New Trailer for Blue Sky’s “Rio” New Trailer for Blue Sky’s “Rio”
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New Trailer for Blue Sky’s “Rio”

Don’t worry, the marketing team is just messing with us. The actual film won’t be composed entirely of warmed over CG cliches that make audiences want to stay miles away from the nearest theater playing Rio. (Crosses fingers.)

Higher res version on the Apple website.

  • If I never see a break-dancing CG animal again, it’ll be too soon.

  • Animatah

    Looks pretty cool! I’ll definitely check it out. The character designs have a lot of charm and I laughed. Amid, what CG cliches do you speak of?

    • amid

      Animatah – When posting supportive comments like this, it doesn’t help to use a Blue Sky IP. I know you’re passionate about the project, and you have every right to be, but for everyone’s sake, give your audience a chance to speak about the trailer that was just released.

      Blue Sky

      • Rude answer, Amid. At least. Exposing the IP address isn’t cool.

        Maybe Animatah should add some kind of disclaimer, but it doesn’t seem that he/she is telling some kind of absurdity here or being dishonest. For me (a Brazilian animator, you can tell it from my IP, but I ask you not to publish it) it does seem like an enjoyable movie. The animation, character design and backgrounds look top notch for me.

        Is it an awesome movie? I don’t know. Need to watch it first.

        Should we judge the movie only by its trailer? I humbly believe we shouldn’t.

        But this is your blog, right? You write what you think it’s best and bring more audience to it.

      • Larry

        Amid, he asked a valid question. What CG cliches do you speak of?

        Whether or not someone works at a studio, the commenter was speaking for himself (saying “I” laughed, etc.). People can work on different projects within a company. But more importantly, you checking up on their IP is a little creepy and stalkerish. It says more about you than the commenter.

        (And regarding your post below — “I AM the audience” — hate to break it to you, but you’re not even close. Art-loving animation historians are less than one percent of one percent of who will see this. Families with children are the main audience.)

      • Eric Drobile

        I would really love to hear Amid point those cliches out. Not that I don’t see some myself, but I’d hate for someone who stresses accountability so much in other peoples comments to not back their own words up with examples.

        Anyway, looks beautiful to me. I’ll give it a go because I’m not expecting a mind blowing story and want to enjoy the ride.

      • Chad Colby

        I think its a pretty shady move, you posted the IP address. When you write a comment on this site, it says your email will never be posted publicly. Maybe you should point out that your IP address will be posted, if I don’t like your comment.

      • amid

        Chad – In all the years we’ve run this site, we’ve NEVER revealed a blog commenter’s email address publicly. However, this reader’s IP got exposed because they chose to ignore our commenting guidelines which state:

        * If you are recommending or discussing something, disclose any relationship you may have to the artist, film project or company. This includes friends, family, co-workers, employers, etc.

      • Sonic the Hedgehog

        Eh. It’s still pretty rude. I’m with Colby. If you don’t dig the comment, just don’t post it. Regardless of the rules, an attempted public shaming is pretty lame and makes everyone look petty.

      • Anna Pabian

        I didn’t know the natural consequence of ignoring your commenting guidelines is getting one’s IP address published.

      • Marco

        It’s not rude at all. “I’ll definitely check it out!” If you work on the film or have seen it, then just disclose it and debate the film on its merits. The person in question chose to act like a regular moviegoer, got busted, and that’s just the end of it. Excuse me if I don’t feel bad for someone who does that.

      • Amid, I pretty much understand your position about the guidelines and how Animatah tried to play smart hiding his relationship to Bluesky – that’s not good for the discussion, you’re right. But to me the point is: if you considered his comment was off, you could have simply blocked it in the first place, maybe sent the guy a private message explaining why. Publishing the comment and later showing his ID to everyone felt like a childish vengeance.

      • Jay

        “* If you are recommending or discussing something, disclose any relationship you may have to the artist, film project or company. This includes friends, family, co-workers, employers, etc.”

        This is completely unrealistic rule with this industry, at least at this degree. The animation industry is so small that we are connected to EVERY movie. Due to the job-to-job traveling nature of the industry, most animators know people on every film being made.

        Personally, there’s not a feature animation film or visual effects film in production (that is intended for a wide release in the US) that I don’t know at least one person working on. So does that mean every time I comment I have to add “I have a friend/co-worker on this?”

        I understand if you are working on the film or at the company you should disclose it, but if you require us to mention each time we know someone on the film then we can’t comment on anything since we all have biased friends.

  • Pete

    Wow, thanks for those warm-hearted comments…

    Hey, while we’re at it, and before the comments in this thread reach 100+, let’s have some fun… Let’s see how many “meh”s we get, and let’s see how long it takes before the tiresome cartoon brew argument of “This movie sucks / How can you judge a movie you haven’t seen by the trailer? / because a trailer is meant to sell the movie to audiences, and therefore I’m justified in my deduction that this movie will suck / oh yeah, well let’s see YOU do better” argument…

    That NEVER gets old here…

    • Pete Paquette

      Not me.

      • Pete Paquette

        To clarify, I’m not the original poster. Write what you want. It’s good to get honest feedback.

    • MattSullivan

      Pete. Best….post…ever :}

  • Adam

    I predict the boy parrot gets the girl parrot and everything works out for them in the end. Sorry if this is a spoiler for anyone.

    • Marco

      And he’ll learn to fly. Let’s see if I’m right!

      • I’m sure you’re right, but it isn’t finding out how film comes out that’s important but it’s learning HOW the desired outcome is achieved and going along for the ride. The great screenwriter William Goldman said it best “Give the hero what he wants, but not in the way the audience expects”.

        I liked the trailer, cliches and all.

