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“Marvin The Martian” “Hong Kong Phooey” Live/CG Footage Leaked [UPDATED]

You hated Yogi Bear, you despised Underdog, You wonder what-the-hell they’ll do to Hong Hong Phooey. Well, wonder no more.

We reported over a year ago about an in-development Hong Kong Phooey live action movie (with a voice by Eddie Murphy) to be directed by Alex Zamm (Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2) with producer Bob Engelman (Foodfight, The Mask) for Alcon Entertainment. Apparently Zamm has posted test footage from the proposed film (his voice sounds like a Murphy imitator) online – and we’ve found the link.

Additionally, Zamm posted footage from a more-promising, but shelved, Marvin the Martian hybrid movie (we posted about it in 2008). Click here to see that footage. At least the animation on Marvin is a bit more “cartoony” than most of the hybrids produced these days.

Quick! Check these out before they remove them from the internet… and let us know what you think.

(UPDATE): New video link:

(Thanks, Chris Leonido)

  • Fan-riffic!

    • Marvin the Martian, I mean. HKP looks . . . eh.

  • Dutchie

    Hong Kong Phooey eating urine-soaked mint. Bravo! Looking forward to this now

    • I actually had to skip the rest of the
      Phooey clip because I became so disgusted. Why do our children need to watch this garbage again?

  • wever

    Marvin looks okay. Phooey looks………. appropriately named.

  • Glen

    The hackery astonishes. In particular, the writing and directing are beyond amateurish. And the alleged “design” and “animation” are appalling.

    • Not a fan of the voice actor for Marvin either. And the kid comes off as a brat.

      • Hulk

        Who did the voice? Is it Eric Bauza who does it on the Looney Tunes show? It doesn’t sound like him.

  • Marvin looks great. Love how they animated his feet.

  • wever

    I just wish they’d find a slightly better voice for Marvin. THe “fricken fracken” line was pathetic.

    ….wait…. they’re directed BY THE SAME PERSON?!?!!

    • AM

      Fricken fracken sounds more like a Yosemite Sam line than a Marvin one.

  • Michel Van

    Ok, first Sony hit us with “Smurfs 2” – now strike WB back with “Hong Kong Phooey”
    I look at the 2 minute test video, so Uncanny Valley, that’s it HURTS like Hell!
    I guarantee that “Hong Kong Phooey” become worst box office bomb for Eddie Murphy and WB
    since “Pluto Nash”.

    On the Other hand the Marvin the Martian video rocks! That I want to see next Christmas in 3D.

    • James

      Doesn’t help that Marvin the Martian actually reminds me a bit of the movie “Jack Frost” in this clip.

      • Sarah J

        Are you talking about the Jack Frost with the killer snowman or the Jack Frost where a guy dies and comes back to life as a creepy snowman?

  • Crystal

    The first one was alright until it got to the toilet part. Dog looks pretty much exactly the same as Scooby Doo 10 years ago. Isn’t “Metro City” also the name in Megamind?

    I think the problem with the 2nd one is it looks like it’s going for a Human Focused Adaptation (look it up on TV Tropes). The kid’s kind of a brat, so I could see that annoying people. Who’s voicing Marvin? Sounds like an actual VA rather than a celebrity.

    I don’t really get annoyed/outraged like some of you do over the existence of these, just when they do better than the things I want more of (like Winnie the Pooh or Paranorman). If the latter movie sucks, people will still remember Marvin for what he really is, so I don’t think too many fans here should get all worked up (I keep worrying if they make a bad CGI Bone movie, then people will remember Fone Bone for that/it’ll never get an awesome 2D adaptation).

    And this is probably just me being a nerd, but do kids still want X-Boxes for Christmas?

    • AM

      Metro City was also used in Fantomcat and Inspector Gadget.

      • Metro City was also used in the video game Final Fight

    • Crystal

      Actually, now that I think about it . . . Hong Kong Phooey’s a janitor. Shouldn’t he be well familiar with toilets?

  • Dave Smith

    Pretty much perfect!
    Can’t wait!
    I do want more Trollkins and this is sincere!
    Keep up the great work Hollywood!

    Why can’t I direct one!?!

    I want Jabber Jaw!
    Voiced by Kevin James!

