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“Soul Man” teaser

To hell with Foodfight! Here’s a teaser trailer for a proposed CG animated sci-fi Blaxploitation feature film called Soul Man. French director Guillaume Ivernel (Dragon Hunters) has prepared this piece to help find funding. It certainly looks hot:

(Thanks, Ben Price)

  • Gepinniw

    This looks amazing. The character design looks really nice, and the animation looks superb. It has an “Incredibles” vibe. The girl is nicely stylized, and is really hot.

    • tamsam

      the female character design (“girl”) is sexist.

      nothing hot about that but actually very boring and non-creative.

      • Bubbly

        That’s the point.

      • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

        We know nothing about her character yet. A provocatively costumed character is not /inherently/ sexist. Don’t judge a book by its cover, or so the platitude goes.

      • Funkybat

        Seriously? Every heroine in the “Blaxploitation” genre had a killer figure and outfit to match. It’s not like they were going to dress her up like she was going to church.

        I agree with Dr. Robotnik that a character made to look like sheer eye candy isn’t always *just* that. I remember being pleasantly surprised at how rich a character Seven of Nine turned out to be on Voyager. When she was first revealed, I lamented Star Trek aiming for the lowest common denominator by replacing a cute-but-chaste character like Kes with a Borg bombshell. After a season or so, I know I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

        Let’s hope there is more to the protagonist of “Soul Man” than an afro and a brickhouse bod. (Anyone else think it’s odd the movie is named “Soul Man” but appears to star a female lead?

  • It’s like a black Aeon Flux. I dig it!

    • Toonio

      Hopefully it wont get the Shaft treatment!

  • Hot chick with afro in future city kicking tail?
    I hope it gets made.

  • cbat628


    “Food Fight” can go crawl in a ditch.

  • edward

    Would be great to see some character and dialogue because at the moment it’s just action and visuals…

  • Clint H.

    It’s Cleopatra Jones in THE WORLD OF TOMORROOOOOOOOW!!!

    Seriously though, this looks great. The top comment pretty much sums it all up for me. :)

  • You mean Soul Woman right?

    • eeteed

      if it’s WRONG for skyscrapers to be built from the sky DOWN, and for a movie titled soul MAN to star a beautiful WOMAN, then i don’t want it to be RIGHT! ;)

  • Bud

    It’ll be interesting to see if they can tell a story and create characters an audience can care about. As a “teaser,” it doesn’t particularly tease. And as a “trailer,” it doesn’t tell us anything. A bunch of average looking sci-fi looking “stuff,” zooming cg camera moves, and a lack of color and a strong design sense does not a movie make.

    I really do want to be surprised. It sure looks like a lot of work.

    • flixnut

      The one thing that teaser/trailer does not lack…is color.

      • Bud

        got it….

  • James Madison

    This looks good.
    I saw the first trailer around March.
    One of the filmmakers mentioned they are hoping for a U.S. distribution.

    I hope they get it.

    • So is it in full production yet? I saw Dragon Hunters and really enjoyed it; the story and characters were good, but the visual style and inventiveness of that movie’s world was mind-blowing; I’d love to see that director’s sensibilities applied to an Incredibles-esque story, seeing how that’s my favorite Pixar film.


    wouldn’t put a penny in it if i was a producer can’ t see any content. looks like the teaser was directed by an art director…

    • yeah…

      but we all understand this is a teaser right? Can’t wait for the trailer that illuminates on some of the story.

      Looks great, awesome craftsmanship. any info on when a trailer is coming out?

  • This looks great. I agree with the top comment. Hope it gets made and distributed in North America.

  • wgan

    I don’t understand, they’ve got the whole army of Gobelin talents why those commercial features always look mediocre at best?

  • Ty

    So I guess nobody read the text above the video.

    It’s a proposed CG animated film. Meaning this is a taste of what could be. And what could be includes a full voice cast.

    Not too fond of blaxploitation in this era, but if it’s a parody taken out of it’s context it has potential to be something great. Black Dynamite worked as a parody but I’m not sure if this creative team is going for a parody or not.

    • Oluseyi

      Actually, Black Dynamite bombed – in theaters, critically, and even with fans predisposed to like it (people like me). The animated pilot for Adult Swim was so much better than the film, so unless that’s what you were referring to (which is very possible, since this *IS* Cartoon Brew), I really hope this turns out nothing like Black Dynamite.

      • Kyle B

        Im not sure which universe you live in where Black Dynamite bombed critically and with fans. You’re one of the few I’ve met who doesn’t like the movie.
        It currently holds an 85% at RT with an 83% with fans and 79% from top critics.
        It wasn’t a critical darling, but it sure as hell didn’t “bomb” (a term I’d use for something like The Smurfs). I don’t think the cartoon would have even happened if the critical and fan reception wasn’t there.

        And while yes, it didn’t do well theatrically, I think we should keep in mind it had a limited run and was only available in 70 theaters.

  • N W Smith

    Where do I send my money?

  • Rufus

    I’d watch this.

  • Someone’s been playing a lot of Deus Ex/watching lots of Aeon Flux…

    I kid; this actually looks really interesting. It’s a great presentation and should really turn some heads for funding (hopefully!).

  • akira

    i hope it’s good, i like character design but gotta hear her talk to really make a judgement…
    full of cliches from ghost in a shell/mission impossible and that stuff mostly imo, the only blaxploitation think in it is the afro and the title and the music…

    they should bring in “black dynomite” writers to make sure they nail the blaxploitation spoof if that’s what they’re trying for

  • This vague clip feels good.

  • Nate

    I think that I preferred the original teaser that showed up on Vimeo about 6 months ago –

    There is also some great pre-viz making of for the original trailer available.

  • Afron Flux

  • Chris Sobieniak

    While everyone’s making the Aeon Flux connection here, the upside down city thing reminded me of Megazone 23 a little.

  • I remember when French Cinema had a soul.

  • Pete

    The visuals are great but otherwise looks devoid of any interesting content.

    Pretty cliche action sequences. Pass.

  • Cyle

    It’s not a bad teaser, but the one with dialogue in it gives a better idea of the tone they’re aiming for. I’d be more impressed by a lead female character of African descent that isn’t gimmicky. I’m not a big fan of the style either.