  • tonma

    let the parrot cursing begin…

    I like bluesky’s finish and animation. I love to watch the who’s animation on Horton, but I can’t stand the movie with sound on. The songs, the dialogs and the tired slang…

    Sadly, this looks like more of the same. I’ll just hope I won’t have to stop this one at the end when everybody stars singing the samba or something…

  • Animatah

    Amid , lets be honest then, do you give the audience a chance to speak about the trailer, or do you blast it right away? And Im still waiting for the list of CG cliches

    • amid

      Um…I AM the audience.

      • ‘awkward’

      • Sonic the Hedgehog

        I dunno… the majority of people adored Tangled.

    • Connor

      Why do haters gotta hate?

  • I agree with tonma about Horton. It was beautiful (and funny) to look at but the plot, dialogues and gags were awful. They could have done a superb classic with that story and the awesome look it have but they decided to make a movie based on stupid jokes instead. It hardly explained the Dr. Seuss’ story, it just made one silly joke after another.

    And…I wouldn’t be so harsh with Rio yet. Yes, it seems there are some cliches there but it also looks like it would tell a coherent story. And I hate to see all these celebrity voices being promoted but the character designs are adorable. And even with the celebrity voices and stuff some of them look charismatic, especially the bulldog, and I like that the main character looks shy instead of smug like most of the Dreamworks main characters are. I completely LOVE the look and animation of the red and yellow birds, they are a lot like Spike and Chester from the Looney Tunes. Unluckily I hate their voices and their street-guy attitude. And even though it’s not super original I also like the girl voiced by Leslie Mann. She’s cute, but not the average cute.

    I’ll check it out, I don’t think it’ll be worse than the other BlueSky movies. In fact I think it has chances to be their best one.

    • I dunno, I kinda dug Horton (well, not so much the last 200 minutes or so). And the animation looks fine but the celebrity voices turn me off so much. The mediocre story doesn’t help, either.

      Seriously, though, I can’t be the only one who plotz’d after seeing the names Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx.

  • Also I have to add the story is starting to look a lot like Newt. No wonder why it was cancelled…

  • Ashton

    Didn’t think it was that bad until it started listing celebrities that got more and more annoying with each subsequent name.

    • Iritscen

      Yes, and I *specifically* complimented the first trailer for not having celebrity names. What happened here? Why did they let the Dark Side seduce them?

  • BSA

    so amid… do you make sure to check every IP of a post that disagrees with you? Just wondering. Oh and don’t bother… I work at Blue Sky too.

  • Mike!

    I learned to stop putting too much stock in trailers after Kung Fu Panda and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, two spectacular movies with HORRIBLE trailers. That being said, I remain cautiously optimistic about this one. I loved Horton Hears a Who, minus some of the grossly out-of-place stuff like the anime sequence and the end song, but despise the Ice Age sequels. This one could be enjoyable, but doesn’t look like anything phenomenal. But again, one trailer, and probably not the most accurate portrayal of the film.

  • what?

    Oh snap!

  • Sat

    If I’m getting this right, all this time the comments on CB were from studio employees attacking each other or praising themselves…plus me? Kind of cool.

  • Tico Tico

    The important question to ask here is, “Will there be gratuitous Carmen Miranda references?”

  • Anonymous

    posting an ip address is not cool

    • amid

      Pretending to be an ordinary viewer when in fact you work at the studio is also not cool. The comments on Cartoon Brew work because they are an honest representation of the community. If you try to game our readers, we’ll call you out.

      • I’ve got to agree with Amid on this. Fair is fair. If you’re working on – or have a vested interest in the project you’re commenting on, at least be upfront about it.

        In my case – check out BRAIN EATIN’ ZOMBIE BABIES

        *ahem* Sleazy Self-Promotion aside, RIO looks like a lot of fun! I like the designs. I like the premise and I think the celebrity voices suit the characters. But of course, I’ll wait until the movie comes out to voice my opinion on the final product.

      • Anna Pabian

        You can still delete the comment that seems to be dishonest like that, right? That’s what the moderation is for, to not let through the comments that don’t follow the guidelines, and might be harmful, offensive or be just advertising/spamming. The person didn’t include any information about being the studio member- sorry, that’s cheating, we have clear rules about that (they do), we can’t let it be posted.

      • Marco

        A company tries to pull wool over the eyes of people and the people defend them. Nice.

      • I don’t think it was a company trying to do anything. It was an employee of the company acting on his own.
        I’m sure he had the project’s and the company’s best interests at heart. I’d be easy on the guy. He’s had his warning and is probably hearing about it from his friends and bosses at work.

      • Marco

        Hey, I think it’s awesome if you work for a company and want to talk about the films. That’s part of the reason why it’s cool posting and lurking here. Just be honest about it.

    • It’s very cool.

  • Jamaal Bradley

    Good stuff Blue Sky…beautiful animation! Keep doing your thing…

  • Greg

    Well, it’s certainly better than the movie you made, Amid.

  • Since it was demanded.

    Tired Cliches 101

    Part 1 The Basics
    1.The Fish out of Water- Introducing a character into an environment or situation that they would not normally find themselves in. While this is one of the most used cliche in all films it is particularly abused in animation.
    2. Forced Romance- Take two drinks if the forced romance is
    a. to save something (i.e. a race/a civilization/the future)
    b. The two characters who are forced come from drastically different cultural backgrounds/circumstances.
    c. They hate each other
    d. The people forcing them to be together have no idea how an actual relationship works and the results are “humorous”.

    Part 2 Is this Love or just incarceration?
    1. If you are at the part of our forced cliched relationship where somehow our characters must start to like each other (see flushed away/alpha and omega/etc.) The circumstances will usually require them to be stuck together. This is easily done with one or more of the following.
    a. One of the characters (usually the male) is incompetent and needs the love interest’s help.
    b. A chain/cage/bomb is forcing them to be held together physically.
    c. good old guilt.