    • Steve C.

      And Snooper and Blabber with Dan Ackroyd in costume as Snooper and Justin Timerlake as Blab-no, Justin BIEBER as Blabber…(sarcasm)

      • Andrew Kieswetter

        Or Inch High Private Eye,or even Clue Club.

        • Geoff

          C’mon Hollywood! We, The Public demand The Wuzzles, with real actors in (Mike Myers-esque Cat In The Hat) make-up.

          Chris Rock as Rhinokey
          John Goodman as Bumblelion
          Angelina Jolie as Butterbear
          Melissa McCarthy as Hoppopotamus
          Kevin James as Eleroo
          And Frankie Muniz in his return to the screen as Moosel

          Also, please, Nothing but poop jokes too!

  • Manu R

    It’s obvious we’re not the target audience but I don’t mind them. I actually quite liked Marvin. I like the fact he has been kept miles away from the uncanny valley.

    • Eman

      The target audience seems to be brain dead “comedy” neophytes. Or very very young children, who honestly deserve better.

  • armando

    the first one has “Foodfight” written all over it

  • James

    Marvin looks promising, but my God does “Hong Kong Phooey” looks terrible. It doesn’t help that the toilet joke, while already terrible, must have been used a thousand times already to the point that I can’t remember if it was ever funny to begin with. It certainly doesn’t help making his a realistic-looking mutant dog. Are they trying to make Hong Kong Phooey the next TMNT?

  • Skip

    If these were film school projects I would have been impressed. In my opinion the most important, and for that matter the most challenging parts of any project are coming up with great ideas. For example, ideas such as creating and designing characters and telling stories that the audiences can connect with. When a studio uses these characters to tell compelling stories, a certain magic happens. The studio gets paid, the audience is entertained, and possibly even inspired to create things themselves.
    On the other side of a coin, there is a tendency for studios to say. Hey, we already have characters that people connect with. Lets not waste time and money coming up with something new, instead lets throw something together using these characters that we already have. After all it doesn’t have to be good, it just has to make money. I could be wrong, but that’s what it feels like Warner Brothers is doing here.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      That’s the pain I feel coming into this. I wanted to like these surely (I think the look they got for Hong Kong Phooey is pretty close to how I would want it), but the writing kinda brings it down with the level they feel audiences would go for. There is potential here but it seems squandered if best.

  • Alê Camargo

    The Phooey one was OK, I guess (as these things go) until the toilet ‘jokes’ . After that it more than deserves to be in development hell.

  • JP

    I’m trying to recollect how many Looney Tunes or HB shorts used crotch humor in their heyday.

    Sad to see both of these clips sinking that low.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s sad, really.

  • movieritic

    so long as characters get hit in the balls in the trailer, thats all that matters. but wheres the fart jokes? WE DEMAND THE FART JOKES! NO FART JOKE, NO PEACE!

  • The Marvin one actually looks pretty good! As for the Hong Kong Phooey one… erm, yeah… no thanks.

  • The Hong Kong Phooey clip is okay, especially if one takes off their nostalgic glasses and remember the original series was NOT a hallmark in great animation in the first place with a rather silly premise from the get-go.

    • Satorical

      Right, exactly–silly. This is hipped-up dorkiness. Not the same thing. Even though this version is an oaf, he’s still got “attitude” in the animation sense. And the character design is distractingly ugly. They’ve spent so much money–couldn’t they hire a writer?

  • Karanga

    They should’ve made the cat animated as well, those human facial expressions in the real cat are borderline creepy.

    • Glen

      The Uncanny Litterbox.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        See why people can’t handle it? Why is it we escaped into hand-drawn animation in the first place!

      • Geoff

        I’m now going to start using that phrase.

  • Tredlow

    Hong Kong Phooey looked awful. I mean, couldn’t they just make it fully animated, like a Dreamworks/Pixar film?

    The Marvin the Martian one looked a little better, but the kid was annoying.

  • The original HONG KONG FOOEY cartoon was total crap, so this totally crappy adaptation is fitting. The dog animation was okay and the simulated cloth robe was competently done. The cat sidekick face was not so technically smoove.

    The MARVIN adaptation just regurgitates the sound and appearance of vintage Marvin gags without any understanding of, or appreciation for, the source material and cartoons in general. And anything with kids in it is awful.

