<em>Roberto, Live from Planet Earth</em> <em>Roberto, Live from Planet Earth</em>

Roberto, Live from Planet Earth

The Paris-Tokyo-Shanghai AOKI studio created this mix of 3D character animation and live action as a pilot for a new kids series. The lead character is a bit obnoxious, but I found myself unable to look away.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Eh, not bad at all, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this if it gets off the ground!

  • Tom D

    I found myself able to look away.

  • No way. Who ever heard of an alien named “Roberto?”

  • Sara H.

    I actually laughed a bit! wow, way to go guys! I’m really impressed with the animation.

  • I really enjoyed that! Hope to see more of this show in the future…

  • Patrice

    Sweet animation!

    Was it from an animator from the Gobelin school perhaps?

    I can hardly believe they would be able to keep this quality for a tv show.

  • Omnitarian

    I liked it! It was probably no easy feat to get the character to look proper with the moving camera. One of the most expressively “rubbery” CG work I’ve seen as well.

  • The animator of Roberto is not from Gobelin school but the French animation school SUPINFOCOM. His name is Yves Dalbiez and the animation was done in the Japan AOKIstudio.