    Part 3- The Journey (aka introducing your characters that rap and have humorous foreign accents)
    1.Congratulations your main characters are now on the road to love. Now is the time to introduce more toys..I mean characters!…characters. If your fill in the blanks movie is going as planned the bad guys should be chasing the love birds (haha) so they will need lots of secondary character help. Please introduce one or more of the following.
    1. A wise sage that can help them on their journey. An older more experienced creature that uses exhausted near dead cliches about the power of using your heart.
    2. Two silly/stupid characters that hang out together and have either surfer/rapper accents and add nothing but “humor” to any given situation…they might also be a bit racist.(see robots from transformers) At some point one of these characters could help save your protagonist (with the help of a saving roll.)
    3. An evil large creature that works for the villians and pushes the plot alont with chase scenes. This could be a stupid dog or something more intelligent…but its probably a stupid dog.

    Part 4- A Conclusion of some kind because the kids in the audience are getting cranky.

    1. Your characters have at this point had at least one romantic scene in front of a sunset or under a full moon. Probably in some kind of romantic setting (on a roof ontop of a statue on a moving boat or train). One of them possibly admitted some dark secret. Now they are officially in love. Excellent.
    2. After probably at least two to three chase and action sequences the villians have caught up with our couple and its time for the final showdown.
    3. Your male character has learned to overcome his shortcomings from his fish out of water problem and is now wearing the pants and saving the girl.
    4. A Deux Ex Machina happens when all looks just about lost. The villian has probably gone over a cliff/down a waterfall/knocked out by something heavy. Your sidekicks will probably come in handy here.
    5. Having proven he is now not an idiot your hero has the girl and babies are sure to follow (remember babies means sequel!). It is here that you should add some kind of dance scene where for no reason at all every character should join in. EVERY CHARACTER. Bonus points if the evil dog character is now a good guy.

    Congratulations! You have made a film and added nothing new to cinema history! Release film and collect money, repeat.

    • They’re called cliches because they work.
      And I actually kinda like collecting money.

      • Jack Sprat

        They’re called cliches because they suck.

      • Matt Bell

        @Gene Hole:
        Then you must REALLY love remakes as well! Most of us just see clichés and remakes as apathetic filmmaking. Here’s a metal-detector to help with your hobby. Money Money Money Money Money!

      • Adam

        That’s not at all why they’re called cliches.

      • Hi, Killskerry. These cliches, although brilliantly noted, are “story” cliches and not “CG cliches” as Amid pointed out.

        In fact, I wonder if you can point out animated movies that don’t fall on at least a couple of these in your list. The “Fish out of Water” cliche, for example, is strongly rooted on great movies like Ratatouille, Wall.E, The Incredibles, Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon, A Bug’s Life, Antz…

      • I think the dancing is an especially bad CG cliche actually. And maybe I’m wrong but CG is just a medium so I assumed he meant movie cliches in general. If they are actually medium cliches he probably means the way in which the chase scenes are shot the painfully advertised voice cast and the almost frantically fast paced timing of jokes.

        I suppose it depends entirely on how far you want to define a fish out of water story. I consider a fish out of water story to be someone who is so drastically out of their element that by compensating for this they end up learning about themselves and ultimately changing themselves and/or their situation for the better.

        In that definition the Incredible’s is more big fish small pond then out of the water completely. They are special but not out of place in the modern world..they are restricted by it and frustrated by it but they are coming to accept themselves in it. Its not new to them but the movie is more a focus on understanding and coming to term with their own identities.

        To name a few examples of what I consider not fish out of water stories(I could be wrong) see below.

        1. The Great Mouse Detective
        2. All Dogs Go To Heaven
        3 Pom Poko
        4 Porco Rosso
        5. Bambi
        6. Robin Hood
        7. Winnie the Pooh (the original)
        8. The Lion King

        Man it was really hard making this list I racked my freaking brains.

        I never for a moment want to suggest that cliches should never ever be used. Its when they are used ALL AT ONCE or BADLY should they be avoided.

        Especially with really bad rap jokes…fo’shizzle.

      • Iritscen

        Great list, Killskerry, that cracked me up. This trailer hints at so many clichés that it feels like it was made by the evil twin of the person who made the first trailer.

    • Hilarious! So far, I’m seeing a lot of good in this movie, but yeah, I do see the cliches as well.

    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

      Very rarely does a film not follow any number of old tropes. There is nothing new under the sun, not even with those super awesome pinnacle-of-animation Hanna Barbera cartoons you John K. clones worship here.

      • Sonic the Hedgehog

        Man, if nothing else, the HB cartoons never hid their cliches. Animals with the voices of famous comedians playing out plots from other sitcoms.

      • saying ‘nothing is new’ is a really bad excuse for regurgitation.

      • anonymous 2

        you are right and wrong there Robotnic. While there are no new ideas under the sun, there is such a thing as new execution.

        take for example Ratatouille, it was basically “a fish out of water with a dream”. How many different movies and video games and tv shows can you think of with that premise? It’s cliche as hell, but the execution was so brilliant and innovative it made the film great.

        however, RIO just looks like it’s the same tired execution we’ve seen for a ton of other different CGI and animated films. RIO might have started out with a fresh new spin on an old idea, but the execution looks tired and cliche. IE: a good idea butchered.

        nothing new to see here, also, why the John K ad hominem? that was kind of uncalled for.

      • I don’t have such a problem with the ‘fish out of water’ formula as much as I have it with the “unliked kid”, underdog, strange kid that it’s hated by the community cliche.