  • AM

    I must be the only one who recognises ‘Yule Be Sorry’ as a Victor & Hugo episode. That said, the Marvin one was easier for me to swallow even though he had those CGI eyes and I wanted him to blast the kid.

  • Mike K

    Overall, I think both of these tests look pretty well done. I’ll always prefer my Looney Tunes characters in traditional 2D animation but the Marvin the Martian test was handled quite well. I think Hong Kong Phooey certainly has some promise so I’m actually far more interested now then I was before.

  • Rezz

    well that’s enough internet for today. I think I can only take so much cringing in one sitting.

  • Marvin one looks like it could be unoffensive but it doesn’t look especially well directed or funny and the kid doesn’t look like the best actor ever. It could go either way but I think I prefer if it stays shelved. While Marvin doesn’t look THAT bad in CGI, the potential success of the movie could bring us a CGI Bugs Bunny in human world, and that would really suck.

    Hong Kong Phooey is disgusting and awful. Yes, the cartoon wasn’t a masterpiece but the premise wasn’t so bad, they could actually improve it instead of recurring to that ‘mint’ joke. The rest looks as if Michaelangelo from TMNT had reincarnated on a dog.

  • Both of those clips had testicle jokes. Allow me to reiterate.


    Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can say that the Hong Kong Phooey clip was mediocre (Eddie Murphy is NO Scatman Crothers) and the Marvin the Martian clip was…halfway decent? I found myself dreading it less, that’s for sure. But hey, since these projects are shelved, I guess we don’t have to worry about them seeing the light of day! Right?


    • Chris Sobieniak

      We hope.

      In the case of HKP, I would’ve accepted a hit elsewhere on the body, hell getting wacked in the face or head with one of those would be comic gold but I guess some would see that as “violence” anyway.

  • RE: Hong Kong Phoney – Well at least they kept the bathroom humor actually in the bathroom. The bad jokes mixed with a pacing was painfully flat.

  • The original WB stuff had some novel, cleaver elements to the writing and design. It was made to work with adults. This stuff is made to work in a boardroom with a committee. Maybe it couldn’t be helped. Everybody has to make some kind of living.

  • The Marvin the Martian clip looks a little painful as well. There are a lot of fun possibilities with the premise, but what they showed does not fill me with much confidence they could pull off anything to original. What always made Marvin the Martian funny was his back and forth with Bugs and or Daffy. The little kid, does not seem to carry the type of personality that would lend itself to generating those comedic moments.

    • SJ

      > fun possibilities
      For example, they could have teased with him being revealed by the Mars Rover. But that would be opposite of what we’ll probably get – a lame story where he somehow helps the brat kid get a girlfriend.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I was already getting the impression from the preview alone. That movie certainly was going in that direction.

  • Some things are just not made to be “adapted” into anything else than their original cartoon form. They just don’t translate well, no matter how much money you throw into it. I think these are a perfect example along with, yes, Yogi Bear and Undergdog but also Garfield, The Chipmunks, The Smurfs, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Scooby Doo, Fat Albert, The Flintstones, Etc,…. When will Hollywood ever learn?? Playing it safe is sometimes far riskier than being original.

    • Mel

      In theory originality is preferable but not with this creative team. It doesn’t matter how many millions get spent when it’s a urinal cookie onscreen. If the WB development geniuses thought this take was funny, (and they did or it would’ve never have made it to this point) every last one of them should go back to bagging groceries.

  • Taco Wiz

    I really liked the Marvin the Martian clip, and I bet it was canned for the same reasons I like it. Warner probably wants something more along the lines of “The Looney Tunes Show”: safe, dependable, and bland.

    Now the Hong Kong Phooey clip, that’s so boring that it’s sure to be a success.

  • Cheap Garbage! atleast the idea of marvin ruining Christmas could be cool, but i just guess that they make Marvin a good guy in the end, and some more sentimental shit.

  • Sarah

    I’m surprisingly impressed with the Marvin one. I love how they animated him. Though the kid acted like a brat.

    Hong Kong Phooey, on the other hand, should never be made.

