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Rocket Jo by Julien Charles

Rocket Jo

It’s plenty refreshing to see a CG character that is designed with a sense of caricature in both his appearance and physical movement. Rocket Jo is a series of 52 one-minute shorts created by French animator Julien Charles for French TV network France 3. The shorts, produced by Millimages and 2d3d Animations, are slated for premiere in January. Julien explains that the series focuses on a single character, Rocket Jo, who makes his own jetpacks and attempts to fly in each episode. He writes that he’s trying, “to put the focus on storytelling and animation with just with one character, no speaking and a blue gradient for the set.” He has set up a production blog about the show, and one of the episodes can be viewed on this page (click on the “Play” button).

  • Magnifique! :-D

  • Interesting… reminds me of Pocoyo, but it still has a long way to go.

    Speaking of short shorts, when are we gonna get a post about “Mater’s Tall Tales” on the Brew?

  • Mike Lucy

    So at what point will you cease to be amazed at something good coming out of CG or Flash or whatever. One could easily say that drawn animation designs and movement are just as derivative as anything in CG.

    I appreciate the post, it was complimentary and you pointed us readers to something we may not have otherwise found, but even your compliments are laced with bitterness “It’s plenty refreshing”????

    Come on. When will that chip be finally gone from your shoulder?

  • This is quite lovely.
    Short and funny.
    They should let this fellow direct a Road Runner cartoon.