        The ‘fish out of water’ thing is a perfect idea for any movie/character and if it’s a funny paradox it will surely work. But the option of making the main character a different, unliked kid that tries to be popular/get succesful is not obligatory. If the paradox is funny enough it should serve to tell the story.

        Yeah, I get that gives them an “emotional” conflict, but I think you can tell the story without that.

        Even in “Ratatouille”. Was it really that necessary that the other rats wouldn’t understand Remy’s hobby? I mean, it does make sense that they wouldn’t, cause rats don’t normally do that, but they could perfectly accept the guy with his peculiarities and all. The conflict with his father didn’t add that much to the story. And yeah, I suppose him not being accepted between his partners would make him to look for a place between the human beings. But humans are the only ones who cook in a regular basis, so he had to go to a human kitchen even without that “emotional” motivation.

        I’m not saying it was bad handled there and it was definitely very well handled in How To Train Your Dragon. But my problem with this is that we usually have the same kind of main character. Why can’t we have a “fish out of water” guy that is not criticised by the community or that doesn’t know he’s being cricised? Then we could have different type of protagonists. He could act like Don Quixote or be a Foghorn Leghorn type, someone very loud and obnoxious that doesn’t care about what other people think. These types of characters can also be funny or likeable. I mean, who doesn’t like Foghorn Leghorn or Daffy Duck? Yes, they can be loud and obnoxious to other characters, and they don’t give a crap about what other people think about them, but you can see their intentions aren’t bad and they are not really malicious.

        In “Rio” well…it looks like the other characters do get a little mad to the main character cause he can’t fly, especially the girl, but I guess he’s not that much of an underdog, unliked kid. He’s still a shy type of character but we probably won’t have to watch a lot of scenes showing how misunderstood he feels.

    • This is pretty funny and yeah, I can definitely see some of those (and Princess and The Frog also have plenty of them). However I think most of them worked swell in Flushed Away and some of them are almost unavoidable.

      Also, I was wondering if the dog will be stupid and a villain in this one. Yeah, the most cliched version would be the stupid villain that turns out being good at the end, but there’s a chance he’s a more original character and maybe one of the good guys. His scene there doesn’t make it clear.

      It’s almost sure that the red and yellow bird will basically play the silly buddy pair role, though, and that the main couple will have very different personalities and will hate each other, so you nailed it on those ones.

    • a good portion of these ‘cliches’ are just story/character structure points taken right out of THE HERO’S JOURNEY, you’re just rephrasing them

    • Larry

      Um, most of those aren’t CLICHES — they’re story devices and conventions based on thousands of years of storytelling. Most of them are elements of the Hero’s Journey (or Monomyth), as explained by Joseph Campbell. Almost every story in history includes them, from Star Wars to, uh, the story of Christ in the Bible.

      Amid was talking about “CG cliches” specifically… Which I assume are different than general movie cliches, and even more specific than animation cliches. What are these supposed CG cliches, Amid?

      • BR Inle

        (And I don’t know what my IP address is but I’m freelance and writing out of El Segundo.)

    • Connor

      I gotta say those are way too broad. Many of those cliches are used in classic animation and live action to great effect. With this list in mind, watch almost any acclaimed film like Lion King, Lord of the Rings, Triplets of Belleville, The Wrestler… they’re all really easy to find cliches in.

      I think you’re just upset that the plot seems to serve these ‘cliches’ rather than the cliches being used because they are the best story telling tool. That’s a very very fine line to draw and one that’s very subjective.

      I can appreciate high caliber animation and writing as much as anyone but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for a fun, colorful ride that makes you laugh. So what if you’ve seen a few ‘fish out of water’ stories. Have you ever enjoyed one? Why not try to enjoy this one? Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on something you would have enjoyed had you gone into it with an open mind?

      Disclaimer: I wanted to work at Blue Sky but I wasn’t talented enough.

    • this. is . funny. and yes, stinkin true. I hope Rio surprises with the story. At least the animation in beautiful. Laughed out loud at this.

  • Some of the gags feel like they’re trying a little too hard but I love Blue Sky’s animation. It’s so fun and energetic! Even subtle movements (the parrot imitating alarms and gurgling his coffee) have strong enough accents and drag. It adds a lot of life to character. I know not everyone likes this but I would love to see more CG like this.

    I also like the character designs. The colors are really neat and the general shape of the characters are very strong. Some may be a little generic but I’ll take generic appeal over excessive, ugly details anytime.

  • KB

    The story is silly, ill-fated timing thanks to Alpha and Omega, but I am a big fan of Blue Sky’s character rigs and animation. The cartoony acting and facial expressions rock in my book, and that is what will bring me to the theater over and over, just as it did for Horton. Enjoyable performances, great timing, I’m excited!!

    Side-note, as a previous bird owner, Boo’s mannerisms are dead on, and that adds another layer of appeal. Just have to hope that the parrot craze doesn’t hit the same way the clownfish craze hit after Nemo came out.

    Keep it up Blue Sky!

    • Iritscen

      Yes, as disappointed as I am by this trailer, watching a panicky bird hyperventilate never gets old. I may see the movie just for the panicky bird reactions.

  • It looks pretty enough, but it also looks like somebody printed out all that concept art for Newt, cut out some pictures of parrots, and glued them over the newts.

  • Sherrie

    I think this has promise. Is it going to be a moving and engaging story that will stick with me for years? No, probably not. Will it have some lovely character design, fun animation and keep me entertained? Looks like it!

  • Hmmm…

    Amid Amid is a member of CYBERPOLICE..

    Watch out Animatah, I think you’ve been back-traced.

    • You dun goofed

    • Justin

      Comments will never be the same.

      • Jorge Garrido

        I enjoy relevant memes!

  • Lyle

    I’m intrigued, but skeptical. I know I’m going to go see it at least.