  • Jeff

    I like Marvin The Martian one, even though it was a screen test, I overheard they are going to make a Bugs Bunny Movie, and I guess that wouldn’t be so bad. It looks like they kept the WB Looney Tunes formula. I wasn’t sold until Marvin started pacing around. If they stick to little quips like that, they should have some good stuff they can present to audiences. Make it CGI, don’t change their personality though..

  • Meh on both. Marvin was better, but still full of the same old lines and gags we’ve seen over and over. Hong Kong Phooey… it just reeks of dog doo. And no Scatman Cruthers, either. Just doesn’t fit.

  • Really, really sad.

  • I’ll go ahead and say it, I hope neither of these films see the light of day. Both were awful premises as far as a film goes and the animation was sub par to say the least. Also , never have been a fan of Marvin, same played out running joke that he wants to destroy Earth yet never can, why would you want to see a movie about that?

  • Keegan

    oh man, dick jokes in both! such amazing writing.

  • Glowworm

    Hong Kong Phooey actually looked okay (if you like the idea of rubbery looking dogs in bathrobes and ninja turtle masks)–until he accidently hit himself in the balls.

    Then I saw him drinking out of the toilet–ha ha ha, because he’s a dog and dogs love drinking out of toilets. Well–that wasn’t so bad. Then he started drinking out of the urinal–half of me was cringing and half of me was laughing at how wrong it was to watch Hong Kong Phooey rinse his mouth out from a urinal. Finally he mistakes a urinal cake for a mint. I’m a woman and I actually understood that “joke.” I couldn’t help laughing at the entire scene because, it was absolutely ridiculous. I seriously hope this project gets shelfed. The last thing I want to see is that in a movie trailer while in a theater. Also–was that cat supposed to be “Spot?”

    As for Marvin–well at least he actually sounded like him, and looked like him. I don’t like the idea of him “bonding” with a kid though–especially since this one looked like the usual “smart aleck” kind.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Marvin looks great,HKP looks okay. Still, I wonder what the Cattanooga Cats and the Hair Bear Bunch would look like in CG.

    • John A

      That’s what I want to know– Where’s my MotorMouse and AutoCat feature? Boy Howdy!

  • Its pretty much safe to say that the Marvin trailer looked better than Hong Kong Pooey, quality wise of course. Marvin looks like himself without being realistic to the point of being uncanny (I’m looking at you Scooby and Alvin). Its pretty much safe to say judging by the demo test footage of Marvin, its pretty clear that Warner Bros wanted to avoid turning their own characters into freakazoids. Smart move for once WB, at least you dodged the bullet from making us animation fans puke our guts out with turning classic cartoon characters into realistic nightmares. The only criticism I can say about the trailer was the kid. It looks like they were going to follow the routes of previous hybrids that focused on a character that was out of his luck. And the animated character has to help him out while taking the backseat while the human character takes the film’s space. For those who are wondering why Marvin is spot on with his voice, its done by his voice actor Eric Bauza.

    Since this is just a test footage, they would have very likely ditched Eric for a celebrity to voice Marvin if they greenlighted the film. If they even went ahead with the movie and couldn’t find anyone who SOUNDED like Marvin. They might have gotten back Eric to voice him. I just hope that the upcoming Looney Tunes movie will have the same animation Marvin was in over being realistic and uncanny.

    The Hong Kong Hooey trailer just looked like something that was the leftover nobody wanted, it goes bad, and ends up in the trashcan. I know a black actor voiced Hong Kong, although I’m curious. Were there other black actors who auditioned for the role before WB decided to randomly give it to Eddie Murphy? He doesn’t even sound like Crothers(I know Scatman Crothers has been gone for a long time, but could they at least picked a black actor who ALMOST sounded like Crothers?). Eddie Murphy leaves a bad taste in my mouth since they just picked him because the kids know him as a jackass and a hothead (if you don’t get the joke, your not watching enough cartoons). Also, I saw the toilet humor coming a mile away since we have a dog as the main character. The soap mint gag was pretty much dull, and even I know dull when I see it. I’m glad the Hong Kong Hooey film was canned, Marvin I have been mixed about. If Marvin’s script had something good maybe it would have been a good film. Who knows, as I said before, I just hope that the upcoming Looney Tunes movie has the animated characters like how Marvin was animated here(looking like himself but not realistic to the point of being a gimmick of Alvin and the chipmunks).

