  • Mark Sonntag

    Cool, let’s hope the satirical humor can be translated into film. Still waiting for that kind of adaptation, looks promising.