  • Animate ED

    I assume the female parrot doesn’t have a voice worth mentioning, as she’s the only one out of the main characters not to be mentioned.

    Apart from the reeling off of celebrity names, I actually found the trailer quite interesting.

    • Justin

      Anne Hathaway is the first name the show. And yeah, I think it would’ve been better without the names.

      • Carrie

        cursed comment moderation! I should have known that someone would get to this first!

    • Carrie

      Uh, wasn’t she the first one mentioned? She’s voiced by Anne Hathaway.

      Unless you’re talking about something else entirely.

      • Animate ED

        You know what, i’d watched the trailer through twice before posting that first comment, and have literally no idea how I missed her name!
        A bit of blindness on my part there, apologies!

  • Steve Sues

    I am so tired of the human designs, especially the owner-girl. It seems like that exact design has been used for almost every studio CG movie since The Incredibles, but especially movies as of late like Monsters vs. Aliens and Megamind. There has to be another appealing way to do humans in CG.

  • Mac

    One really bad idea was to make the human female character look a lot like Elastigirl. The rest of the trailer just seems to show a great many story ideas that are reused without any imagination.

    • I don’t think she look as much as Elastigirl. Yeah, it has something in common, but she kind of has a different expression.

      I do admit it does have the “Pixar” look and different styles could be used but I don’t think it’s so different to other studios copying Disney style in animated features from the 90s.

      Yeah, there are other ways to caricaturize humans in CGI or other 3d animation like Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs or Coraline have shown.

      Still when you want them to look half cartoon-half realistic this is the typical design you would go to. And I like this more than the more “realistic” caricatures Dreamworks uses in Megamind or…Shrek (ugh).

      • Mac

        There are any number a directions the character designers could have gone. I see this as jumping onto a used trend in hopes of making money instead of doing serious pre-production design.
        Just take a look at How to train your Dragon for a different look for human like characters.

  • Justin

    I’m just glad to see them doing something that isn’t Ice Age again. And I like that the advertisement at the theatre is a giant beach ball instead of a poster.

  • I can’t help but feel this movie would be better if it were called Birds. I mean, it’s about Birds right?


  • Klyph

    Looks like a Blue Sky Movie. Beautiful art and animation, with dialogue and story that (may) not be that strong. And while animation elitist’s pan it, it will make piles and piles of cash.

  • Wow the bird animation is amazing – must’ve been a pain to rig too!

    Looks more appealing then the BS’s last few films.

  • Personally I don’t value the opinion of anyone who doesn’t offer a solution when they a problem. Anyone can sit back in a movie theater and mutter “sucks” after every trailer. But if they’re not interested improving the work, then they’re not worth talking to as a creator.

    Saying there’s cliche in a film trailer is like saying there’s water in the ocean. Every single idea out there has been done to death a hundred times over. What makes a good story is HOW you tell it. It’s almost impossible to tell (or preview) a story in two minutes without using ideas people are already used to. That’s why cliche is used. It’s not because film makers are oblivious or because they think it sells. Cliche is used because it reads instantly. A clear, predictable story is better than something “new” that’s confusing. Does that mean the entire movie will be cliche? Absolutely not.

    Take this trailer for Finding Nemo:

    FULL of movie cliches. Ditzy surfer stoner character? Check. Fart jokes. Double check. Cheesy pop song? Checkity check check. “Against all odds”, “don’t give up” goal for the main character? Check and mate. And for good measure, “catchy” ocean pun to end the trailer? Oh God yes.

    But that film was still a GREAT movie because it of it’s sincerity, none of which was evident in the trailer.

    Bottom line. I laughed at this trailer. And I haven’t laughed at a trailer for an animated movie in a LONG time. Something about the bit between Jamie Foxx and just made me laugh hysterically today (“with ninja talons!”) And I’ve never seen an animated movie set in Brazil before. Those two things alone are enough to make me want to go see this movie.

    And you go right ahead and trace my IP, I live in Missouri. Just because someone works at Blue Sky doesn’t mean they can’t have an opinion on something they may or may not have worked on.

    • Marco

      Nobody said an employee doesn’t have the right to an opinion. Plenty of people post here who are in the business. The problem is when you act like you’re a regular joe to pull the wool over people’s eyes. I don’t feel bad for any poor person who has their IP revealed; it’s not as if the social security number was posted for him.

      • I think the comment was innocent enough, but I can see how other people might take it the wrong way.

        I still think that Amid could have handled the situation a little better. At the very least he could have blurred out the actual IP address. That could potentially garner a lot of unnecessary security risks for the studio. A hacker has the potential to cause quite a bit of trouble with that little number. It’s possible that the employee could get into a lot of trouble over something that really wasn’t their fault.

        It’s nice and all that Amid wants to protect all us innocent bystanders, but think about how much attention a comment like that would have really garnered without his intervention? It could have just as easily been glossed over if Amid would have just let it go.

        If the original poster were really trying to combat negative press about the film, they could have chosen a lot better venue than an “anonymous” comment on a blog. I think any suggestion that they were somehow trying to subvert the populace into giving them our money is a little silly. It’s a bit of an overreaction to publicly embarrass whoever it was like this. I don’t think it’s worth half the attention it’s been given.

      • “A hacker has the potential to cause quite a bit of trouble with that little number.”

        Haha no that’s not how the internet works at all, IP addresses are not secret or a security risk.

    • Iritscen

      That was a really good point about Nemo’s trailer, Keith, I didn’t remember that lame trailer at all. This is renewing my hopes for Rio.

  • Brian Kidd

    I don’t know. Trailers aren’t reliable. That said, though the story definitely looks recycled, some of the jokes made me giggle and I thought the timing on them was well-done. I don’t mind well-worn plots if I’m entertained by the film. I enjoy the heck out of AVATAR. The storyline is as old as Moses (literally) but it’s told remarkably well. I’m not quite ready to poo-poo RIO before I see more about it. In fact, the trailer was funny enough to make me interested in it, which I previously wasn’t.