  • Bugs Bunny

    jake short being with marvin made me throw up.someone just needs to make a REAL looney tunes cartoon they dont need to change them thier just making these horrible cartoons for the kids when the original cartoons wernt even made for kids. Why is hong kong phooey eating urinal cakes?

  • Kuma Chan

    I’m not going to repeat the other commentors about the Balls/Toilet jokes unoriginality/cringe fest…..

    BUT isn’t “Spot” supposed to be STRIPED, I mean that’s the joke, right ?

    I dread to think what the obviously human Sarge + Rosemary are like too [I actually quite liked the CGi Yogi Bear movie, but the human charas really killed it]

    Also yeah the HKP body pretty much looks like they reused the CGi Scooby doo just tweaked [Although yeah it could just be test footage]

  • Harry McCracken

    Isn’t it true that anyone who wishes to revive a drawn character in CGI has already demonstrated an utter lack of taste?

  • I want to punch both in the face.

  • Richard

    Not one singe original idea in either of these clips. These are just dung.

  • Wow. Maybe I don’t want guns to be banned just so I can shoot myself after what they’re doing to Marvin. And hasn’t Eddie Murphy voiced enough characters? Ugh. I can’t take anymore Eddie Murphy or CGI. Go back to traditional animation. This is not a world I want to live in.

  • Eman

    Literal toilet humor and ball groping.



  • Marvin … the look was OK, but Oh the writing! Let’s try and see what they missed to do.

    Marvin was and is a really 1-dimensional character, even in CGI. Limited range of expressions, no selfconsciousness, no doubts. The humour must come from the confrontation with the outside – like Bugs, who’s Marvin’s total opposite. He reminds me of Mr Magoo, who always was in his own world as well and didn’t get himself confused by reality. This should work with Marvin as well, like “the torturing device” = the gift box.

    Marvin is small but well-armed, so he needs some contrast. The kid doesn’t do. Either have a baby – totally innocent and taking Marvin as a talking doll – or any adult – bigger, never believing the “martian” part, and wondering why they’re talking to a doll anyway. I can see some potential here.

    But still there’s the problem of making this work over 90 minutes. Any ideas?

    • You are actually right.

      I guess they picked the brat kid, cause he could convince Marvin to help him with the school bullies or make practical jokes, but it’s uncertain that Marvin would accept to do what the kid wants anyway.

      Being a Christmas story the development is most probably intended to be something about Marvin discovering that he likes earthlings and doesn’t want to kill them…which is kind of the end for Marvin as a character, unless he starts invading other planets or something. And it would probably be The Grinch all over again.

      I’d accept Marvin respecting the Christmas spirit but delaying the invasion for another date. In fact something like him actually finding human beings more despicable or lost than what he actually expected and feeling compassion because their/our world is already bad enough as it is could be more adequate for Looney Tunes.

      But I’d rather see him interacting with different humans rather than being the tool of this kid during the whole thing. Like you say a more innocent and little kid (or girl) would had a more humorous effect and it could give it a touch of the Chuck Jones type of humor. But a grown up kid like this gives the feeling of a , well, kid movie without being too humorous. And I think Looney Tunes shouldn’t be aimed directly at kids. Of course they should be apt for kids, but not designed especially for them, with a child protagonist just so they have somebody to identify with, and not because he’s the most adequate or funny choice.

  • Nothing like watching your cherished childhood icons eating a bar covered in piss.

  • Manny

    Warner Bros, just leave valuable goods to DHX already.

    • Manny

      …and I would put Jamie Foxx or Flava Flav to do HKP instead.

  • d.harry

    I can only imagine that is an Eddie Murphy sound alike or his brother Charlie, used for the test in order to entice Eddie to join the production. Anyone know?

  • bombshell

    Not much that hasn’t already been said… That was a stretch for the “earth shattering kaboom” line. It’s a RAY GUN not a frigging detonator.

  • Jow

    *watches Marvin the Martian*

    Now THAT’S a Looney Tunes Movie done right! The Hong Kong Phooey clip must rock too!

    *watches Hong Kong Phooey; pukes*

  • Raven M.

