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“Sir Billi” and “Brave” Have Something in Common

Typically, a cheesy low-budget animated feature would be lucky to get one major Hollywood name involved with it. Not so in the case of Sir Billi, a film that continues to fascinate for its sheer grotesquery. As it turns out, Sean Connery and Alan Cumming aren’t the only significant names involved with Scotland’s first (and one can only hope, last) CG feature. The film’s score was composed by Patrick Doyle, who scored another Scottish-themed CG feature as well—Pixar’s Brave.

In the first video below, you can hear Patrick Doyle and Sean Connery speak about Sir Billi in a way that makes them appear totally disconnected from reality. You can also hear some of Sir Billi‘s title song, which is performed by another legend who somehow became involved with the film, vocalist Shirley Bassey:

In the second video, we hear from Tessa Hartmann, who wrote the script and produced the film with her husband.

  • “and one can only hope, last”

    So because that country’s very first animated feature is problematic, it means the whole country should be permanently banned from ever trying ever again?

    • Dee

      No joke, Amid. That comment crossed the line from being merely inflammatory to being borderline racist.

      • Next time I meet a drunk Scotsman, I’ll tell him his country makes terrible cartoons and see what happens.

      • it crossed a line to arrive at a (border) line? I don’t understand this world any more. Too many lines, usually retrospectively placed behind where you find yourself standing. I’m offended

    • I too think its a really off comment to make and completely unfair. Especially given the talent in animation that exists in Scotland.
      Two business people with no animation background making a pet project with a animation crew mainly hired from outwith Scotland don’t represent a whole country. Especially since ‘The Illusionist’ was also recently produced in Scotland.
      Would ‘Hoodwinked’ or ‘Delgo’ be an example of THE ENTIRE American animation industry.
      The film may be crap but those comments are stupid.

      • Ken

        Well said.

        I can assure you, there is a lot of talent here in Scotland.

        None of it can be found in this film.

  • Derick

    Yeah, a bit predudiced it has to be said, considering one of the more significant animated films to be largely produced in Scotland recently was ‘The Illusionist’. Is it only employment for American animators that concerns you, Amid?

    • Tom

      Looks like it’s been editied out – but not out of the comments!

      You’re true feelings are immortalised forever, Amid.

      Too bad.

      • Nothing’s been edited out of the piece.

  • yeah Amid you big racist…. puppy killer, eat your greens etc… all the hot headed nonsense aside. The more I see of this whole affair the better I like it. It’s like an episode of the twilight zone. No one is really talking about the film in detail more just underlining who is involved. Trully bizarre…. more!

  • Wow! Two disastrous career decisions by Sean Connery so far: First, turning down the role of Gandalf in favor of his role in “League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, then turning down a Disney and taking on a project like this instead!

  • scottishanim

    I can only hope that you meant that it’s Sascha Hartmann and Tessa Hartmann first and last CG feature.
    However, pieces of crap like this, only make Scottish artists such as myself more determined to produce something that will wipe it’s stain from this earth!

  • Man has spent millions of years inventing, from the wheel, to the printing press, to computers, the internet, and affordable film making equipment and software that can make literally anyone from my 10 year old nephew to 90 year old grampa into the next Steven Spielberg, all of this technology moving our species forward has lead to this. Sir Billi.

    • Doug

      So, we’re blaming your 10 year old nephew and 90 year old grampa, right? Good to know who’s to blame. Thanks for that. And while it’s often repeated that ‘if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!’, I think in this particular case, thanks to the two mentioned above, we should amend it to ‘it’s Scottish AND crap!’ But only just this once. And for chrissake, somebody get Connery a bottle of Glenlivet. If this ever gets released, he’s going to need it on an IV drip.