    As for posting the IP of the Blue Sky person, I can see both sides. The poster shouldn’t have pretended to be impartial but Amid could have been more tactful in his response. We’re all here because we love animation, so I hope this blows over.

    • I really like this response. Couldn’t agree more, especially that last bit.

  • Rico

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “It is OK to post with a nickname or alias, but your email address (which we will NEVER share publicly), must be a real, permanent email address. Comments with fake or non-permanent emails will be deleted.”]

  • Shmick

    Aren’t trailers produced by separate companies? To me it seems the people making these trailers just use bits and pieces of a film and make it fit a certain formula. For all we know Blue could end up somewhere in the Favelas snorting coke off a bulldog’s back, getting his grunge on.

    Also, except for a few, the celebrity voice actors made me dry reach. Thumbs up for animated films not solely created to tickle you with cuteness, the world’s not too pretty right now and this seems so far removed from everything. I’m not saying I want to see an animated film with a political or social agenda, just something that makes me think a little, just a little…a teensy bit.

  • Trevor

    Amid continues to take his anger out on the artists because he has issues with big studio productions. I’m not sure when you will realize that the exec’s you keep sticking it to don’t even come here, and you continually phrase things to attack those who are just in the crossfire.

    • Eric Drobile

      He comes off as “Amid the CG Animator Hater” sometimes, doesn’t he?

      Kind of has a ring to it.

  • MichaelDair

    Hmmm posting IP address= Low Blow. And it is kind of creepy that you’re checking everyones junk while boarding. What’s up with that? Are the days getting that lonely??

    If s/he is from Blue Sky, then merely point that out. No need to show everyone the X-Rated X-Ray.

    You’re not the only member of the audience, we are all the audience. Some are more savvy and sophisticated than others, this is true.

    Glitches?? I saw one to speak of , but then again I’ve got better things to do than scrub an online promo for flaws. – So unless ones days are so tiresome that that’s all they’ve got do, then more power to ya. But I don’t believe the general movie going audience would notice them. Especially from an online streaming video, where any glitch could and can be dismissed as some caprice of the internet itself.

    If you’re looking for flaws you’re going to find them; in every film, some more pronounced than others. But I don’t go to see films to pick them apart for their technical flaws, I see them to be entertained, to be absorbed into the story, to enjoy the characters and the music.

    Wasn’t there a post here about a “creaky stop motion cartoon from nearly fifty years ago” propped up against a modern slick CGI production? I think the consensus there was story and character trumps technical triumphs. Yet, I may be wrong. And even if a am wrong, I still believe that good story, characters and Music, are paramount to the successful outcome to any film play or production. If you’re going to be distracted by its technicalities, then stay at home and text on your iPhone.

    That’s why if I’m paying for entertainment I put my technical eyes and ears away and allow myself to get goddamn good and well entertained. This is why I can watch a film more than once- I allow myself to immersed into the story, not to be petty about the technicalities – unless they are so glaringly ugly that they detract for the story. And therefore, in this preview I did not see anything that would detour me from that– though, the story does seem awfully familiar.

  • Oboy! Another love fest on Cartoon Brew.

    I’m on board with this film. The ball bouncing off the butt sold me.

    • The Gee

      Ball? Wasn’t that a bird?

      I watched the trailer and didn’t bother listening to it.
      It looks like a lot and it looks like it would be more fun than I would normally expect from a feature cartoon using non-cartoony birds (cartoony being: Foghorn Leghorn, Road Runner)

      But who knows.

      Also, I am not a fan of celebrity VO either. There’s a lot of talent that could carry most parts without going for star power. But, like someone else wrote: it does make sense from a marketing standpoint to showcase the things which might get the potential audience interested. Heck, having celebrities isn’t a guarantee of big box office, is it? (see Wes Anderson’s “Fox” and any Richard Linklater animation) Of course there is no guarantee that just having good, appropriate non-celeb VO for the characters will result in higher box office either.

  • azen

    Amid, Animatah wasn’t even plugging that hard. Are you honestly telling me that CG artists from big studios (Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky) don’t come on here and plug their movies? they are still artists – and they must have been good to get to where they are otherwise they wouldn’t be there. If you have beef with the studio execs, aim at them. not at your readers.

  • Personally, the part about the trailer that bugs me the most is the “From the Creators of Ice Age” bit. I was a character animator on the first Ice Age film. When Ice Age wrapped (actually while it was wrapping), we went from something like 175 to 40 at the studio. Many of that remaining 40 are now somewhere else. Fox didn’t know crap about animation then. They’re slowly learning, but Blue Sky has suffered as a studio while Fox learned as they went.

    Now I don’t know what the actual number of Ice Age crew still actively working at the studio is, but if they were making juice instead of cartoons, they couldn’t be listed as an ingredient on the front of the label.

    At least the crew has learned that there is no such thing as anonymous on the internet.

  • anonymous

    I don’t think the trailer is representing how the movie will actually be. Just look how Tangled turned out.. Marketing does have its ways of showing off the most cliche moments of a movie.. Hell I wonder if some of the shots will actually be in the movie.

    It looks better than Alpha and Omega which seem to have similar stories. Ultimately they are targeting a young audience with this film. So some of the characters will be unnecessary like that dancing monkey or something for comic relief

    But from my opinion it looks like this movie is going to be good.

  • Kent Beyers

    *first time poster, long time reader*

    Who cares if they name the celebrity voices? I mean what’s the point of hiring a “celebrity” if you don’t name drop? Every live action trailer would do the same thing except the following three examples:

    – An indie trailer with actors no one knows

    – A live action trailer where it’s not necessary to list names because you can see the actors and recognize their faces

    – A teaser trailer that shows no actors at all

    Why should an animated trailer be held to a different standard?

