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Meet India’s Answer to Brave Called “Kiara the Brave”

In the 1990s, you’d have to wait for months after a Disney film’s theatrical release before GoodTimes Entertainment would release their cheap knockoff version. Today, the imitations precede the features that inspired them. Coming to iTunes and Amazon streaming on June 19, Kiara the Brave is produced by the Indian studio Shemaroo Entertainment and distributed by Phase 4 Films. The synopsis is so stupid that it’s not even worth reprinting. Just enjoy the trailer:

  • Satorical

    (Beavis voice): “This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.”

    • pikachumaster

      thats buttheads saying, thank you very much!

  • sasha

    hahaha oh boy, i don’t get why they would release it so early. isn’t the point of these to trick people into accidentally renting it? not that many people are going to think “wow! pixar has made a straight to DVD movie? gota check this out!”

    • ShouldBeWorkin’

      You’d be surprised. The general public are not animation fans (Let alone live action movies; they only know the big box office blockbusters) and among them people are people who vaguely know Pixar was doing a film about a red headed princess and think this is it.

    • BOB

      Dude, Don’t get this movie from Redbox. It sucks. I was tricked by this. Bob is not the smartest and now is even dumber for renting this ripoff of a movie. OMG, it sucks so bad. Absolutely horrible. The worst part is, it took me like 20 minutes to realize I got ripped off. It really hurt my feelings. I’m so sad now. Stupid movie make my feelings hurt.

  • James

    This helps support the notion that these knock-offs are cranked out in mere months (or less) after the idea to bank on the original is conceived.

    I wonder if this will be even worse since they don’t have all the scenes from the original available yet to rip off of. From the trailer, it looks like the plot and script of a bad NES video game.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s a shame it has come to this nowadays.

  • jLo

    I wish pixar would stop copying ideas from these studios.

  • victoria

    Wow…just wow.

  • Billy Batz


  • The video uploader has disabled viewing for Norwegians for some reason. I don’t get why so many trailers do that, don’t they know they’re losing hundreds of potential buyers by doing that? Or is it some kinda copyright mumbo-jumbo that’s the reason?

    • Australians too.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        There’s always suckers born every minute out there.

    • anonymous

      Don’t worry, you are not missing anything.

    • Ikas

      Well, its blocked in India too….

  • jaktheparrot

    What!? No bear?!

  • Pebam

    Many Studios are trying to mimic the advertising and plot of a hit animated film. “Chop Kick Panda” and “Ratatoing” were both produced with low budgets and borrowed the plot from “Kung Fu Panda” and “Ratatouille,” respectively. Soon to join them in the animation hall of infamy is “Life’s a Jungle: Africa’s Most Wanted,” the story of an animal who gets separated from his owner in Africa. That makes its home-entertainment debuted on June 12, four days after DreamWorks Animation’s “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” was released in theaters. I have no idea what’s going on in this Industry..!

    • Radlad

      Nice “copy and paste” job there.

  • @ Lewie – The video uploader is disabled in Canada as well. That’s going to cost them dozens of sales. Well, a couple of sales at least.

    Why do they make movies like this? To quote P.T. Barnum: “No one ever went broke by underestimating the American public.”

  • Clutch

    Wait…they fly?

  • N W Smith

    I’m impressed that they got Jesus to play the heavy (0:10 seconds in) . . . AND dye his hair red!

  • I saw this in the “coming soon” section of a couple of weeks ago… but my reaction was kind of numb. Nowadays, I’m sort of expecting these cheap variations of mainstream titles. So I suppose now we must determine which is sadder: the fact that we’ve hit this kind of saturation point, or the fact that some of us plainly aren’t surprised by it anymore?

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Quality-wise, the weird way the soldiers move at the 0:22 mark tell me everything I want to know, and it ain’t good.

    • xevo

      Agreed. The wooden soldiers in Laurel & Hardy’s “Babes in Toyland” moved more realistically.

  • phase 4 Films…….what’s next on your list?

  • Toonio

    With so many Indy studios not putting the time to come up with original ideas. I’m guessing this is going to be the usual trend from now on.

    Now Imitation should be the sincerest form of flattery, not insult.

  • Indian Magic

    As if we didn’t have enough reason to hate the ahem… “animation industry” in India… This pushes it to whole new levels.

