Pixar’s <em>Burn-E</em> Pixar’s <em>Burn-E</em>

Pixar’s Burn-E

Pixar’s Burn-E is the short that’s attached to the Wall-E DVD coming out next week. It’s directed by Angus MacLane.

(via Kottke)

  • That short is superb, even more so because it answers the question I asked myself when watching the movie: OK, now what happens to that guy?

    Reminds me a little bit of the old Disney cartoons when Donald fought with any object around him to get something done.

  • Just showed this to my Maya rigging class. Nice.

  • Clever! This must have been a test to see how much mileage you can get from the simplest of ideas. Thanks for the sneak peek.

  • stavner

    And you thought Pixar couldn’t do emotions.

  • foad

    Story and direction of the movie is not belong to Pixar movies at all. I am a fan of Pixar , but this one is just not right.

  • Dave

    Entertaining. What’s next.. Flush-E?

  • Lovely.
    I wish the film had more of this and less human shenanigans.

  • I think I’ll wait to see it in HD next week, although it’s tempting to watch it early.

  • I was going to pass on this and wait until the release next week, but what the heck… it’s a Thursday night and I’m in need of some entertainment!

    A fun and amusing short. It reminded me of Back To The Future II when they go back to the ’50s and we see familiar scenes from different perspectives. I can’t wait to see this in hi-def!

  • Alex Curtis

    I really liked the short, but I think it could have been more effective if it didnt cut away to the scenes of Walle and Eve as much. I would have liked to see those events from Burn.e’s perspective. Anyway, the scenes with the supply bot were absolute gold, especially the slight resistance to giving away the second light. Talk about subtle!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thank you Pixar, you just enticed some people out there who might want to do a fan-edit of Wall-E now just to stick this guy in it!

  • Balzab

    This is not right to Picksar methids of doing it RIGHT! Not Picksar good to me or my goats!

  • I’m pretty underwhelmed.

    That was… weak. It shows that the original director, composer and sound designer had little to do with it. All three departments – direction, music and sound suffer, IMO.

    I would’ve preferred a standalone story, not one that depended on the story of the film.

    Mike’s New Car and Jack-Jack Attack are far stronger because the original creators were directly involved.

  • Very cute with a very wry humor. Much like the movie. :)
    I’m going to have to check that garbage/airlock scene in the feature again to see if that burn-e cameo was there originally or just for this short.

    I’ll make the assumption Disney didnt put this online themselves. Anyone want to start a timer on how long it takes before it gets yanked?

  • Arnald

    Already yanked!!!

  • Graham

    Is there an alternate site yet?

  • Just curious… What’s everyone’s favorite Pixar short?

    Mine’s “Geri’s Game”.

  • HAW! The sneaks threw in one more 2001 reference in this. I laughed a good few times; cute gag short…didn’t mind the cuts back to the film.

  • OM
  • J-J


    I was going to say “Tin Toy” but “Your Friend The Rat” is just too beautiful to refuse my #1 to.

  • Rob T.

    WALL-E directing animator Angus MacLane was largely responsible for BURN-E, so it’s not as though Pixar just hired out the making of the short. Right, he’s not Andrew Stanton, but at least MacLane was intimately involved in the big project.

    (Since BURN-E is about someone on the edge of important events but too preoccupied with his own agenda to notice, maybe the person who conceived the big story wouldn’t have been the best choice to direct the short film anyway; better to get someone farther from the center of the story, though not too far.)

    As for my own favorite Pixar short, that would be the pre-breast-reduction version of Knickknack, which to my knowledge has never been available on DVD (officially, at least). One Man Band is a close second.