    And just for the sake of picking apart this particular movie, who are the people lining up en masse to see Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg based on their namesake alone? Pretty much zero. I say that as a long time fan of both actors (anyone remember the short-lived Fox TV show they were BOTH on called Get Real?). I just don’t get the hate.

    As for the trailer itself, looks like a fun family movie (full disclosure: I have three kids) and the animation is pretty nice. Am I tired of seeing dancing animals in these things? God yes. I’m also not the target demographic so I’m not going to s**t all over the viewers who are. And as a long time animation fan I’m not going to disparage the hard work of professionals who clearly put time and effort into what appears to be a solid piece of work.

    • Iritscen

      I think many of us don’t like seeing celebrity voice casting pointed out in the trailer because it looks like they’re trying to impress us, but we know the celebrities aren’t bringing anything to the table that’s worth all that money. How much are those famous folks inflating our ticket prices?

      Not to mention that many of us could name voice actors who are highly respected in the VO business and could do at least as good of a job, but who are being overlooked in favor of celebrities, when they could really use the work. Why *shouldn’t* we be insulted, as animation fans and members of the industry?

      Full disclosure: I am NOT a voice actor :-)

    • Cyle

      It’s just as annoying when live action films try to sell you on their film with a long list of celebrity actors. Do you remember the Valentine’s Day trailer?

  • Karen

    That looks fun. And it’s beautiful. The animation looks great, and fox marketing needs a new brain.

    Can’t wait for the movie, though.

  • Erin Siegel

    Have you heard about the bird?
    Everybody knows the bird is the word!

  • Moffitartan

    To be honest, I was rather worried that I’d be subject to another “Alpha and Omega” before watching this. Yet honestly? I was really, pleasantly surprised.

    Unlike many CG animated films that use big name actors, the ones in this film just seem to fit. I cringed a bit when I saw that Tracy Jones, Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am were in it, but when I rewatched their portions of the trailer, I found they actually fit the characters given to them.

    I will be honest, I am more of a regular lay person when it comes to animation (I have an interest in it, but I’m strickly a novice when it comes to making animation of my own). Yet when I look at this film, I love the way the characters move, how each of them has their own distinct style of movement, and just how FUN they all look. They make me think of some of the classic Looney Tunes characters in how they move. Even the humans look fun to watch, and for me at least they didn’t look like any other CG humans from any of the other films that have come out over the last few years.

    Does the story use a lot of old, “clichéd” tropes? Yes, of course. I saw at least one with Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx’s characters, as well as another with George Lopez’ toucan. And as others have noted, the story seems to have a lot of tropes that we’ve seen before.

    But aren’t we forgetting something here? Tropes. Aren’t. Bad! They are tools to be used to help tell a story; Kung Fu Panda had a ton of kung fu action film/chinese martial arts film tropes, but it is still one of Dreamworks’ best pictures. Same goes for Pixar or Studio Ghibli, they all use tropes to help tell their stories.

    If nothing else though, I will say that I want to see this film, just by this trailer alone. It looks fun, it looks entertaining, and it looks like it will be enjoyable to anyone who gives it a chance.

  • Ha ha. I enjoyed reading these comments. Didn’t read them all because I’m reading it on a phone, but makes me wonder if its really possible at all to come up with something new? I read once that there are only 7 types of stories, something about man overcoming nature, or himself, or technology, or the monster, etc… There’s also the archetypal stories – the journey … Uh, the quest … Can’t remember them all. But if you just had a character sitting at home watching tv with nothing going wrong, no obstacles to overcome, no quest, wonder how entertaining that’d be? I’ve often thought about this – there must be something new to do? Seen a lot of chase scenes, seen a bunch of character x in search of y with z standing in the way … I suppose space ghost is an example of animation where there’s not really a solid story. But in terms of animated movies, I guess the basic premise is ‘X requires Y and must overcome Z to succeed.’

  • Kevin H.

    Doesn’t look terrible — I’d be willing to give it a shot. There have been a lot worse looking trailers in the last six months…

  • Er… I braced myself for the worst, but instead this looks like a pretty enjoyable movie! One to look forward to, unlike the enormous amount of sequels and mocap films coming our way…

  • @ Matt Bell

    well that’s kind of a leap in logic, falacious rasoning, but yes, there are some remakes I really like. Like Three Godfathers (though Hell’s Heroes is better). Or Maltese Falcon, which was a remake of a remake. I may find myself liking the new True Grit when I see it too.
    Retelling a story doesn’t make you un-original, nor is Originality the most important goal; we’ve all heard the old line that “there are only 7 stories in the world,” and while you can argue that number the truth behind that principle is valid. It’s not having a story so unique that no part of it has ever been heard before, it’s how you TELL the story in an entertaining way that gets people to listen, or in this case watch.

  • pheslaki

    I don’t really go to animated kid’s movies looking for breathtakingly original plots. The animation on this looks fun, the setting promises to be colorful and interesting, and the “celebrity” voice actors, especially of the two main characters, struck me as fitting and characterful. Alpha and Omega looked the polar opposite from the trailer – bland setting, dull voices, and boring animation with creepily rubbery faces and disproportionate-looking characters.

    As says, “Tropes are not bad”.

  • I am so completely sick of George Lopez.

  • Jmatte

    I was glad to see a bit more of Rio- the characters look fun, the world colorful. Looking forward to see it!

    As for story cliches, my thoughts echo the post of Keith Seyer a few posts above: it is all about how the story and characters are handled.