    Quality is crap, as usual.

    Way to go India.

    • James

      India has the potential to be an industry leader in terms of CGI animated films, but they have a real tendency to just go for both the ugly and derivative. That “Roadside Romeo” dog movie seemed to be among the most ambitious in recent years, which is sad in retrospect.

      I wouldn’t specifically blame them for direct-to-video, obvious rip-off crap such as this. They seem to crop up in most countries anyway. Wasn’t “Foodfight!” homegrown in the USA?

  • nice font

  • Trevor

    Holy balls!

  • bluenowait

    See Pixar, if you had JUST named your movie The Bear and the Bow, …. no, they would just think of another title for the mockbuster.

  • This is one of my favorite things about every time a high-quality animated film comes out – the rip-offs. They make you appreciate the quality of the originals more.

    I still want to get around to seeing Ratatoing, the movie about a rat who owns the most famous restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Maybe it’ll be better than Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. Or O-Zombie, the movie where bin Laden comes back to life as a zombie. And I did not make those two up.

  • Miles

    Holy crap, this is fantastic!

  • wever

    Old grandma’s get senile enough times for studios to profit from their mistakes and produce cheap knock-offs of movies for a quick buck. Yes. We live in these times.

  • “This crown… will be mine. This throne… will be mine.


    This must be one of those dialogue heavy cartoons.

  • dbenson

    I’m almost ready to release “Wrecky the Video Game Man”. For voices I got the guys who hang around Hollywood in character costumes.

  • I wonder how much money they make off these? Which, of course, is the whole point. Probably a decent business model.

    You know, except for the immoral, terrible-human-beings aspect of it.

    • “I wonder how much money they make off these?”

      You know, I am actually pretty curious about that now that you mention it. Does anyone know? How would we ever find out?

      • Sarah J

        From what I hear, studios like these sell the movies in deals written in such a way that the movies cannot be returned if they don’t sell. I’m doubting that much money is made, but mockbuster movies tend to be SO low quality and SO low budget that they probably don’t have to sell many copies to make a profit. Though I too am curious to know the exact numbers.

  • Peter J Casey

    Animator in studio:
    “Hey Mr. Director, I’m not really sure what to do with these shot, I just randomly moved some controls around and I only have two poses.”


    “OMG! BRILLIANT! Send me the file and will call this shot final. GOOD JOB!”


    “oh yeah….. I work here.” (Pulls out hard liquor bottle from desk drawer.)

    • Yeah… It’s pretty much like that. Though I mostly drink beer, not straight liquor.

  • not available for viewing if you’re in the uk…phooey.

  • Sarah J

    I remember seeing this on the “upcoming” sign on the Red Box and being mildly surprised that a crappy Brave knockoff was out already.

    I LOVE how the ad tries to make it sound all epic even though the visuals are terrible and stupid. XD

  • Mack the Quack

    Oh, India…>_<

    Just keep doing at what you do best:
    -Make awesome gurus like Ghandi
    -Cook delicious curry foods

    You don't have to be an animation geek to know that this…is hideous.

  • Glowworm

    So now I’m going to be really disappointed when I finally get to see “Brave” because I’m going to expect Merida to fly…

  • This video is not available in India itself…weird!

  • Rufus

    Subtle. Indians are notorious for copying things.
    Not saying this out of any kind of spite, as I have indian friends, but trust me, I work with them everyday.

    “Because Pixar’s doing this”
    Constantly making up bs excuses to replicate.

  • Face

    SON, for the last time. It’s Gandhi NOT Ghandi. Even spell check agrees.

    As long as Disney (even after being the greatest most rich animation studio) doesn’t apologies for Kimba the White Lion. Well..this is nothing if you (have a sense of justice and) compare the situation.

    Not protecting this in anyway but I hate the tone some b*^ches take over here towards an entire nation. Time and again.

  • tjr

    I keep wondering who buys/falls for these things?…..I figure it must be parents who figure their kids won’t know any better……Or maybe it’s parents who don’t know any better themselves.

    • midary

      no its parents w/ 5 yr olds who think everything is worth watching…. my kid loved it and wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over >.< supprisingly she is not interested at all in seeing brave. i think its cause she is scared of bears.

  • Jeff

    Awesome! Wait I meant, AWFUL!

