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‘Please Say Something’ by David OReilly

Please Say Something

Please Say Something is a visually and narratively intriguing series of CG micro-shorts by David O’Reilly, creator of RGBXYZ. O’Reilly tells me that the series of five dramatic pieces is designed to be seen on the Web and is influenced by the “amazing comics” of Jason. The shorts speak for themselves but should you require additional explanation, there’s always this blog entry.

  • FP

    It’s like distilled essence of cartoon. It makes everything else seem slow. I like it.

  • This is interesting for a few moments, but it seems to be another example of stuff that’s pretentiously cool. It sort of reads like an extremely stiff Ren and Stimpy animatic without the fun voices.

  • Another David O’Reilly cg cartoon banger!!!

  • Barbara

    That’s weird. I just watched those yesterday while browsing. I agree, they’re awesome.

  • That was cute and weird and….I dunno. It’s hard to describe something like that. I loved them, though.

  • Brad

    Nice stuff! It’s nice to see somebody taking chances and doing something different. I can see the reference to Jason’s work.

    “it seems to be another example of stuff that’s pretentiously cool.”
    Jeez! Chill Out!