    As for the IP adress brouhaha: I also think it could have been better handled.
    Please remember that at big studios, there can be more then one production going on at the same time and the person commenting may NOT have been working on said project nor have anything to do with it. The person may also have been a recent hire, it’s all pure speculation. Not knowing anything past an IP address opens doors to awkward calls.

    I’ll disclose in advance that I do work in the industry. I guess Amid can look at my IP address and already judge me. I do hope though that I will not get put up on the gallows if I happen to comment on one of our productions (which I may not even have worked on).
    Though now I guess I will have to say if I worked on it or risk being blasted.

    Not a fun feeling, when you think about it.

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    All snarky comments aside, this was a poorly put together trailer. The 2nd half of the trailer is simply actors being introduced with a voiceover, and then a quick selection of shots that included that voice actor’s character. Very amateur work.

    The animation looks great. blue sky does good work. But they sold themselves short with this trailer.

  • MattSullivan

    CG animation keeps getting better and better.

  • Mr. James

    Thought it was interesting to see that they didn’t credit Michael Cera aas the voice of the male Macaw. Did I miss it somewhere?

  • johndeerloveme

    I guess what people fail to realize is that marketing is in charge of trailers and getting the movie out to the public. A studio like Blue Sky has Fox as it’s backing. Therefore, the marketing at Fox would be responsible for this trailer and not the animation studio. Everyone is so easy to judge a film but have no idea how difficult and labor intensive that it is to make. People fail to realize that the artists spend a very large amount of time away from his/her wife/husband or kids to complete a movie like this. (I know because I’ve worked on feature films) I’m not saying that you should love the movie because of all the hard work that the artists put in on it. What I’m saying is, that people should learn to be a little more “tactful” in how they critique a trailer like this. Using things like “it sucks” isn’t a valid critique and demoralizes the work that was done to make it. I’d love to see the work of those who are so easy to bash this movie. I’m sure we would all have something to say about his/her demoreel. I’m not saying I love this trailer or hate it, I just know how it is to have someone bash something that you’ve spend years working on. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but that doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk about it.

    • The Gee

      These are among the type of posts which people feel the need to express how wittily they can put down something.

      So, the comments on trailers that are typically posted can be harsher than needed. It is probably some consequence of the impulse to pile on or to kick something when it is down.

      Not that trailers aren’t bad or aren’t promoting something lackluster. It is just that they are easy targets. And, that includes live action ones, too. People in general seem to have seen so many movies and trailers that they are just jaded, I guess.

      • Mr. Tat

        Agreed. I usually skip over to the posts when the movie has already comes out and read the word of mouth there.

  • Tor

    Looks better than GNOMEO AND JULIET. That’s for damn sure.

  • Simon

    Looks like everything is made of liquid. Dunno why they always need to over do the principles so much at BS.

  • Jordan H

    He won’t learn to fly, but instead how to fall with style.

  • Steven M.

    This trailer makes me feel unhealthy.

  • “The actual film won’t be composed entirely of warmed over CG cliches that make audiences want to stay miles away from the nearest theater playing Rio.”

    You know, I think complaints like those are petty, considering the absolutely spectacular art direction that this film has. Along with Madagascar, it’s one of the few CGI films that can enchant me entirely with its character designs. And as for it’s environments, I can safely say that whatever budget they had was justifiable, given the results, which is more than I can say for some features.

    At least that’s what I can tell from the trailer. I will be sure not to miss it when it comes out!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I wonder if there’s any bird poop gags in it? It would be fun to see the toucan poop on someone.

  • shilpa

    it is very interesting!

  • You’re a bunch of idiots.
    I thought this was terrific.

  • It looks better than Alpha and Omega. That much is true.

  • Chatty, chatty, chatty. This is a film about Rio. Where are the festivals and dancing?

  • Kush

    Animation looks strong as usual with BSky films.Storytelling, time will tell.
    As far as the look is concerned,my problem is, am still high on how jaw dropping-ly gorgeous “Tangled” looked!A movie that redefines CG Animation(IMHO).
    And to see this trailer now, am almost not capable of being impressed!
    So, its not that “Rio” looks bad, its that “Tangled” looked out of this world!

  • Belly

    Animatah got busted!!! Hahaha. I feel for you though Animatah. I would want to know how the audience feels about something I have worked hard on. If a person says something negative about my work I would want them to explain their criticism further. Maybe I could see if they are full of it, or if they could offer advice for me to improve further on future projects. The difference is I wouldn’t pretend to be a regular person from my office IP, HAHAHAHA!

  • Ryan

    I’m wondering if the plot of this film has anything to do with the cancellation of Pixar’s Newt. The stories are eerily similar, aren’t they?

  • cricket

    It’s pretty easy to put down a trailer in a blog when you have nothing better to say. It would be nice to maintain some journalistic integrity if you claim to be reporting industry news. Reviewing a film once it has been released allows at least the opportunity to look at the entire project objectively; Blue Sky has nothing to do with what gets put into the trailer. That”s all Fox, so take it out on them if you feel so inclined. I’m sure the studio is filled with very talented people passionate about making what they’re working on the best it can possibly be.

    As someone who reports on the industry, you should know that trailers are aimed at the widest possible audience. And how do you appeal to the widest possible audience? Using familiar elements commonly seen in animated films. This doesn’t mean that the film will be full of cliches; some of those clips probably won’t even appear in the final film.

    I have always loved Blue Sky’s style and character. Voice casting is usually spot-on, and the cartoony style makes the most out of the medium we should be celebrating! Not every animated film needs to look like animated reality. Pushing the medium to new limits is how styles evolve!

    As a reporter, you should make your readers aware of upcoming projects, not shoot them down before anyone has a chance to see them. As a good friend of mine said, “So, now that you don’t have any respect as a reporter, you’re just a guy with a blog.”