    Ugh. Horrible. No. Both of them are terrible. Are these tests or actual finished pieces from the films?

  • “leaked”
    A Marvin the Martian movie would appropriately have to be like Oh Lucky Man, or Being There. Marvin turns up with the intention of conquering the Earth, does everything wrong, personally fails in every regard, but conquers the Earth into total submission anyway thanks to the obliging circumstance of his surroundings. But no one will ever make that movie and I don’t see where there’s room for a kid in that scenario.

  • AaronSch

    I’m surprised we haven’t seen an updated version of “Magilla Gorilla” with Danny Devito as Mr. Peebles, Lindsey Lohan as Ogee and porn legend Ron Jeremy voicing Magilla …leave it to Hollywood to make our nightmares come true.

    • have your people call my people

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      I’d like a Secret Squirrel movie myself.

  • Shazbot

    I don’t like the idea of Marvin trying to shoot the little boy.

    Maybe the little boy could say something like, “You’re going to shoot a little kid?” (Actually, let’s get rid of the word “shoot” altogether). “You’re going to zap a little kid?” And Marvin could say, “Oh! You mean you’re the pre-adult diminutive larval form of Earthling?” And the kid says, “Um, yeah.” And Marvin could say, “Oh! Well, then…of course, we Martians NEVER zap those.” And the kid says, “Whew!” And Marvin says, “You’re too useful as SLAVES!” And the kid says, “‘Slaves’?” And Marvin says, “So if you do exactly as I tell you, like a good little slave, then I won’t zap you.”

    And that’s the central relationship of the movie. Marvin assumes the kid’s his slave. And the kid more or less does as he says because 1. He doesn’t want to get zapped and 2. It’s a real Martian with a real zap gun! How cool is that?

    As for Hong Kong Phooey…yeah, the bathroom jokes have gotta go. And the animation on the cat’s mouth is awful. But otherwise…come on, the original cartoon was crap. The CGI treatment of the dog was actually a huge step up. He was actually kind of cool-looking. If the bathroom jokes are edited out, I just might go see that movie.

    • I like your proposed dialogue for Marvin and I agree that the look of the Hong Kong Phooey movie could be ok if well written…but the bathroom humor is there as an indicative of the level of writing they were aiming for…And even if the cartoon wasn’t that great I actually kind of liked the original design more but I would find this acceptable if there were a good script. The cartoon wasn’t good because of the poor animation and meh stories, but the characters were ok and likeable. Like others have said just because he’s a dog he doesn’t need to be drinking from a toilet. If they do a movie about another antropomorphic dog like, say, Goofy, they are going to show him drinking from a toilet too? I could see Odie from Garfield doing something like that, but not this particular character.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        The conceit is that HKP was being more a human character than an animal the way he was portrayed in those cartoons. The movie makes it seem like he just simply decided to act like a crime fighter but is still very unattached to the human world around him and has to be clued in.

  • Well, I own a retail store that deals solely in animation and I would not carry either of those films. The animation aspect is only used as a special effect and these honestly look awful. That said, I wouldn’t begrudge them to release these films. In fact, I would stock up on old school Marvin The Martian and Hong Kong Phooey art, cels, plush toys, et cetra in anticipation of it. The only good thing I can attribute to films like this is that they tend to increase interest in original material amongst “cynical” adults who want to introduce their children to the “real” versions of these characters. The CGI for Marvin is interesting and I would like to see that CGI model used in -say- commercials. Although they should take a few cues from Hotel Transylvania in how they animate Marvin.

    As for Hong Kong Phooey? I would love to see him look more like a cartoon character. Why not? I mean, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and even Cool World to an extent… work. They could always just make him a cartoon character. No need for hyper realism. Instead, they could cel shade him… Hmm….. well. I’m not buying a ticket. But I am looking forward to moving “real” Hong Kong Phooey to adults with their cynical nostalgia glasses firmly in place.

  • I was wondering how they where going to deal with Hong Kong Phoey being basically being a person in his world. So I guess he’s just a dog in this. I guess that’s…the one way they always do it. I guess having a CG dog as a janitor would be stupid, but you know what’s proven to be stupid? Funny animal characters in hybrid CG movies. Has this ever been good? No. Sadly stupid pays.