  • OtherDan

    I wonder if India also siphons gas from Iran. Even my own kids-MY OWN KIDS! have been lured by their dvd covers at the “Redbox” or on the “On Demand” menu. They must make a bundle siphoning off of these big movies.

  • Dr. Ivo Robuttnik

    Doesn’t India HAVE a blossoming film industry already? Why do they need to make cheap knockoffs?

    • Sarah J

      Well, these cheap knockoffs pop up in all countries regardless of the success of the film industry there, including the US. Mockbusters are typically made by really tiny studios run by people who want cash but don’t want to put any time, money, or effort into the movies they make.

  • WACK

    I can’t even see the clip either. What country is even allowed to see this?

  • Sarah J

    I just noticed, guys… It’s already available for direct streaming on Netflix! D8 I want to watch it to see how bad it can be, but I’m scared!

  • Heidi

    We watched it last night on Netflix. My kids liked it. I thought it was awful. It is nothing like Brave is supposed to be. It’s not even about the girl. She is a minor character. Its actually about a boy who helps defeat the bad guy and saves the girl. I have a feeling they had already made the movie and then redid the cover to make it look like a Brave ripoff. It’s not. It’s just really really bad.

  • The chunky monkey

    The movie is just horrible, my 3 year old liked it. I has bad animation and a simple plot. And like they said the movie has almost nothing to do with the girl and is more of a little boy that doesn’t have friends and can fly. To rent for 1 dollar just for the kids, its ok but not to buy at full retail. It’s just not worth it.

  • Paul_P

    The animation was amateurish and the plot was ridiculous. It looked like machinima done in a game engine. This level of visual quality would have been great 20 years ago but not now. I didn’t make it to the end and I want my dollar back.

  • Mac

    Last week I was in line to return my Redbox rental,while Grandmom and her two boys(God,I HOPE it was Grandmom and not Mom)were ahead,picking out rentals. About the time I saw the “Brave” knockoff atthe bottom of the new release chart,they had it in their sites.Even from a distance,I knew this was a ripoff.In earlier times,I would have taken a few minutes to tell them that this wasn’t what they thought it was,then remembered a moment in Borders so long ago. As DVDs were coming into the mainstream,the widescreen/fit your TV choice was becoming a difficult choice for the masses.A customer wanted to make sure they weren’t getting the version with the black on the top and bottom of the screen,just the “real” version.I gave up then.I am silent now.Hey,those kids are doomed anyway,so what’s another couple of hours of stupid when it surrounds them? Besides,the guys behind me would have probably killed me if I made that transaction any longer than it already was.

  • Champ

    I don’t know how this could make money. Granted it looks like it’s part of a 90’s video game, and didn’t cost much, but seriously how would they make money. Everyone knows it’s a knockoff and i’ll bet they get there butts sued by Disney

    • Steve C.

      Most of all: BRAVE ain’t even out on video yet (and let’s not get into Lionsgate’s “THE HUNGER GAMES”, which I enjoyed along with BRAVE, since Liosgate’s film is totally different..) I saw a copy of this tonight in my local Whittier, California Target store at the old Whittwood Shopping center.Just terrible. I love Sarah J.’s description of this, Mockbusters….fits soh-oh well. I hope the cheap produced get their asses sued off. By Pixar AND Dinsey. (and same for the other P/D ripoffs, and by Paramount and Dreamworks LLC for the Panda ripoofs,etc.etc.)

  • ramya

    I watched the movie yesterday, and it is the stupidest movie evr. I am indian and american cuz i was born in the US and my parents who are indian also thought it was stupid, but some parts of the movie was funny like how they kept saying kid power it was hilarious!

  • ramya

    kid power! ( kid with the big nose starts waving his arms around!) hilarious! but still stupid!

  • What a terrible movie!  And, of course, my kids *loved* it and want to see it again. 

  • Madpauly

    My kids wanted to watch this; I made it twenty minutes, but then had to leave after experiencing my seventeenth WTH moment. It really seems to be a bizarre collection of random characters and ideas. Animated “word salad”

  • Looks more like a video game than a movie.

  • TT

    …wut? At first I thought, decent animation tho.
    Then the army started to march like chickens. People fighting and flying around. The main character appearing 1 second. Then, suddenly, everyone goes superman. WUT????