    As for Marvin’s movie, it quickly jammed all the characters catchphrases into a really short period of time. If they’d gone on to do the film, we’d get to make a Supercut of him just saying “very, very angry” 20 times.

  • John

    I was expecting an actual canine but maybe he starts out as one and turns into that CGI monstrosity later. It would explain his general lack of knowledge of what a toilet actually is although that begs the question on how the cat knows.

    As for the Marvin one, getting hit in the balls is a low enough joke to begin with but do we really need one involving a kid squeezing them? Who the hell wrote that?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      You’d think the ‘battery compartment’ would be on his back rather than down there!

  • Hulk

    The kid summed it up nicely : “Time Warner is really slipping”.

    I wonder if that was the writer sneaking his actual opinion in to the piece, and no one caught it.. Like the old legend of Daffy Duck’s lisp being modeled after Leon Schlesinger.

  • Sarah J

    The HKP one makes me want to drive a stake through my head. The Marvin one looks like more of the “lame but harmless” variety, something that’s bad but still possible to sit through without yelling at the screen. What annoys me most about the Marvin trailer is that it looks to be shaping up to be one of those adaptations that focuses on the new human characters dealing with the older character coming into their world, or whatever. You know, what TV Tropes calls a “Human Focused Adaptation”.

  • Jeff

    If Marvin had vaporized the kid or turned him into a flaming skeleton, I would have liked it. Otherwise, there is no reason for that annoying, fourth wall breaking kid to be there.

    • That was my first reaction as well, especially considering the Xmas theme sounds too schmaltzy for a Looney Tunes adaptation, and the kid being written as an unlikeable brat and not a especially great actor adds to that feeling.

      I also hate politically correct stuff and I think Looney Tunes should have their dose of violence.

      However, in all seriousness, I have to say Shazbot is right and nailed it with the new dialogue. Even though Marvin was the ‘bad guy’ in Daffy’s/Bug’s cartoons the idea of him wanting to shoot the kid is probably too much even for the original cartoons, which I never thought there were intended primarily for kids. Sure, Marvin would make Earth explode from the distance and wouldn’t give a cr**p about any earthling, adult or child, but having him shooting directly to a kid is perhaps a little too much and something I don’t think Chuck Jones would show.

      Even Daffy in Nasty Quacks couldn’t kill the baby duck with the axe or Elmer cried when he tought he had killed Bugs Bunny in What’s Opera Doc? I guess Wile E. Coyote would be the only one who will celebrate if he killed Roadrunner but that’s not going to happen.

      Especially for a movie with Marvin being the main and only protagonist I think showing that he has the decency of respecting the life of an enemy when he’s too young to defend himself would probably be a nice touch to make the cartoon character more likeable.

  • TJR

    Hong Kong Phooey clip is such an epic fail and not just because of the toilet humor, but because the film makers actually thought that having him describe his fight would be more interesting than showing us the actual fight.

    if instead they showed us a cool fight scene that combined badass martial arts with physical slapstick comedy (and nix the toilet jokes), than who knows, we all might have wanted to see more.

    And yeah, the Marvin clip isn’t much better. Marvin the Martian is an antagonist so there has to be a really good protagonist for him to play off of. The kid character in this clip is no a protagonist.

    Films like this, think that they are going for a family audience, but I wouldn’t want to take a kid to a film where the main (kid) character is an unlikable brat.

  • DisturbedAnimator

    Well thats Dragonball, Hongkongphooey and looney-tunes – I just need an ugly CG / off character DangerMouse film and i’ll have the complete set of bad adaptions of my childhood favourites.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    I was disappointed in HKP. too, but as it said in the article, this comes from TEST footage from a DEMO reel.. Maybe things will be improved in the FINAL version.. But that’s too much to ask, isn’t it?

    Surprised that when CARS came out, we didn’t get a revival o WHEELIE AND THE CHOPPER BUNCH.. On the other hand, i wonder how a BLUE FALCON/DYNOMUTT (a ‘la AVENGERS) film would come off.

  • Jow

    I’m still waiting for “Barney Bear”.

  • I can’t see now people are saying Marvin looks better. The set-up makes no sense to me, all the jokes are straight from 1940. HKP at least looks updated – not good, but then it’s not suppose to look good to me, I’m over 10 years old.

    • Hum…He’s a Martian. He wants to invade earth and he talks with a ridiculously gentle and sophisticated language. What part needs an update? The whole characters and gags are pretty timeless.

      The kid uses the internet, that’s the ‘update’, and not the most interesting or necessary part of the whole sketch.

      If you mean they didn’t add any new gag or catchphrase to Marvin’s speech I’d agree with it, but that’s pretty much to be expected in an adaptation of an existing character.

      • I’m talking about Marvin getting trapped in a toy package, having a kid as his ‘buddy’. Him going through all his usual shtick: kicking his legs, trouble shooting his gun- all without good motivation.

        Marvin’s movie looks like a bad sitcom, where HKP actually looks like a HKP movie (in the typical crappy cgi/live action way).

        • Yeah, I agree Marvin’s one looks more like a sitcom but mostly because of the poor acting of the kid. Still I found it slightly better just because I enjoy Marvin more and he acted more in character and had his actual voice. Like some other comments had said, I think Marvin’s one would be decent for some kind of tv commercial. Marvin in CGI doesn’t look too realistic or weird and it’s ‘surprising’ to see him like this for a short amount of time (for a whole movie I would enjoy traditional animation much more, the ‘novelty’ of seeing him in CGI only goes so far).

          HKP may look more like a movie but the jokes are so disgusting that I would feel embarrased if I watched the trailer in the cinema.

  • Marvin O

    Here’s an idea: WB should re-record Hong Kong Phooey’s vocal tracks propping up a mike to the dead Scatman, which would allow their promoting it as having recorded THE ORIGINAL VOICE ACTOR. It would not matter that the character doesn’t speak as long as they amp up the visual toilet jokes to the max, which you can tell they’re itching to do anyway. If there’s any screen time left, they might think about making it an actual story point as to why their protagonist is mute, but that would be asking way too much from this brain trust.

  • Jim Engel

    FINALLY! Marvin with IRISES!!!The long wait is over. So much better. So REAL, now. So “CG”.

  • John A

    I think just about everyone here has agreed that Marvin doesn’t have much to sustain a 90 minute feature. So why not just make a CG Duck Dodgers feature? They’ve already adapted Dodgers for a series, and the space sequence
    was the second best part of the entire LT: Back in Action feature, It seems like THIS would be the best way to utilize this character.

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      How about a Yogi’s Galaxy Goof-Ups feature? (Be afraid,be VERY afraid!)

  • If possible, maybe they could just get audio clips from the original series and just enhance the audio or whatever the correct term is and use that in the movie

    • I meant the Hong Kong Phooey one. Marvin’s voice is ok for me. Anyways, these are just test footage so let’s wait ’til we see the final product.

  • Hong Kong Phooey…. uhmmm…. :/

  • JimBob

    I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who noticed that they stole the Home Alone theme for the Marvin the Martian test.

  • Rufus

    Hey, WB, this is PATHETIC AS HELL!

  • J Ezra

    Here’s a link to the movie which hasn’t been taken down yet:

    Honestly, pretty bad, not worth watching!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Never mind a HKP movie,how about a CB Bears or Goober & the Ghost Chasers feature WB?

  • lawl

    Ugh. I loved Hong Kong Phooey as a kid. The show didn’t stoop down to toliet humor just because he was a dog and it was still funny. WHAT A SHOCK!

  • AC

    Marvin one was clever.

    Hong Kong Phooey I tried I REALLY did but I just had to skip ahead. Ha.

  • Essanay Paul

    Marvin appears to be a Toy Story rip-off, which may be why it was shelved.
    Honk Kong Phooey is just a bunch of Phooey, nothing like the original!

  • Guest

    I agree with all of you guys. Maybe Hong Kong Phooey was not the right choice. I was considering Clue Club, Jabberjaw and Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch as the Live-Action remakes of those movies. Maybe Wheelie and Rota Ree would be a perfect couple in the 3rd remake and maybe Biff and Bubbles could be the perfect couple in the 2nd movie remake as mentioned. I like my Hanna-Barbera Cartoons.

  • Matthew Coury

    Ha! Marvin the Martian is my favorite cartoon character! That is an awesome CGI job…I can’t belive they shelved it!